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Author Topic: Aradil's eyes  (Read 1857 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: August 10, 2006, 12:13:44 PM »

Aradil's Eyes ( By Wil Upchurch)


Ever since her ascension to the throne of Erethor, Aradil the Witch Queen has employed agents and spies to keep track of events across Eredane and keep her informed of potential threats to the elven kingdom. It was this vigilance that warned her of the Shadow's coming and has helped the elves repel Izrador's invasion three times in the past thousand years.
Just before the second war against Izrador the fledgling group that would one day become the Elei Aradil was created to facilitate the flow of information between the different keeps that comprised the Fortress Wall. Its agents move across the Northlands from the icy forests of the Veradeen to the snowbound peaks of the Icewall Mountains. These elves were trained to move stealthily across the frontier, blending in to the local population and carrying information back to the queen.
In the Third Age this organization, now bearing the name it carries today, expanded its activities to the south, no longer interested in the remains of the once mighty defensive barrier. It began patrolling the cities on the edge of the Sea of Pelluria as well as the Eren River Valley. Eventually its agents were known, by one of many assumed identities, throughout Eredane, and the information flowed back to Aradil in good order.

With the fall of the Shadow, however, the Witch Queen's need for information became too great to rely on conventional messengers. She needed a way for her loyal and trusted servants to send her information as they received it, so she crafted the ritual that grants agents of the Elei Aradil their important abilities. Each member undergoes this ritual so that he may stay in the field indefinitely and still transmit information to the Arbor. The agent's ability to blend in with the surrounding culture makes it very difficult for the agents of the Night Kings to track down these spies, even though they are all too aware of their existence.


The agents known as Aradil's eyes are spread out across Eredane. Every large city has at least one agent, and many of them have multiple agents assigned to different quarters or to monitor different activities within the city's walls. In more rural areas and smaller towns, each agent is given a region that he must observe. This entails much more movement on the part of the agent, and such duties often fall to higher level agents who can easily take many disguises.

The telepathic abilities of the agents abrogate the need for any type of command structure in the field-they simply report back daily to the Arbor, where the Master Spies filter all the information. The agents are kept track of as best as can be, however, so that an agent in need can rely on getting help quickly when he or his mission is in danger. The Master Spies keep track of each agent and ensure that their assignments do not concentrate them too heavily in any part of the continent. This is a big job and it grows larger with each passing day.

High-level agents, known as Master Spies, are mostly assigned to remain near the heart of Erethor where they can relay information quickly to Aradil. They have open access to the Arbor, and the Witch Queen is willing to interrupt nearly any activity to listen to an urgent report. Without the advance warnings and logistical information provided by her agents, Aradil would not have been able to hold out against the forces of the Night Kings for so long.


Master Spy Alalin Coreth

Alalin Coreth was nearly 200 years old when the Night Kings led their armies from the Northlands to the Kasmael Sea. He was a senior member of the Elei Aradil, assigned to the city of Cambrial, although the other leaders considered him too erratic to be useful. This all changed with the invasion.

As Jahzir marched on Cambrial it became clear that its citizens would not go down without a fight. Alalin decided to stay in the city to gather information during the fight, and what he saw haunts him to this day. Jahzir's oruk generals slaughtered the people of Cambrial, even after its defenders had fallen. Women and children were herded into homes which where then burned to the ground. The screams of Cambrial's citizens as they died can still be heard on some nights, and Alalin bore witness to it all.

When he returned to the heart of Erethor with the news for his people, all who knew him could sense a change. He asked to be allowed to stay, and in return for his bravery in the face of danger, he was promoted to the rank of Master Spy and was the first to undergo the ritual that linked him to agents in the field. Alalin still resides in the heart of Caradul, tending to his duties as a Master Spy and trying to purge his dreams of the images of the sacking of Cambrial.

Araladh Berenth

This young Danisil member of the Elei Aradil has achieved the rank of Spy at a younger age than any in elf in history. Some say that this is due to his remarkable talent for extracting sensitive information from even the most difficult quarters of Sharuun. Others attribute it to the fact that the organization is losing ground, and fast, to the forces of the Night Kings, who are beginning to root them out with increasing speed and efficiency. Whatever the reason for his quick ascension, there is no denying the talent of this young elf, who secretly longs to return to his jungle home.
Araladh can most often be found plying his cover trade as an Erenlander blacksmith by the name of Augus Delai. Augus has made himself useful to the occupying armies by providing a number of services free of charge to the orcs and humans of the Night King's army. He is able to walk among them with impunity, which also serves to hide him from any legates that may be snooping around the city. Whenever he feels like a legate may be getting to close to him, he simply spends a few days doing "on site repairs" inside the army's garrison-a place most legates will only hesitantly enter.
Augus is known as a horse enthusiast, which allows him a certain freedom to ride about the outskirts of the city on his white steed, Aramis. He rarely abuses this privilege to carry out his duties as a member of the Elei Aradil because he knows that he is being watched carefully while out on these excursions. Instead he feigns a congenital illness that forces him to retreat each evening for an early rest. Araladh is an incredibly valuable member of the Elei Aradil and its leaders will do almost anything to ensure his safety so that he may continue gathering information from the heart of the beast.

In Your Campaign

The Elei Aradil is an excellent organization for a PC, although traveling with others can make it difficult to maintain a cover identity. Since most of the PCs are outlaws, however, the character should only need to assume his cover identity when going into a city or dealing with hostile, but non-threatening, troops. This can help a group tremendously as it gives them a contact within several towns over a wide area, one that also helps them in other aspects of their adventures.
As NPCs, the spies of the Elei Aradil can be used to deliver adventure hooks to the PCs and to help move stories along. They can become regular contacts for the PCs, and may even show up to give them succor in a time of great need. It is incredibly difficult for the PCs to identify an agent that they meet, so such revelations are most often at the behest of the agent or the organization itself. PCs who prove themselves to be allies of the elves or who have committed an act on behalf of Erethor will draw the attention of the Elei Aradil, even if they do not make themselves immediately apparent. Agents will not usually go out of their way to track or watch the PCs, but if they come into their territory they will report back anything they find to the master spies in the Great Forest.

"Il n'est pas besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre ni de réussir pour persévérer" - Devise de la famille d'Orange
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