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Author Topic: Attempt at generic rules-system for Midnight (OSR-style)  (Read 6227 times)
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« on: February 05, 2015, 06:05:39 PM »

This is an attempt at a generic OSR-system for playing in the world of Midnight. It's designed to be as simple as possible but still keep some of the 3.5-feel. It is also not made for extreme balance, but for fun playing. This is mostly notes and might be a bit unstructured, also some rules are probably not written in that is still assumed to be there. Knowledge of 3.5-rules, typical retro-clone rules and perhaps the rules of Castles & Crusades will probably help to understand. (And if anyone would be intrested I will of course try to clarify all the unclear bits)

-Roll your 6 abilities with 3D6 in order
-bonuses accordning to 3.5 table (18 +4)
-At lvl 1, add your race-bonuses.
-+1 at one partly random characteristics per level (including lvl 1). Roll 2D6, you then have two numbers 1-6 where 1.Str, 2.Dex etc. Pick one of these rolls and higher that ability with +1.

+2 in any ability

+2 Str, +1 Con, -1 Int

+2 Cha, +1 Dex, -1 Con

Elf (of any type)
+2 Dex, +2 Int, +1 Wis, +1 Cha, -2 Con
-2 at social skills with humans, dwarfs, orcs etc

Dwarf (of any type)
+2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Cha

Halflings and Gnomes
+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Str
Halfling: Innate magic (1d6
Gnome: Nightvision

are silly

Class judges how much HP one gets, if one gets any spell-slots, and if one gets any special attacks. There are no skills in the game, this is covered by your class, a ranger can attempt ”rangery” stuff with +2/lvl ranger (track, hunt etc) and a thief can attempt thiefy stuff with +2/lvl thief and so on. One can multiclass as one pleases, the classes are supposed to be balanced per level to each other. One advances in general levels from experience. When a new level is gained, one gets to decide what class that level is in.
Lvl 1   0 xp
Lvl 2   2000 xp
Lvl 3   4000 xp
Lvl 4   8000 xp
and so on

Fighter. HD D8.
-all wepons and armour
Two types of special attacks. Precision attack (+ to attack roll) and Multiattack (starting from lvl 4). Seldom the fighter can use his level for skill rolls, but repair of equipment and military leadership.
Lvl 1-3 Precisionattack +1, +2, +3
Lvl 4 Multiattack, can do two Ordinary attacks per round (not two Precision attacks, has to choose)
Lvl 5-7 Precisionattack +4 to +6
Lvl 8 Multiattack, three Ordinary attacks

Ranger/Wildlander. HD D6
-all wepons, only studded leather to use lethal attack
One special attack – the Lethal Attack
Skills all outdoory, climb, hide outdoors and the like. Traps outdoors.
Lvl 1+ Lethal attack gives +1 to dmg per ranger-level

Barbarian. HD D8
-all wepons, all armour except for plate
One special attack – Rage
Seldom any skills, but some outdoory stuff
Lvl 1+ Rage for lvl amount of turns per day. +2 to attack, +2 to dmg. Can try to break rage with a Wis-save. Can save unused rounds of rage for later.
Lvl 4  Rage +3 to attack +3 to dmg
Lvl 8 +4 to attack +4 to dmg

Rouge. HD D6
-Leather and light weapons, can't sneak attack with bigger weapons, can't sneak with bigger armour
One special attack – Sneak attack
Skills including all thiefy stuff, pickpocket, traps etc.
Lvl 1 Sneak attack, must succeed in hiding or flanking. +2 to attack roll, +2 to dmg
Lvl 2 Sneak attack +1D6 dmg
Lvl 3 +1D6+2
Lvl 4 +2D6 and so on

Channeler. HD D4
-No weapons can be held when channeling, no weapon proficiencies
-Skills including all lore
-Can cast spells. Get spell-slots according to table from your standard OSR-game. Gets extra spell-slots from high Intelligence by: Int-bonus +1 gives +1 Lvl1 spell, Int +2 gives +1 lvl2 spell when these are achieved, Int +3 +1lvl3 when these are... and so on
Spells dont have to be memorized, the channeler can cast any spells known. If the Channeler want to cast more than his daily lot of spells, he can cast using is HP. Lvl 1-spell 1D2 HP, Lvl 2 1D4 HP, Lvl3-spell 1D6 HP etc

Defender. HD D6
-proficient with lots of farming tools as weapons, not ordinary, no armour. Can't attack unarmed while wearing armour.
-skills including building his own equipment, sneaking, hiding, resistance-stuff and so on
One special power – (something for lvl 4-6??)
One special attack – Unarmed blow. Increases damage done unarmed or with simple weapons per level of defender. These attacks can be considered ordinary attacks and can be combined with special attacks from other classes. Most defenders multiclass to fighter as well. A defender don't deal more dmg with weapons but can benefit from them – see combat chapter.
Lvl 0 – (ordinary unarmed attack, 1d2 dmg)
Lvl 1 – Unarmed attack 1d4 dmg
Lvl 2 – Unarmed 1d5 dmg
Lvl 3 – Unarmed attack 1d6 dmg
Lvl 4 –
lvl 5 –
Lvl 6 -
Lvl 7 – Unarmed attack 1D8 dmg

It is perfectly normal for an adventurer of lvl 7 to be Fighter 4/Defender 1/Ranger 1/Channeler 1.  This one has each round of combat the opportunity to:
-do an Ordinary attack (+Str-bonus)
-do a Precisionattack (+Str +3 to attack roll, only +Str in damage)
-do a Multiattack (two Ordinary attacks against one or two enemies)
-do a Lethal attack (+Str to hit, +Str+1 to dmg)
-Cast a lvl 1 spell
-any of the fighter- or ranger alternatives with defender-Unarmed attack (1d4 dmg unarmed)

This would be a class with perhaps only one level, with prerequisites and stuff, that would give a special attack or similar. Example: Elven Ranger, (elf, ranger lvl 3), special attack: can move full move and attack (melee or ranged) once at any time during this move (still provoking attacks of opportunity).

SKILLS, clarification:
The usual difficulty for things worth rolling for is between 10 to 30 You take your ability-modifier and add +2 per level of a class that knows how to do the task (for climb, rogue and ranger for example). If you have are a ranger 2/Rogue 2 with Dex +2, that gives you a total of +10 to your climb-roll. (1D20+modifier over difficulty to succeed). Bonuses can also be given from well-written character backgrounds.

These are unmodified Ability-checks against difficulty between 10 to 20 usually. Difficulty 15 if not mentioned.

-is based much more on dexterity than in normal OSR-rules. Armour class is basicly Dexterity, or 10 whichever is the highest (then there adds for armour). If you are surprised or attacked in the back however, your use your Flatfooted AC which is always 10 + armour if you have some.

Armour adds to both your normal AC and your Flatfooted AC. Armour will however not allow for the full use of your dexterity, and also is a hindrance to movement (speed is calcuated on what armour you wear)

Armour   AC   Max Dexterity   Movement
Unarmoured +0   Unlimited      40 feet (8 squares)
Fur/cloth   +1   17         40
Leather   +2   16         35
Studded lea+3   15         35
Chainmail   +4   14         30
Scalemail   +5   13         25
Platemail   +6   12         20
Shield   +1   17         No change

This variant of rules allow for lightly armoured but dexterious adventurers to have a defenitive edge in most situations except when receiving ambushes and surprise rounds, but armoured characters to be well-protected at all times, but slow. One must be careful to higher some monsters AC that primarily use Dexterity as well, but remeber that those have AC 10 Flatfooted.

HIT POINTS and healing
The first 50% of HP taken in a combat is considered stress and bruises, after that one is Wounded. A wounded character has to rest for several weeks to get well and heal. If one is not wounded, one is fully healed after 10-20 minutes of rest after a combat.

Surprise is checked with a Wisdom-check against DC 10 (?), done by the best character in each group. Failure indicates that the whole group is surprised and thus only use their Flatfooted AC for that round and dont get to attack. 

Before initiative, anyone that is going to cast a spell or drink a potion or some other time-consuming task will declare to do so. This migt not be changed afterwards and the character cannot move this turn. If attacked before being able to finish, the spell or potion is usually lost.

Initiative is checked for the whole group with 1d6+best Dex-modifier of the each group against each other, new initiative in each turn.

One can:
-Move and make an Ordinary attack
-Charge (+2 to attack and dmg, -2 to AC that round)
-Make a special attack (no movement allowed)
-Cast a spell or similar if declared
-Run (full movement plus 10 feet/2 squares extra)
-Parry (+2 to AC, no attacks)
-Disengage (move half movement without provoking opportunity attacks)

Fighting styles:
-shield gives +1 to AC
-two-hand wield on a weapon gives +1 to dmg
-two weapons give +1 to attack roll (but just one attack roll, use best weapon for dmg)
-only a one-handed weapon gives the other hand free for a torch, necessary for at least one in the group in dungeons

Defenders can use their makeshift weapons to get these bonuses

...and that's all so far.
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Hiding from Shadow

« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2015, 11:29:47 AM »


That's an interesting way to run a Midnight campaign (OSR-style).

I suggest you take a look at BEYOND THE WALL AND OTHER ADVENTURES and its companion FURTHER AFIELD. It's OSR with lots of interesting features.

More importantly, you could use it to introduce a party of PCs who are childhood friends coming from the same village. Of course, explaining why this so unusual village is not noticed by the Shadow could as well be the premise of a whole campaign.

Ideally, it could involve one of the PCs being the (unknowing) heir of Erenland, and the other PCs (unknowing) descendants of the Queen's Knights who escorted the Last Queen of Erenland when she disappeared (and was pregnant). The village could be secretly protected by the (hidden) dragon Verlathis, explaining a subtle glamour that makes it unnoticed by the Shadow.

This type of campaign would allow players to discover the setting at their own pace, and ideally they would have to leave a burned village when they reach level 5 or so, claiming their future (and reading "Destiny and Shadow" would provide clues for the rest of such a campaign).

My two cents.

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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2018, 01:52:40 PM »

I was contemplating running Midnight with an OSR game, so thanks for the post. 

"Everything important in RPGs happens the moment you stop holding onto the rulebook with both hands." -Jeff Rients
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