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Author Topic: Plot idea help requested [my players out]  (Read 2386 times)
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« on: October 27, 2006, 02:33:43 PM »

I've hit a writing block with my plot. So I turn to you for input.

The idea thus far:
In my game, I've introduced the concept of Binders (ripped from wotc's Tome of Magic). They are mages who bind the spirits of Aryth to themselves for a short time, gaining bonues based on the spirit bound.

The Dornes had a select few of these who were warrior-priests. The bound the might of the Ancestor Spirits into themselves. During the First Age, these warrior-priests lead the battle against the elves, their natural ferocity augmented by the wisdom and age of the spirits. Elves perished by huge numbers at the hands of these battle machines.

In the Elven Court there was a small group of mages, the Readers of Flesh (or some other horrific name), that was the dark side of all the elven magic and learning. Aradil commissioned them to find a way to stop the warrior-priests.

The Readers came up with a plan: Imprison all the Head Ancestor Spirits from each of the Dornish Clans.
They bound them into a vessel (similar to the old legend of Solomon binding the 72 (or howevermany) demons into the jar) and kept it from the Dornes. After peace was negotiated between them, Aradil sent the vessel back to the Dornes.

Now here is where it gets fuzzy. They were never released, and the vessel is still hidden somewhere among the Dornish ruins. I'm thinking Cale, because I love Vorzolem.
Every faction in the north is looking for this. The Cabal, The Devout, the Kerasch Uradeen, the Rebels who want it to do good, the Rebels who want it to do evil, Vorolem himself, the list can go on and on.

The thousand-plus years of why it didn't get opened isn't that huge of a problem, it could be something simple such as that the Dornes didn't know how to open it.

My problem now is that I'm completely blanking on how to implement it as plot hooks.

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Oh, the humanity!

« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2006, 04:18:37 PM »

Neat idea.

The thousand-plus years of why it didn't get opened isn't that huge of a problem, it could be something simple such as that the Dornes didn't know how to open it.

Or maybe the messenger died en route, and the spirit-trove MacGuffin was eventually forgotten.

  • Some of the ancestor-spirits manage to escape the MacGuffin, and possess the bodies of deaceased Dorns. The Order hears rumours of unusually powerful and well-armed Fell rampaging around the North, and sends some legates to investigate. Strangely, the 'Fell' never seem to eat, but do not lose their intelligence (becasue they're not really Fell, or even undead; they're more like Constructs of bone and flesh, driven by ancient Dornish warriors). They also show a marked preferencefor attacking the followers of the Shadow and elves. Pcs might be agents of Erethor sent to figure this out, prisoners of the legates, or innocent villagers saved from cruel orcs by a sudden attack of the spirit-warriors.
  • A Cabal legate, working away in a reliquary comes across an ancient document detailing the fate of the MacGuffin, and where it now lies. Figuring that it will be powerful and useful (maybe the spirits can be enslaved, or fed to the Shadow, or used to bribe Dorns into service), but surrounded by Devout legates and with no way to contact his fellow Cabalists, the legate tricks a group of rebels into retreiving the MacGuffin for him (perhaps by letting clues fall into their hands). Once they have it, he springs a trap to steal it from them.
  • Three Dornish brothers are competing to be designated the next in line for command of their clan. All three, as descendants of one of the Ancestor-spirits receive visions of the MacGuffin's location, and struggle to claim it as a trophy. Unfortunately, one of them is asecret in league with the Shadow... The PCs might be sworn men of one of the princes - or, for a more interesting and compelx game, they may each owe allegiance to a different one - charged with leading or joining the expedition to reach the MacGuffin.
Dubh Amn

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« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2006, 06:45:27 PM »

-The spirits inside the MacGuffin remember their imprisonment and have never forgiven the Elves for their treachery.   All of those who come into contact with the object become influenced by this hatred, leading to a series of unexpected and unexplained conflicts along with the death of many of Aradil's agents in Shadow-occupied lands.   PC's could be charged with finding out why this happening, who the spy for the Shadow inside the resistance is, chasing down leads.   They will have to deal with these angry spritis, those possessed by them and the attention of the Shadow, all at the same time.

- The actual artifact was never returned.  Instead, the Elves gave back a duplicate, deciding not to "re-arm" their adversaries.  The first half of a story arc could be finding the false object, then having to track down the real thing.

- A powerful Kursatch Udareen found the MacGuffin and tried to use it for herslf.   However, she was unable to deal with the power of the spirits and was consumed.  She and her closest body guards were possessed.  The spirits now lead a guerilla war from inside the forces of the Shadow itself, trying to make contact with the Resistance without giving away their identity or blowing their own cover.

"Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts." - Cicero

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Whisper's Will

« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2006, 07:28:31 PM »

You could also fragment the vessel in more than one, in the key of Solomon the emons were divided by affinity and focus, perhaps you could explore that and have a vessel for strength, martial prowess and conbat, another for intelligence, tactical combat, knowledge and the like, you got the idea, this would make them have to seek more than one relic and perhaps having to recover clues in many placee s before finding any of them.

Think of this as the national treasure film, where you can have minor items that take part in the unlocking of the vessel be the actual clues, so as they progerss and get more and mroe clues, they also start to assemble the key to open teh vessel (or vessels), in the end, they may learn that it was the Dorn's decision to keep the vessels hidden, and maybe Cendara was the only spirit kept free, or actuay set free, maybe she is the first key to finding the others, but all she knows is a single clue, nothing else, like a lost link to a treasure dorns would kill to get abck, but the elves have carefully hidden and never given back, for they knew the spirit' anger toward them coupled with the dorns natural short temper would prove a problem ocne again, so they sent them a false vessel that still required special means to be opened.

Starts with a flase thing, which hints to Cendara, then they seek a spirit none has seen or heard but many spoke of, after that theya re sent on a quest after relics to finally uncover the truth and set free the ancient spirit of the dorns, ultimately leading to some hope for the dorn people in the north.

Consider this idea stolen, i wanted to have a campaign to give hope to all conquered or struggling races and this will fit greatly with the dorns. Grin

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects."
 - Attributed to Herman Melville.
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