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Author Topic: God Touched regions of Eredane  (Read 1539 times)
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« on: September 21, 2006, 07:30:14 AM »

Another necromatic post, from the early ages of the old site, god touched regions.


God touched regions of Eredane:

  Scattered across Eredane are a small number of areas that still retain some residual power from when the Gods had influence on Aryth.  Very few know of the existence of these locations and they are kept secret to prevent destruction by the Shadow.  Those that know of one or more of the locations believe that the locations retain their powers due to some major event of the Gods that occurred at the site.  Possible explanations are the death of an avatar, or a battle place between the Gods and Izrador as he was being forced out of heaven.  Whatever the reason, there is power in the locations that provide some small benefit and hope that one day the connection with the Gods will be restored.

The Glowing Stone:
   A small resistance group of Dorns struggle against the weather and the harsh terrain to enter a hilly region in Northern Marches.  The group includes some grizzled veterans but most of the troops are almost beardless youths in their first year fighting against the Shadow.  As the group enters the vale, a robed figure leading three packhorses comes out of the trees and meets with the resistance group’s leader.  Moments latter the leader bellows to his troops, “Stack weapons!”
   “Enos” one of the youths calls to his bandleader, “what is going on, why are we surrendering our weapons?”
   “Quiet lad and do what your told, we need to get the weapons loaded on the horses as soon as possible.” Enos throws his own weapons into the pile.
   “Enos, we could be attacked at any time and you want us to give up our weapons; why?  What if the Shadow attacks?”
   “We are well away from the Shadow and we have some local outriders so we will be safe enough.  I’m not sure how, but that old man with the horses has a means of improving our weapons for a short time, especially against the Fell.  He takes our weapons for the night and in the morning they strike truer and cleave flesh far better than before.  The effect is only temporary so we only come here when something big is planned.  Don’t worry lad, you’ll be seeing action very soon.”

   The Glowing Stone is a very large flat platform almost 30 feet across that has a constant holy aura.  Weapons placed on the stone and left overnight (approximately eight hours) are temporarily blessed and are also Fell Bane.  The effect lasts about an arc depending on weapon quality.  Good steel and silver weapons hold the blessing longer.  Rough iron weapons and wood hold the blessing for only a couple of weeks.

The Fount of the Gods:
   A small merchant train moves along the lower foothills of the Kaladrun Mountains.  The group is traveling light, no wagons only pack animals.  The group is also well off the trade road.
“Heric, where are we going, there are no settlements this far out?”
“Telos, where we go is my concern.  You signed on to help guard me and ensure the cargo I bring back gets into the right hands.  Don’t worry, we have almost reached the trading point.  Look at see it now.”
“See what?  All I see is a niche carved into the rock.”
“That’s it.  We leave our offering and return to the road.  We’ll come back tomorrow and see if the offering is accepted.”
“Telos, who are we leaving the food and wine for?”
“You have too many questions boy.  We leave the food and hopefully tomorrow the niche will be filled with bottles of water the act like acid against the Fell.  That water is also very good at cleaning festering wounds and making healing salves.  That water is a hundred times more valuable then what we leave behind.  Now hurry and get the offering unloaded.”

The Fount of the Gods is a small spring that bubbles out from stark rock in the foothills of the Kaladrun Mountains.  The fount constantly fills with Holy Water.  The water is an excellent weapon against the Undead and also improves any healing slave or potion created with it.  The resistance provides the Holy Water to trusted healers and resistance organizations. 
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