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Author Topic: covers  (Read 2072 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: May 10, 2008, 03:09:07 PM »

This being a sourcebook for the resistance, I thought it would be useful to introduce the concept of "covers" for the PCs to privide explanation for their travels.


Halflings : slave. This can be a cook, majordomo, herbalist, taster, joker, master brewer or winemaker, master weaver or leather worker, spice master: all things Halflings are known to be the finest artisans.  This specialty saves the halfling’s life, but gives him a slave mark that paradoxically allows him free access in a Shadow minion’s mansion and properties.

Gnomes: obviously they don’t need a cover: they are the only allowed merchants, and given permission to freely travel the occupied lands. This is a great boon, but also a great risk.

Dorns: Gladiator, Courtesan, Mercenary. Dorns are known as the best human warriors, and this can be used to be recruited as part of a Shadow mercenary company, or even to act as “wandering” gladiators. Such brutal combats become more and more common during the Last age, as it provides a necessary entertainment to keep the populace “obedient”, while being ugly enough to keep them vilified and willing servants of the Shadow. Dorn women are known to strangely attract Sarcosan false sussars, and this creates whole organizations ranging from mere prostitution rings to high-level courtesans. Of course, such activities give the possibility to travel for a wealthy paron, usually a legate with a sense of business or who wants exotic pleasures.

Sarcosans: Horse Breeder or Groom,  Cavalry mercenary. Sarcosans are known as the best people to take care of horses, and a reputed horse trained will be allowed free travel for a false sussars or even a legate. Sarcosan cavalry is the best cavalry left in the world, and their services are highly sought by local rulers of the South or even in the Dorn lands. This provides them the ability to freely travel for a patron.

Elves: the only possible cover for an elf or elfling is to pass for a Black Wood Company member (showing a real medallion or a very good copy) or as a captured slave, transported for public execution. Either way, such a cover will be particularly studied by any patrol, and orcs can sometimes kill first and ask questions later…

Dwarves: stout combatants, they are often taken (when caught alive) as gladiators, to make short-lived but brutal fights in gladiatorial pits on all the worst cities of occupied Eredane. They can also more rarely be recruited as engineers or building masters, but always as highly-guarded prisoners. Only Black Blood dwarves can really travel unmolested, and even theiy will be sometimes bothered by orc commanders (although at high risk for these are precious Shadow minions).

Criminal connections: as the Shadow leaders have grown accustomed to strange pleasures and luxuries, some allow free passage to those (of dubious reputation) who bring “the Master’s pleasures”. Such can be:
-   Halfling drug dealer
-   High-level gambler
-   Master artisan (any craft that can interest a high-ranking Shadow minion)
-   Artist (a painter commissioned to paint the local leader’s portrait, a musician of some reputation, etc)
-   Personal assassin
-   Courtesan, prostitute, or pimp (“I recruit the best for the Master”).

Feel free to expand and add other ideas.



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