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Author Topic: Ashahr and the Sword of Vengeance  (Read 1363 times)
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« on: September 21, 2006, 07:42:46 AM »

Another old post, when we we're cranking out NPCs.


Ashahr and the Sword of Vengeance

   Ashahr was born in an isolated fishing village on the Kasmael Sea.  The village had ignored and been ignored by the Shadow for almost a hundred years.  The villagers did not support the resistance and did nothing to attract the Shadow’s attention.  They hoped that by ignoring the fight against the Shadow they would be left alone.  That hope was destroyed in one night of terror, when an orcish warband descended on the village.  In little more than an hour, almost half the village’s population was dead, every fishing boat was destroyed and everything of value taken. 
Ashahr’s village was attacked to amuse the warband.  They were not seeking plunder, as the village was very poor.  They were not seeking slaves, though some were spared to serve the orcs.  The orcs were seeking death, destruction, and misery.  Those men that survived the initial attack were taken to the beach in chains.  The orcs set heavy wood posts at waist height in the water and attached their captives to the posts.  While poor sailors, the orcs understood the tides and knew that soon the water level would rise and their captives would struggle against the waves and rising water, eventually drowning.  One of those captives was Ashahr.
   As the water was slowly rising above his chest, Ashahr saw ships approaching from the west.  As the ships approached the town, a dark mass of arrows flew from the ships toward the orcs.  The orcs tried to return fire and stand their ground as the first ship gently slid into the sand and the first wave of Dansil warriors charged toward them.  The battle for the beach was swift as the Dansil archers had decimated the orcs and their leadership was dead in the first moments of the attack.  What few prisoners that remained, including Ashahr, were freed by the Dansil and offered safe passage to the west.  With his family dead, his home destroyed, his dreams crushed, Ashahr accepted the offer.
   When he arrived at the Dansil village, Ashahr was a shell of his former self.  He descended into the darkest forms of despair, barely eating or drinking and not speaking to the Dansil or the few survivors of his village.  He wasted away over the months.  Finally after months spent more dead than alive, Ashahr slowly beat back his despair.  Months of watching the Dansil, young and old, fight for their survival, watching the dead and wounded brought off the Dansil ships, watching other refugees arrive and be given tools and food to start again, finally broke through his despair.  The Dansil fought for everything they had and they struck hard at the shadow, could he do any less. 
   Over the next few months, Ashahr rebuilt his strength and assisted the Dansil as they repaired their ships and brought in their daily catch.  When the Dansil felt he was sound in mind and body, they gave him weapons and offered to help him resettle in a refugee village to the north.  Ashahr refused, saying it was time he repaid the Shadow for his losses.  He offered to gather those of the refugees that were willing and form them into a fighting unit to assist the Dansil fleet.  With each successful raid of a slave caravan and rescued village, Ashahr’s fighting force, the Sword of Vengeance grows.  Ashahr has become a name that is known and secretly feared by the Shadow’s minions along the Kasmael coast. 
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