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Author Topic: The Value of Sasha  (Read 2128 times)
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« on: August 17, 2006, 08:29:00 AM »

The Value of Sasha

Sasha was a pretty young girl, born into a small village family to loving parents. Her life was filled with hard work but she was happy. Sasha’s village produced food for the Shadow’s armies and due to its isolation was left unharassed by those armies. Then it all ended.

A male Legate and his Oruk bodyguards because lost due to a storm and followed the road to Sasha’s village seeking shelter. Using his authority as a Legate to the Shadow he took the best home in the village for himself and the Oruks, kicking the residents out into the mud. The village leader, fearing the Legate’s temper, sent the best food and drink available to the Legate. He sent the prettiest girl in the village to deliver the food hoping that it would calm the Legate. That girl was Sasha.

The Legate found the pretty redheaded girl irresistible and he wanted her. She refused him and when he tried to force himself upon her she slapped him and fled. This enraged the Legate that a stupid village girl would refuse him. He summoned the village leader and explained to him that he wanted Sasha and if she didn’t agree he would have everyone in the village killed. The village leader believed what the Legate said. He went to Sasha and her family and explained what the Legate had told him. Sasha agreed and left for the Legate residence with the cries of her mother and father ringing in her ears over the storm.

The Legate, feeling humiliated in front of his Oruks, wanted Sasha punished. After he was finished violating her he turned his Oruk’s loose on the villagers. They slaughtered the villagers while the Legate forced Sasha to watch. When the Oruk’s finished their bloody work the Legate gave Sasha to them. They took their pleasure from her and left her to die in the mud in front of the burned wreckage of her home. The Legate passed by her on his way out of the destroyed village and stopped his horse.

“A memento, to remember me by, in case you survive. Be more accommodating.”

The Legate pulled a green silk scarf from his saddlebag and dismounted. He wrapped that embroidered scarf around her hair and left the village. Sasha died in that spot in the mud but she didn’t stay dead for long. She along with most of the villagers rose as Fell several days later.

The group of Fell were killed by a roving band of Elves several weeks later. A Chaneller in that group noticed the magical aura and took the scarf. He used magic to speak with Sasha and learned her story. The group buried the Fell and the Chaneller gave that scarf to the first pretty redhead girl that he saw next, at Sasha’s request.

The Value of Sasha is a beautiful green silk scarf embroidered with golden threads.

The Value of Sasha: Scarf of Charisma +2; AL NG; Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 17; Speech; 60’ Darkvision and Hearing;
Base Ego Score of 14
Special Purpose: Kill Legates
Dedicated Power: Dominate Person

Personality: Sasha was a beautiful girl full of life and spirit that was cut down by a lecherous Legate. The loss of her friends and family, not to mention her own life, has enraged her. Her spirit has been twisted by need for revenge on male legates. This is the driving force in what passes for her existence. She will fight any possessor that does not agree with her need for vengeance, if she wins a Ego check verses an unwilling possessor she will have the person pass her on to another, preferable female. She will not stay with a person who will not follow her needs.

Sasha prefers female owners. She will generally allow owners to go their own path as long as they quest for her vengeance with one exception. Sasha will try to convince a female owner to change her appearance to what Sasha’s was in life. If convincing doesn’t work Sasha will attempt Ego checks to accomplish this. Owners will awake with hair dyed red, cut to shoulder length, peasant style clothing, flowers in their hair, etc…
If a female owner has failed four Ego checks, and therefore started to resemble Sasha she will start to have an obsession with mirrors. During these obsessive periods Sasha will use her possessor to speak to herself and weep at the life she lost.

1st level - 2 ranks in Knowledge: Nature (+2 Total), Sense Motive (+4 Total), and Diplomacy (+5 Total).

3rd level - +1 to Will saving throws. Ego Score increases to 15

5th level -4 ranks in Knowledge: Nature (+4 Total), Sense Motive (+6 Total), and Diplomacy (+7 Total).

7th level – Scarf’s charisma bonus increases from +2 to +3. Ego Score increases to 16.

10th level -6 ranks in Knowledge: Nature (+6 Total), Sense Motive (+8 Total), and Diplomacy (+9 Total).

13th level -8 ranks in Knowledge: Nature (+8 Total), Sense Motive (+10 Total), and Diplomacy (+11 Total).

15th level - Scarf’s charisma bonus increases from +3 to +4. Ego Score increases to 17.

18th level -10 ranks in Knowledge: Nature (+10 Total), Sense Motive (+12 Total), and Diplomacy (+13 Total).

By Harrowed

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