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Author Topic: Midnight 5e Heroic Paths  (Read 281 times)
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Disembodied Spirits

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« on: July 12, 2022, 09:42:54 PM »

Hey all, new here.

So in my opinion, I think that the 5e Heroic Paths are actually pretty good. Each path stands on its own with unique mechanics that can fit easily into any adventure. And while I know that there were many more Heroic Paths in the 3.5 books, I found a couple to be too situational (e.g. Mountainborn, Northblooded) and others just seemed to grant spell like abilities without too much flavor.

But there were some cool ones in 3.5 that did not make it to 5e and that is a shame (especially since on page 62 of the 5e book, they mention "tracing our heroes' ancestry to giants" but there's no GiantBlooded?!?) So I made my own attempt at bringing a few of my favorites to 5e and you can all take a look here https://github.com/schofida/mlod-enhancements/blob/main/mlod-new-heroic-paths.md.

Now, as a disclaimer, I am no writer. I am also kind of a noob to 5e and I to this day have never played Midnight in any form even though I have most of the books. So I am sure there is room for improvement. But give them and look and let me know what you think. I would also gladly add any more heroic paths if you all have any suggestions.


Spell Energy / Taint +4/-0
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« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2022, 02:17:22 AM »

I appreciate the effort you have put into this and your willingness to share your work with the community. I too still have limited 5E (and even less Midnight 5E) experience, so don't know that I'm in a position to assess balance.

Hopefully someone else will comment in a more substantive manner soon!

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