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Author Topic: The Pass of Eagles  (Read 1657 times)
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« on: April 05, 2011, 10:45:53 AM »

So, my group running through Crown of Shadows has just left Pardrum, and opted to head South in the direction of the Pass of Eagles so I was looking for a bit of help fleshing out the location.

Last session they passed a few abandoned Kurgun settlements, skirmished with an Orc Patrol, and then ran into some scouts from Fedrol Clan who told them the Dwarves had abandoned these villages in favour of more defensible positions further south in the face of an expected imminent Shadow offensive.  The scouts pointed them south and the session ended with the PCs reaching a border fort in a smaller mountain pass and convincing the garrison to escort them to the Pass to meet their superiors (the PCs trip across the Kaladruns means they have quite a lot of info the southerners will find interesting).

A few things have been established so far in game (partly things I'd already decided in my head, partly me improvising in response to awkward questions from the PCs!):

1) The Pass of Eagles is the site of a Dwarven Holdfast called Morndin (trans. "The Peak"), which is the capital of Fedrol Clan (from Hammer & Shadow - Clan Dwarves allied to the Gorand Dwarves who live at Bodrun, their capital/holdfast is never defined, so putting it in the Pass seemed logical).

2) Morndin consists of an underground Holdfast spread across two mountains either side of the Pass, with a triple curtain wall blocking the pass in-between.  I see this as being the original model of a Holdfast before most of the Clan Dwarves retreated underground.  Fedrol Clan has never (yet…) had reason to do likewise.

3) The various Kurgun Dwarves living in and around the Pass of Eagles are small tribes allied to / tributaries to Fedrol Clan.

4) The Dor of Fedrol Clan is a female Dwarf called Aurynn.

I think the Pass is a really interesting location, but so far as I'm aware has never been fleshed out in detail in any official publication.  I'm planning on having the PCs meet and be debriefed by Dalian Jorgenson (Commander of the Dorn/Erenlander refugees living with the Dwarves) along with representatives from both Gorand and Fedrol Clans.  But beyond that I'm struggling for more ideas of things to do whilst the party is here.

So, what I'm wondering is whether anyone else has ever had their party visit the Pass, and if so any hooks/ideas/NPCs/events they've placed there that could be useful?  Or any ideas generally for things I could put there?  A bit of a collaborative brainstorm to get my juices flowing...?

Also - they'll be debating their next step in their journey.  They now know there is a large Orc camp at the entrance to the Pass (where the Annyn River forks), and that Drumlen is occupied so will be looking for a way round that to break onto the plains.  So far I'm thinking I'll offer them a chance to ride with some Sarcosan Freeriders conducting a raid behind enemy lines, and after the raid will be free to go their own way.  But, I always like to have more than one hook to offer my players so that they can genuinely affect the course of the campaign, so any other ideas on ways they could be helped past the Orcish frontlines?

Cheers - if we get something decent fleshed out I'd be happy to upload it to the Download section if/when it returns similar to the Silver Vein writeup, etc that used to be there in case anyone else can find it useful.
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