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Author Topic: Site Rules and Guidelines (Please read)  (Read 4705 times)
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Whisper's Will

« on: August 26, 2006, 10:51:13 AM »

Forum Rules
  • Be polite.
  • It is always nice to have people disagree while not becoming personal or offensive in their exchange. Try to stay polite to the
user while commenting on his or her opinions and comments. Likewise when reading a post consider the most polite choice of words amongst the many possibilities. This includes avoiding the use of less-than-nice words and not swearing.
[li]Don't get into political or religious discussions.[/li]
While touching those topics may not be a problem going, into a deeper level will probably lead to problems, especially when this is used to compare real world religions to fantastic ones. Try not to make analogies to modern, recent events in the real world that might provoke other users.
[li]Off Topic posts should be made in the Off Topic Forum only.[/li]
While we can all enjoy your non-thread related comments it tends to crowd a thread unnecessarily, not to mention that finding what we want in it becomes harder, too. To this purpose we have an Off Topic forum. Post your comments there, you can use the quote code/tags to make one that clearly states what you are commenting on.
[li]When seeking help or trying to find some reference to be used, perform a Search before posting.[/li]
Asking ends up filling the site with lots of duplicated threads. The search function is easy to use, gives very relevant results and is accessible. If you don't find anything helpful, then feel free to ask.
[li]Not following these rules will make you subject to moderation.[/li]
While we won't be making much more than PMs or in-thread comments for small violations of these rules, repeated violation or singule severe ones may make you subject to special restrictions. These may vary from temporary ban from the site (you won't be able to post but can read normally) to permanent ban.[/list]

Site Guidelines
  • Do not post twice or more in a row.
  • You can edit your own posts, so try to use that function to add points you just though of after hitting send reply, if the thread is a little old this will not come into effect, you do want people to re-read the thread. If this kind of thing happens to you all the time, try to use the preview option and think over the reply before hitting send.
  • Replying to Old Topics or Thread Necromancy.
  • We all feel the urge to post on an old thread we just found about, when considering that, ponder if your post will really further the discussion there and not only be commenting or repeating some else's already expressed opinion. Old topics usually have to be re-read by those who posted in it before they remember what it is about, meaning a new thread might just have the same effect, and you can always add a link to the old one if you want.
  • If you got a problem with someone, take that to the Private Messages.
  • As much as we want everyone to get along well that may not be possible, and on the rare occasions that you have engaged in a heated discussion with someone and it needs solving, take it to the PM system. Other users will not be very helpful in solving the case and should be spared of personal heated debates too. You may also call a moderator and add him to the destination of the PMs, though make sure to tell the other user of that so he can also add the 'mediator' to his Pms. Check that all messages are being sent to all parties before hitting the send button.
  • Moderator Abuse.
  • If you feel a moderator has been unfair, somehow overzealous with you or has used his powers in a manner that you consider unfair, try to sort that out with him or her. Chances are that he or she is following some guidelines as debated with the other mods and admins, or has failed to consider some implications of his actions. Likewise, a moderator may end up abusing his powers or break one of the rules of the site, in that case make a report through a thread on the Meta forum, if situation goes as far as you being unable to use that way to report abuse, send an Admin a PM.
  • If you are not a DM, do not read topics in the DM's Corner and articles in the DM's only sections.
  • This is a way of preventing yourself of spoiling your group and/or your own fun. If it is meant as a DM's content only it is because it may be used by any DM around, so be certain of what your DM thinks before going to those sections.
  • What do to when you have some Midnight news.
  • The current site allows for a much easier update of the news page and those items in the frontpage are actually forum posts. In order to double check information before having it on display for even the most casual passersby, only Global Moderators and Administrators may post new threads to the news forum. That does not mean you cannot post a news to be moved there: if you want to submit a news item, post it on the Meta forum and use the News post icon, and soon enough someone will come check the post and move it to the news forum, though it may be edited by the Mods when that happens.
  • Articles and how it works.
  • Any logged user can submit an article to the site. It can be done through the user panel on the left-hand bar where a link says submit an article. We are not forbidding anyone to send work from other people, but try to keep in mind the author's intentions: if he or she did not want it to be on the features, don't submit it, and if it is not from the old site or this one, refrain from making the submission unless and until you have the author's permisson.

    When making the article do not use any descriptive term, like magic item or covenant item in its title, which should just be the name of the article's subject. Check the content to make sure it is complete and consistent and credit the author at the end of the content with "
Author: name".

The introduction text is what other users will look at before entering the article, so try to be concise and put a good sumary or taste of what they will find inside. For adventures note what level it is made for and how many characters; for spells briefly describe them;for monsters and heroic paths there is usually a piece of descriptive or 'flavour' text in italics, whoich may suit the introductory text.

Before submitting make sure you do not have the title repeated as a heading inside the content area and double check the fields. The better you follow these guidelines the faster it will be for us to approve your article.
[li]All suggestions are welcome.[/li]
We know the site is looking good and we dedicated many long hours of hard to work to that end, but we also know it is not perfect, if you see something you want changed, wonders if it can be different or noticed we could add something, let us know, odds are we have overlookd it instead of choosing not to have it. This kind of thread should be made in Meta.[/list]

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects."
 - Attributed to Herman Melville.
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