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Author Topic: The Dreamstone  (Read 1703 times)
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« on: September 21, 2006, 07:23:36 AM »

Another old post that was inspired by the rune rules.


The Dreamstone

It’s the quietest part of the night, when even the predators have finished their hunting and returned to their dens.  The moon, starting its slow decline from the night sky, plays its light across the waters of the bay. The gentle sound of the surf and the creaking of the great quay as the fishing boats strain at their lines are the only noises in the night. A single soul is awake, the lone sentry, watching over the village while it sleeps. 

This rare and peaceful scene is suddenly rent by screams of terror.  In moments the village is awake and arming to meet whatever threat stalks the night.  As torches flare, a woman, eyes wild, stumbles from her home and into the light.  Warriors move cautiously into the woman’s home as the village elder and a healer rush toward the screaming woman.  It takes them several minutes to calm the woman enough for her to speak. 

The village elder, frail, with hair the color of bone, rocks the woman in his arms.  “Mela, why were you screaming?  Our warriors have found no tracks and no sign that any man or beast has entered your home?”

Mela, her breathing rapid and with tears running down her cheeks, gasps out “Kialan, I saw the image of Kialan in my dreams.  He was standing on a beach amongst the wreckage of his ship.”

“Kialan is your husband, why should he scare you so?  I know you’ve missed him these many years, as we have missed all whom sailed in search of sanctuary. I often dream of my granddaughter and hope she has found the sanctuary she sought.”

Mela, violently shakes her head, “you don’t understand, this was a sending, Kialan was calling out to me, showing me where he was and how we could find him.  It was message sent to me, begging me to come to him.”

The elder smiles, “child, this is great news.  Our searchers have found sanctuary after we had given up hope.  We must get this news to the Queen.”

Mela, horror still etched in her eyes, screams, “no, no, you don’t understand.  Listen to me.  The figure in my dream looked like Kialan and called to me as a husband to a wife, but it was not he.  I could feel the hunger in it as its message echoed in my mind.  There is no sanctuary there; it wants to feed off me.  I know now that Kialan is dead or worse than dead, and whatever wears his form is seeking me.  It’s in my dreams, get it out, get it out!”

The elder strokes Mela’s hair and gently coos a lullaby he has sung to the village children for over a hundred years.  As he sings he tries to understand what he’s just heard.  Mela is no simpering child, afraid of shadows.  She has fought with the Queen’s army and seen the horrors of war.  He believes her and knows in his heart that the Kialan he helped raise is dead.  There will be time to mourn come the dawn, but first he must send word to the Queen.  He gently transfers the weeping Mela to the healer and heads for the village hall. 
Inside the hall, near the hearth, is a dark rock, polished smooth and covered in the delicate script of the fey.  Laying his hands on the stone, he collects his thoughts and seeks out the dreams of Melotian, a friend and councilor to Aradil.  He enters his dreams and tells Mela’s stories, adding his own thoughts.  Come the morn, Melotian will tell the Queen and send word back to him through his own dreams.  Until then he must find a way to protect Mela and tell the families that all who traveled with Kialan are likely dead. 

Dreamstones are one of the most valuable means the Witch Queen has to receive information and send instructions to isolated villages in Erethor.  In areas where the Whisper is weak, they are critical to ensuring the survival of the fey.  When the great expedition was launched, each ship carried a dreamstone in its hold.  The dreamstone allows anyone with sufficient spell power to cast the spell Dream and send a clear message to anyone they know well.  In poor Mela’s case, whatever has destroyed/possessed her husband, stripped enough of his memories to allow it to use the dreamstone in an attempt to summon her and her village to come to it. 
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