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Author Topic: Darkness Falls Last Updates  (Read 2975 times)
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« on: April 05, 2007, 05:45:45 AM »

Leader Desslok, the man behind the Midnight SRD reports on this thread that the following updates have been made to the Darkness falls website:

April 4-7, 2007:
  • Fixed the missing entry for the blood talisman ability of the Syphon prestige class.
  • Added two new prestige classes from Destiny and Shadow: Warden of Erenland and Pale Legate.
  • Added Alternate Erenlander Racial Traits to the Options section.

March 15-16, 2007:
  • Added lots of content to the World section: General information on creatures in the campaign world and creature statistics for astiraxes, Fell, hadukar, trapped spirits, and wogren.
  • Added all of the new feats from Destiny and Shadow: Clear-Eyed, Defiant, Fanatic, Hardy, Huntsman, Pikeman, Slow Learner, Stalwart, and Stealthy Rider.

March 6, 2007:
Thanks to reader Michael Kaiser for his assistance in creating these pages!
  • Added the Blessed, Null, Shadowed, and Wiser heroic paths to the Character section.
  • Added alternate class modifications to the Options pages.

March 1, 2007:
  • Fixed the missing Item Creation page
    Added information about power nexuses.

You can discuss them or just praise him on the link posted above.

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