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Author Topic: Stealth & Shadow: a book for roguish types  (Read 3417 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: August 10, 2006, 02:56:10 PM »

This is a simple table of contents of what could actually eb an interesting theme for a Midnight supplement... Feel free to expand!

Stealth & Shadow: a book for roguish types.


Chapter I: Surviving the Shadow: opportunists of the Last Age

1) smuggling operations (charms, medicine, magic items, weapons, poison, luxury items, etc.)
- gnomish smuggling rings: descriptions, recruitment, methods, prices. They are all directed from the Ghost Barge (“capital city” of the gnomes). Key NPC: the gnome Godfather (oracle/incarnation of the Watcher) who secretly pulls all the strings of very different gnome families
- the southern alliance & Landfall (cf article)

2) the surviving underworld:

- illicit deals: selling booze to orc troops, gambling, prostitution, drugs

- the black markets of Eredane: includes illicit slavemarkets, run by greedy traitor goblins + How to save a loved one from slavery with the right connections.

a system for bartering "favors" (including illicit ones)

- thugs & brigands in the countryside: from Robin Hood-style skirmishers to serial killers to Turin Turambar desperado types. Includes a PrC specialized in ambush attack and intimidation.

- hungry thieves in the cities (stealing food for the poors, blackmailing officials in order to protect their activities and sometimes the people, stealing important items to be sold to the most offering, either resistance or even the Shadow’s own agents who are responsible for the item…). In order to survive, such rare talented individuals have progressively formed loose organizations. Description of thieving rings in Sharuun, Alvedara, and major cities. PrCs include: beggar (gathering info/cutpurse focus), burglar (open locks, disarm traps, stealth focus), fence (usually crimeboss: the one who sells stolen goods to the most offering: focus on diplomacy, sense motive, appraisal, intimidation for blackmailing individuals, and disguise – this is the most risky of all businesses)

- pirates in the sea (Jaden’s pirates: corsairs or criminals? A mix of both rogues and fighters with special feats for sea-life and sea-combat; using dirty tactics because of the vast superior numbers of their opponents, it is logical that they use surprise as a key element, and thus can be considered rogues. This and the fact that sometimes they only attack cargoes just to get food and other stuff, which they sometimes sell through their gnome “connections” in order to gain contraband weapons and such vital items).

- South coast wreckers

- exploiters: charlatans, conmen. They live with their silver tongue, and lure people into making their lives easier. They could as well fight the Shadow as serve it (and maintain fear in the populace) . Some are used by the Shadow as its own “dark bards”, singing songs of despair to crush any hope for resistance, under the pretense of educating the people. Some others pretend to be healers and exploit the people’s despair to gain barter goods, then disappear. Some become rulers of faraway communities. Some others pretend to be charm-makers, and sell their customers to legates as willing apprentices to magic. And a few act as crooks and conmen against the Shadow’s own minions, pretending they are errant legates in special missions… This is a “silver tongue” PrC that focuses mainly on Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense motive skills.

Chapter 2: Traitors hiding from the Shadow

1) traitors:

- traitor princes. This PrC covers any Shadow “official” of any rank (for NPCs only) who play a subtle double game, prenteding to serve the Shadow while they secretly help the resistance (although this is no obligation). This PrC focuses mainly on non-detection of any type (scrying, magic, lies, alignment, etc.) and the ability to “pull rank”

- mercenaries. Sometimes the human regents cannot trust their orc troops and their legate councillors, and their human troops are too few to oppose the orcs in case of trouble. So it is notorious that some groups of past bandits are recruited for further muscle by the human princes. Of course, they only operate for a hefty price. Among their missions comes intelligence about the moves of legates and orc troops. This PrC focuses both on combat and spying missions.

2) orc deserters:

- pacifists. This secret organization gathers together the rare orcs who have no taste for battle. In order to flee their brethren, they are secretly recruited by like-minded individuals who direct them to a secret village hidden far from any city, back in the deserted southern coast, where few other orcs would dare chase them. They are secretly chaptered by a mystic kurasatch udareen who refused Izrador’s ban on arcane magic. This village is the place of a powerful nexus, which magic fuels a powerful glamour that hides the area. Some of these orcs are scouts (wildlanders), others are channelers. All enjoy their freedom and would kill to protect it. They sell their services to pass as guards or escorts in order to allow escapes from important prisoners, resistance members or simply slaves. Although not a PrC per se, these members focus on Bluff and Intimidation. In return, this strange “tribe” benefits from gifts by grateful human or halfling communities.

- organized crime. In every occupying army, some illicit deals are performed by some soldiers who see the opportunity to become richer. The orc armies are no exception. There are several criminal rings, which can sell the troopers anything they want: alcohol, drugs, prostitutes (or even halfling slaves), illegal weapons, magic items, help in cheating in a duel against a superior orc. These crimebosses are more feared than many orc commanders by those who know. Although helping the resistance is unheard of, if given the opportunity and if it proved valuable, they would certainly do it (and sell the resistance after). Description of criminal rings in several garrisons.

- white mother sect (cf article)

Chapter 3: Against the Shadow: the resistance organizations of Eredane

- the Chandrahaal (cf article)

- the Channeler’s League (cf article)

- the Paladins reborn (cf article)

- the Protectors (cf article)

- the Avenging Knives (cf article)

- Scales of Mortality (cf article)

- spies in their midst: of how crime organizations help the resistance in order to gain support, and how they are used as base of operations/intelligence gathering for resistance agents, but could suddenly switch sides if they see opportunity and profit.

- sabotage: the halfling resistance movement, made of unremarkable halfling slaves, who manage to poison troops, sabotage important installations, foil war plans, etc. This PrC (Bland slave) focuses on the art of looking like you’re part of the furniture to perform sabotage actions. These agents are skilled in playing the role of a halfling slave, which gives them access to otherwise secure parts of inaccessible places. Focus: disguise, bluff, diplomacy, sense motive, stealth.

Chapter 4: Against the Traitors

1) investigators of Shadow: trained detectives and/or legates, who tirelessly track down both criminals, resistance agents and fey people in hiding. Human militia in occupied countries, who care only for maintaining order and do not see they are serving evil masters. Includes 2 PrCs: Investigator legate (focuses on divination spells) and Detective (focuses on Investigation, information gathering and such useful skills)

2) bounty hunters. Sometimes resistants are too hard to catch for the Shadow’s troops, and many valuable minions cannot be wasted because they are to be used elsewhere. To get rid of those nuisances, some enterprising legates sometimes call upon the services of a few skilled individuals who are offered “mercy for their many sins against the Shadow” (read: rewards) in exchange for the heads of important resistance members. This PrC focuses on tracking, intelligence gathering and combat


- tools of the trade
- magic items
- key npcs
- spells for roguish types with the Magecraft feat
- things to steal or info to be spied: secrets of the Shadow

"Il n'est pas besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre ni de réussir pour persévérer" - Devise de la famille d'Orange
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