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Author Topic: Halfling slaves  (Read 2264 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: June 10, 2008, 05:15:29 AM »

A new background for halfling PCs

This covers halflings who were born as captives, and never knew freedom (or they have just managed to escape and joined the other PCs when the game begins).

Skilled slave or bland
Skilled slave: in order to be allowed to survive, the halfling slave was spared because of precious and unusual talents. Pick a rare and not very useful (for an adventurer: tapestry, pottery, spice making, wine making, etc) craft skill. You gain freely 3 ranks in that skill.
Bland: you are completely unremarkable, which spared your life many times. It's not that people don't see you, they just find you are so unimportant that it's not worth the effort to figure out what you're doing and why you're here. People trying to spot you gain a +5 to the DC of their Spot check.

Perfect memory or born saboteur
Perfect memory: everything you watch and see, you can remember in every detail. This functions like a feat, and this ability takes at least 10 minutes to be activated. Very useful for spies.
Born saboteur: you gain a +3 bonus to every skill check involving sabotage (this can be sleight of hand when slipping poison into an orc's drink, for example, or a Craft check when cutting a wooden part of an edifice to make it crumble at the right time, for example).


"Il n'est pas besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre ni de réussir pour persévérer" - Devise de la famille d'Orange
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