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Author Topic: Northern Campaign - *SPOILERS* (my players stay out)  (Read 1670 times)
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« on: October 20, 2006, 04:44:43 PM »

I've begun working on DMing TWO seperate Midnight campaigns.  They're in the same world/continuity but on different sides of the content of Eredane.  North and South - this is a thread to note my plans and ideas and ask for your thoughts...  Below is the idea for the first game session of the NORTHERN campaign,  I will follow it with what actually happened and then continue noting my ideas for future campaigns.

This is a building idea thread,  any thoughts are appreciated.

The base idea to get the campaign rolling iis there.  I havenot added in detail on:
-  much PC backgrounds
-  overall campaign mega-plot
-  regional and background MIDNIGHT politics/NPCs/monsters.

I'm hoping you folks might have some suggestions as I wrap my thoughts before the weekend.
Sorry it needs to be in
*** SPOILER *** text to start out just in case a player accidentally glances at this thread...

-  to introduce the players to some of the key cool things about Midnight, from concepts they've all heard to practice. 
-  to gather the group together in a not so forced way
-  to set some reoccuring NPCs  (good and bad)
-  to set up expectations on some GMing things I'll be doing in the campaign  (ie.  flashbacks,  parrellels,  imagery  and  the overlooming threat of the Shadow in the North)

I'm also using several NPCs that the PCs have developed for me, which I'll note below)
-  a Snow Elf, Barbarian on the Healer heroic path
-  a Dorn, Rogue on the Beast heroic path
-  a Dorn, Wildlander on the Fellhunter heroic path
-  a Dwarf, Defender on the Giantblood heroic path
-  a ???, Expert on the ??? heroic path  (he's looking to become an Ur-Priest)

We will open the game in

coming soon...


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