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Author Topic: Untitled Book  (Read 1531 times)
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« on: August 17, 2006, 08:40:34 AM »

Book #2 – Untitled

This book is 6” wide x 11” long x 3” thick. The binding shows its considerable age and is easily damaged. The covers that contain the book are made of wood that was dyed black at some point. The original rich brown wood shines through in places, mostly along the spine and the outside edges.

The interior pages reflect the exterior condition of the tome. They, the pages, appear to have been damaged by liquid(s) in the past. Inked words flow together in nonsensical waves that have stained the creamy pages to their current faded gray. Only a few small scattered sections are still comprehensible. Those sections are written in a form of ancient Courtier. A dialect that has been lost in this, the Last Age, to all but the most learned scholars.

The intact sections seem to describe methods of hermetic spell casting, but the damage that the book has suffered makes it difficult to gather insight of consequence.

Game Mechanics: Deciphering the ancient writing requires a Decipher Script DC30 check, the DC is reduced to 25 if the character can read and write Courtier. One of the intact sections contains part of the formula for a scribed Detect Secret Doors spell. The scribed text is too damaged to be copied from the tome or cast as a scroll. However, any Channeler who can reference the intact section can learn Detect Secret Doors, if the caster is of sufficient level, when the Channeler gains a level. This is in addition to any spells that the caster would learn normally. The caste must have the tome available during the entire period in which the experience is gained for that level. A Detect Magic spell will automatically point out the intact section that contains the formula.

By Harrowed

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