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Author Topic: Benefits of the Whisper  (Read 1643 times)
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« on: January 30, 2007, 11:49:16 AM »

I've got an erunsil in the party, and they've just entered the forest. He's been in temporal stasis for a century, thanks to Xione's interference, and I have his Whisper sense temporarily downgraded because of it. They're still in the outskirts but will be pushing in. The PCs know they're not welcome, and have already encountered a dire wolf uniel -- one ancient wolven channeler (spiritual, of course), a fighter, two wildlanders and a rogue. They almost got creamed by the fighter, but the channeler recognized that this group is not the pack of despoilers they are searching for.

They're heading deeper in. They're being tracked and they rightly believe heading deeper into the forest will help them. It will, however, slow down their cart.

What can the forest do for them, if they can only hear it? If the mechanics allow an elf to hear the Whisper with a DC12 Wisdom, I'm not sure how they rely on hearing it with enough clarity and frequency to pinpoint an orc raiding party or keeb tabs on human settlements. The fluff depicts this and I think it should be that way, but I need to know what the setting says the Whisper can do. I could make it up as I go but I'm having a rough time starting from someplace.

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Whisper's Will

« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2007, 01:57:48 PM »

On 2nd edition go with the following pages: 221, 222 (The Whispering Wood) and 342 (communicating with Spirits).

Elves try to communicate with the Whisper by making a Wisdom check against DC 12, Elflings get a DC 16 and wildlanders, spiritual channellers and druids without elven blood roll against DC 20. This may seem harsh but gives elves a straight 40% chance of directly communicating with the whisper at any give time.

You can give a bonus to the check if you want, I would use the spell energy bonus gained by each race as a guideline if I were to do th same. But this part is not really the hard thing to do, taking meaning out of the communication is the hardest part, it is a Knowledge (Spirits) check wher the result of the check determines how clear and accurate the information is (as shown on the example in table 12-3). Since elves communicating with the whisper is a quite important thing for the setting I would usually use the bonus suggested on the book (ranging from +2 to +10) whenever the question or knowledge imparted is tied to the whisper's purpose, this would make it possible for elves to get a 20+ result fairly easily, even if they do not have full ranks in the skill.

In my CoS campaign I changed the knowledge given by the whisper to the characters from simple sentences, as i the book, to cryptic or clear messages based on the check results at different times, they are in Portuguese so I will have to translate them and I was already planning to do that when I get to the appropriate chapter thread.

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