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Author Topic: propaganda wars  (Read 2270 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: May 01, 2008, 07:09:30 PM »

How to keep control of occupied lands

The Shadow, for sure, rules Erenland with an iron grip. But, its resources are stretched thin by its preparations of war against the fey (elves and dwarves). As a consequence, when it would ordinarily crush the people who are forced to give it support, the more clever legates have instead chosen to “soften” the Shadow’s rule, only to prevent uprisings, and spare precious troops.

Two methods are thus mainly used, in some parts of Erenland (depending on the local legate’s will).

Propaganda: in remote villages, Shadow “couriers” bring news from the outside world, and also, more insidiously, spread the Shadow’s words into ignorant villagers. This is a cheap but effective way of controlling minds: convincing the local people that they are toiling for a good cause against the “cursed fey”, who, once destroyed, will give them a much-needed respite/ “It’s the fey or us, they were the ones who first attacked. As long as any one of them lives, we will never be sage! They are treacherous, vile, and use “magick” to poison our minds! They want our lands!”).
In cities, “townscriers” (the equivalent of newspapers) bring out news from the city and beyond, which is carefully mixed with Izrador’s propaganda. The legates make sure that the news given this way are reliable, as it makes propaganda all the more believable.

Panem et circenses: sometimes, just to avoid a revolt, legates find it easier to provide the people with one day or two of free games, entertainment…. And bread. This usually involves gladiatorial fights (typically opposing a starved dwarf or elf prisoner against skilled human or orc fighters), or more rarely music concerts or theater plays: those who act as “bards” are usually Voice of Shadow legates, or, more rarely, “controlled” or “trustworthy” artists.

Of course, the resistance has to fight also on such ideological ground, otherwise it could no longer recruit among Erenlanders, and would then deprive itself of much-needed support. Most people think that Izrador’s propaganda is “exaggerated”, but still they think it has a base of truth in it (that’s the goal of indoctrination, after all).  Some people have take the risky burden to spread the resistance’s voice in Erenland. Sometimes they act as skalds (mostly in remote Dorn communities), more often they create “newsrings”, spreading oral rumours, in a competition with the local townscrier. Since too few people still can read in the Last Age, small-scale newspapers or tracts are no longer an option.


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