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Author Topic: Blood(y) mirrors  (Read 1384 times)
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Disembodied Spirits

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« on: May 06, 2008, 12:44:11 PM »

Greetings fellow dungeon-masters, (and other readers)

first of all it's a pleasure to have a very nicely done site like this to support and help out with ideas and guidance. Thanks for this - it's honestly great.

Several events have lead to a (I believe) nice idea of mine -
first I'm in midst of a planning for next weekend's adventure - while my group mostly plays in the Forgotten Realms, I've a while ago already used Midnight for a special event - with a "little" divine intervention...
...but this time I'm really running a midnight adventure and I'm very much looking forward to it and keep my fingers crossed that at least 30% run as intended Wink.
Secondly there was a posting over at the friendly folks of Candlekeep (Forgotten Realms board) which reminded me of an old artifact.. A mirror of opposition.

Just for an explaination. The mirror of opposition creates duplicates of whoever looks into it (simplified).

Now my campaign will be about a blood mirror and it's destruction (that will be the first part), the combined forces have worked together very long to find the right moment, dwarves, elves and some human mercenaries are working together and will (probably) make it to the mirror - when they will face a challenge which they won't expect.
With Izrador caring strongly for the mirrors, I'll have most of them enspelled as mirrors of opposition. While I won't send the exact duplicates against my party, for that would surely lead to their immediate death - I will create perverted version of themselves - (which will be particularly funny for one of them, who is not what he seems to be). And try to have some showdown there... After all such a huge success should be earned with a lot of efford.

Maybe you feel like - "nice idea" - and want to use it yourself.
At least I had the feeling I wanted to share it, while the destruction itself will be hard enough, I think this is just the right defense an evil god would have up and running in these sites. As last line of defense.
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