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Author Topic: Brand new DM: Needs help...  (Read 3160 times)
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Spell Energy / Taint +0/-0
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« on: September 20, 2006, 01:13:04 PM »

Hi all, new to this site (grand total of oooh, 3 posts) and as the title says, brand new DM, ive never DM'd a D&D game, let alone midnight, so its all rather new and scary (as none of my group have even played midnight yet  ohwell) But hey, youve gotta start somewhere I suppose  Laugh

Anyway, I would like some advice/ info/ tips/adv hooks on my game which is going to be starting in Nov.

Ive got the

Mdt book,
Against the Shadow
and Fury

im currently reading the Mdt book and floundering in a sea of stats  Sad as i have trouble remembering stuff. Ill keep perservering though. Ive already had some advice on another thread but was told to create something here for more advice/help (sorry for hijacking the other one, wasnt intential I promise  Tongue)


There are 6 in the group, all starting at level 1 (which seemed easiest at the time)
The group are gonna choose their race, (Ive yet to decide whether to choose the HP and class or let them do it as two of the group are rubbish roleplayers and would get themselves and the rest of the group killed in ten minutes)
They all start with neutral alignement and play as they want

The starting scenario is that they are freshly enslaved in the Great Mine at Steel Hill with three NPC's. They are all chained together, there has been a plague/death-dealing illness/cave in which has killed LOTS of slaves, which has meant that new ones were needed desperately as production has plummeted. This meant that even fey races were being enslaved and not killed, told you they were desperate! (hence why if someone decides to play fey they can without being killed in the opening scenario) Thought id use the hook about the Eye thats in the Forge source book, complete with the twist (NPC's not wanting to go with them etc, nice moral choice in the first hour, to give them a flavour of whats to come)

They escape (hopefully) and the adventure blossoms from there. Im going to get feedback after they have escaped as to how they thought it went and hopefully theyll let me continue running it   Laugh

LONG arcing plot involves a long lost artifact that could possibly create a tear in the Veil, and the desperate race to find it before the Shadow does. Def gonna involve the elves and poss even the Witch queen, depends on what the group does   Grin

VERY grateful for any help,comments etc


Bleak Knight
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AKA Draug

« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2006, 08:26:38 PM »

Sounds like you're going to have a blast, LTJ.

Once the characters escape the mines (assuming they do), where do they go? The way I see it, they have several options. They can attempt to escape down the Be'neeya river, or cross the mountains into the Veradeen. Other options are sheltering in the wilderness (where sciathan will sooner or later find and kill them?), heaing north to the fortress wall where there are some Cendaran cultists, but also a whole lot of bad stuff, or east towards Bastion and a heavy presence of orcs, even settlers.
   If you want the group to hook up with the elves, your preference might be heading across the mountains to the Veradeen. Finding the supplies for such a trip could be one (or several) adventures itself. The Be'neeya is too heavily controlled, and there are only two places where the gnomes dock: Tarish, and Steel Hill. Both places have tight security, so stowing away on a boat would be very tough.

   Depending on your preference, you could let them get help either from the good guys or the bad guys. Good guys would be Cendaran cultists, Roland's Raiders, or gnomes on the Be'neeya. Bad guys could be Morgatha the Raven Crone, or even some faction within Steel Hill itself. Personally, I'm a big fan of Morgatha. Having ravens everywhere report to her, it shouldn't be long before she knows the location of the characters, espcecially if the Eye opens up into some place in the mountains west of Tarish/Steel Hill... Perhaps she agrees to help them if they do something for her, perhaps she does it to spite some enemy. Perhaps they can barter for her aid with something they find in the Eye?

Spell Energy / Taint +0/-0
Posts: 14

« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2006, 01:41:06 AM »

thanks Bleak Knight, good stuff there!  Smiley

Loving the idea about Morgatha as i wanted to use her, seeing as I too figured that she would prob know about the party before anyone else with her ravens n all (dying to see if the party ever catches on about them!)

Way I see it te party will end up either taking along the NPC's in their slave chain or killing them (ive got scenarios for both) and having to get through the black lake (dunno whats gonna be in their yet) to get to freedom, (think im gonna borrow some ideas from The Descent for that one, pools of blood, mutant fell, using bones as weapons, that kind of thing)

Like the idea about fining something in the mines to trade with Morgatha. I was thinking of continuing the plague theme with the bloodguards and the orcs also succumbing to it (more orcs than Bldguards dying) and Morgatha seeing an opp of using the party to create some chaos as there is less of an armed presence at Steel Hill at the mo. (as I think that if I play SH at full strength theyll be dead in an hour) This would also give an opp for the party to move around just that little bit easier in Tarish. Also contemplating bring the Whoremistress as an ally.

im not bothered who the party wants to get help from, as ive said they all start from neutral. I suspect that at least one party member is contemplating playing his char slightly south of evil which should be fun   Grin
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