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Author Topic: Legate Junari (my first post)  (Read 2569 times)
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« on: September 19, 2006, 01:46:05 PM »

I was first introduced to the world of midnight about 2 months ago. Since that time I have bought the 2.5 Midnight book and the "Under the Shadow" supplemental. My plan is to run a campaign. I intend to start my group of players somewhat south east of Baden's Bluff, near the border with Erenhead. Griswich, a small village of about 80 people, has Legate Junari stationed there...

Legate Junari, Lesser Legate, Dorn Male, Lawful Evil
Level 3, hp 22
Age 48
Str 15
Int 14
Wis 18
Dex 12
Con 15
Cha 14

Spells per Day (by level)
level 0: 4
level 1: 3+1
level 2: 2+1
Daily Known Spells

Detect Poison
Cause Minor Wound

Magic Weapon
(3) Cause Light Wounds

(2) Inflict Moderate Wounds
Zone of Truth

Knowledge (Izrdor) 3 + 2(Int) = 5
Knowledge (History) 1 + 2(Int) = 3
Sense Motive (6*1/2) + 2(Cha) = 5
Language Erenlander (fluent, literate)
Language Norther (basic, literate)
Trader (pidgin, literate)
Black Tongue (pidgin)
Orcish (fluent, literate)

Rebuke Undead (stacked 3 times)
May use this feat to rebuke, turn, or command fell up to 17 times per day (Junari gains +2 times for his knowledge of religion (Izrador)

Junari was born of the North and clearly had an aptitude for religion. From a young age he was brought to the Legate indoctination temples in Theros Obsidia. At the age of walking servitude, he was released to the world and served as a law advisor to a messenger patrol between Theros Obsidia and Baden's Bluff. It was during this time that Junari became fluent in the Orcish tongue.

About 20 years ago his messenger group was waylaid by a resistance cell on the open road and important information was lost to the Fallen Baden Court. As punishment, he was sent to keep order in the village of Griswich.

Griswich's main importance is that it is near a mine with somewhat productive veins of diamonds. While the diamonds hold no trade value in the shattered economy of Eradane, the dust from the imperfect gems is used as a material component to the Restoration spell. It's not that the Shadow can't obtain diamonds elsewhere, its just that this source is in a strategic location. The village also produces grain and meat for patrols between Baden's Bluff and Erenhead.

Junari is a coniving bitter man, and blames his stagnation in the ranks of his religious order due to Orc incompetancy. He has no love of the brutes and seeks to dominate them whenever possible. He keeps secret his knowledge of their language, and uses this to great satisfaction. Often when Griswich is visited by patrols he will allow them to communicate in their own tongue, and listen, for any valuable information, all the while feigning ignorance. The Orcs garrisoned at the village seem wise enough not to cross the he man.

Over the years many an orc has died at his hands, some in the dark at night, some in near the public well at noon, all with the blessing of Izrador. As Junari says: "Izrador is a strict, but just god." The shadow's minions grow stronger by culling the weak and foolish from its ranks.

Junari uses these public demonstrations to win favor with the populace. Often he will dispense his justice to the most bullying orc of the lot, one who has harrassed the most villagers. In truth this has gone a long way to temper the villagers who lose one of their number each year when Junari travel's to Baden's Bluff to sacrifice one "Servant of Izrador" at the black mirror in the temple.

Junari's main charge, though, is to maintain diamond production from the mine, and supply passing troops with sufficient food. He has honed his ability to use the fell to his advantage.

Griswich is riddled with fell in the surrounding areas, being near the plague hills. Only fools stay outside of the barricaded walls after sundown, and certain rarely used tunnels in the mine lead to even darker areas, where the fell congregate. During the day, Junari will sometimes accompany an Orc battallion into the mines to keep the workers safe while they dig for Izrador's precious ore. At night Junari has often roamed the countryside, and does not fear the fell, with his great ability to control, rebuke, or turn them.

So this is my first NPC in this starting town of Griswich. Feed back is appreciated. I will probably introduce other NPCs of Griswich as I have time. By the way, I actually rolled up Junari's stats. Not bad, I wouldn't mind half mind running this character myself, if not for the alignment, and requirement to visit a black mirror every year...

I am leaving Junari's personal possessions to your judgement, but I am going to supply him with fine (but not masterwork) breastplate, a good long sword, all the professional items he has, and enough vp to keep a middle aged Lesser Legate comfortable in his station.

« Last Edit: September 19, 2006, 04:37:54 PM by Kawaihae » Logged

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Whisper's Will

« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2006, 03:13:44 PM »

Welcome to AtS, Kawaihae, that your games be shadowed and your players happy with it. Wink

A minor thing in stats, the legate should have Knowledge (shadow) and not Knowledge (Izrador). Also, you probably meant extra turning as a feat, since turn/rebuke undead is a class ability and not a feat. On the languages the levels of competence are pidgin, basic and fluent, in that order, lin the cae of orchish it is said on 2nd edition that other races have a poor knowledge of the tongue, sepcially when compared to how orcs master the other languages, in 1st edition this meant no other race coudl take more than pidgin in orcish, I usually make things work like this, orcs get up to fluent, dworgs and other races that are similar to orcs get up to basic and everyone else may get up to pidgin only. One thing though, Orcs disdain written language, so there is nothing in it to beliterate on. Wink

On the story side, I love how you made diamond strategical because of its use in magic and not because of trading or luxury value, and the fell thing may eb a problem if they do not have ways of avoiding their entrance to the village, disguised as common folk, perhaps trained animals are used, and those could also be used by Junari's astirax, and the mines may need yet another amount of people to control it, loosing people inside the mine will usually give Junari trouble too, for a fell inside the mines might be hard to root out, so at the end of day anyone not returning is sought by a number of orcs, this could lead to some interesting situations too.

Just a few thoughts. Grin

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects."
 - Attributed to Herman Melville.

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« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2006, 03:52:07 PM »

Hey Nifelhein,

This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for, thanks.

Yes, I did mean extra turning. I'll fix that.

Is there a better format to put things up on these boards then a forum? Like file archive or something? If I edit my post, then your response wouldn't make sense anymore...

Lots of things are new in Eredane. All these differences from typical D&D worlds are what brought me with whole hearted enthusiasm to where I am. Heck, the first thing I did after deciding that I would try and DM this, was to go to the Library and get a pile of books on the French resistance during World War II. I learned a lot of techniques and story lines I think I could use here in this setting.

Anyway I will also read up more on the Languge thing with respect to Orcish. I didn't realize that Orcs don't use writing. But I think I will still bend Junari into having more than a pidgin competancy in Orcish. Given that he traveled with them for many years in the messenger patrol, and had access to the Comprehend Languages spell to augment his learning, he will have had learning opportunities that most characters, and certainly not PCs would not have had access to.

I have to think about the diamond idea a bit more. The book gives specific examples of how diamonds are nearly worthless. But the dust for Restoration speaks of 100gp worth. Perhaps the value comes from the labor of crushing it? I suppose that only diamond can effectively crush diamond. Maybe there is another facility in Griswich or elsewhere that crushes the rocks. Or maybe that is what makes the mine nearby special, is that the diamond particles are small enough to be useful as a spell component (and not useful for much of anything else...).


Spell Energy / Taint +22/-0
Gender: Male
Posts: 2,118

Whisper's Will

« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2006, 04:44:28 PM »

Well, you should edit it anyway, or re-post it in a reply, which would not make it as easy to find as editing the first post. You can also add a note at the end of the post like this:

Edit: Fixed extra turning name, changed language proficiencies, added story related to controling the mine and revised diamond information related to teh mines.

Consider that your original psot is a work in progress and what you really want to share is the final thing. That being said, there aternatives to the forums, yes, work that is considered done and good enough can be sent to the Site features in the shape of articles (you can submit it when you think it is done), we currently have a lot of things there, but there are far more to be approved (80 in queu waiting for my fingers to edit and cehck them before they show to the general public), like your work all those you find there were made in our forums first. You can check our old forums in our archives, whicha re currently stored at www.pathsoflegend.org, there is an issue with users accessing the Dm's Corner though, and it shall be fixed soon.

Also, we have a downloads section, there isn't much there yet, but we have a lot of things to upload to that area as well, there is a free adventure and a fan made one that is not yet complete, also, you will find two desktop images there. If your work could be made into a file and uploaded there, it can also be done. What we don't really want is sutff being sent directly to the downloads or features, mainly because the forums are the msot lively part of the site and thus all other sections are a kind of child to the work done here (a lot of good things, midn you). last but not least you can always add attachments to your posts with the stuff you want reviewed, thsi would allow updates without overwriting the previous ones, just edit the end of the psot with a note to the new version and post it with anappropriate name.

You will see that we are a friendly bunch that love this setting deeply, so you have come to the right place. Check out the plague thread around here to see some good discussion around plagues and diseases in Eredane. Grin

Enough of site tour, let me go back to your reply. Wink

I am a little lazy to point the references, but they don't have a written language, i am certain of that, unless they learned one from 1st edition to the 2nd and i haven't noticed, that is, likewise we have kind of agreed that learning orchish has less to do with familarity and mental ability than it has with anatomy, lacking the fangs orcs and appropriate vocal cords means you can't because you just can't rpoduce that sound, it is like trying to mimic some animal's speech, some you can, others are too alien to you. Nothing preventing you from disagreeing, fo course, but we all love our orcs here. Roll Eyes

Restoration might not be an often used spell, even more, diamond is worthless if not for that or as a cutting edge for glass and the like, so his work is actually pretty useless, yes, but needed, that is why it was a punishment, don't see much trouble with that, specially if the mining is not all that intense, but the attacks from the fell are. twisted

And sicne you are looking to thatkind of feedback, i am glad to say you will find a lot of it here, not only from em too, even though I am a kind of entity aroudn here, replying to nearly everything and reading nearly everything. Grin
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