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Author Topic: splinter cell  (Read 2135 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: May 10, 2008, 02:48:20 PM »

I know, the title is cheesy, but I like it  mrgreen

Splinter Cell

An offshoot of the Avenging Knives, it started when the Sharuun cell leader turned away from the organization because he found it too inefficient.

This led to the slow motion from a resistance organization to an assassin’s guild.

The cell leader began by creating an “orphanage”, under the guise of a gladiator school, which justified “open” weapon training. Average students are “sold” to real gladiator “teams”, or to mercenary companies working for the Shadow (there is actually little difference between both), or even to become city guards. These students know nothing of the real organization, but are conditioned during their sleep (this is not magical conditioning, so it is not detectable by traditional means) to obey those who speak the “right” command words.

Finer students are also trained as warriors, but gain additional, secret training into all that is related to spying, thieving, murdering, doing the organization’s “dirty work”. These are the normal organization members. They typically steal secrets from orcs, legates, traitor princes or false sussars, or “threaten” them by showing them how easily they could be killed.

The organization gains assets (food, weapons, authorizations, etc) this way. Usually it stores them for its future “missions” but sometimes it feeds the underworld (the hidden hand, the Sharuun crime lords, perhaps even some resistance bands) with these precious items, for a steep price of course… and always with strings attached.

Only a handful of times did it really strike (ie, assassinate) Shadow leaders; it is a well-kept secret, because the Shadow does not want to show its vulnerability. The assassins were never found, which created some wild rumors in the legates’ ranks.

Executions were always public, and the audience was afterwards taken, interrogated, then executed by the Shadow leaders to avoid public knowledge.

The cell typically does not care the consequences, even for the innocents. They feel that not fighting the Shadow equals helping it.

Efforts have been made to make contact with Roland’s Raiders, Aradil’s Eyes or Sarcosan Freeriders, but their respect for innocent lives disgusted the cell leader as weakness. Without any allies and lacking an efficient strategy to truly hurt the Shadow, he instead turned to basic desperado guerilla, striking at any who displeases him.

The Assassins believe that their actions will be remarked by the Sorshef, who will take them in the stars when they die. In order to make sure the members “believe” this, the Master feeds them a drug, which grants them visions (they also become addicted to it). Knowing they are “kamikazes”, the Assassins are given every available luxury before they strike (fine wines, fine food, beautiful prostitutes, etc). If they were to die during their missions,  they are anointed with a very flammable oil on all the body, which will ignite by chemical reaction with a product they carry in a small flask tied around their neck (creating rumors of “spontaneous combustion”).

They are also given a fine mental training to resist interrogation by legates, whether alive or dead.

The members’ obedience is gained from early childhood, as they are treated with respect and love by those they call their only family (they are orphans after all). Most would gladly die for their “Father” (even though they are actually only tools).

Acting as “traveling gladiators” (such is usually their cover), and given all required travel permissions (see above), they can strike throughout all occupied Eredane.

The Master is considering threatening Shadow “elite” (false sussars) in order to force them to join the resistance: once the first act of resistance is done, they can’t turn back, for they know the Shadow is unforgiving.

Other cells have a faint idea of what is going on, but hesitate between copying this new methd or rejecting it and trying to destroy “heresy”.

Other resistance groups avoid any contact with the “splinter cell”, unless dire circumstances, in roder to gain emergency support (food, weapons, hiding place, escape). It is known that such services always come with strings attached: they can only be repaid by providing a “service” to the Organization.

Finally, a few of Aradil’s spies suspect that the cell leader actually works for the Devout, being “paid” to root out Cabalists and remove them when necessary.

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