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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Hawkeyed


The tale of the archer that killed an Orcish warlord standing in the middle of an orc army; the scout that can see that "Gortha" is the legate that leads the enemy war party a mile away. These are all the whispered tales referring to a hero who fights the Shadow using the gift of his tremendous eyesight. None can compete with them in archery, and their hand eye coordination can reach such levels as to be able to deflect enemy projectiles just before they would hit a friend. Tales of hawkeyed elves have been known to bring paralyzing fear to some of the most hardened Orc veterans.

1. Nightvision
2. Farsight
3. Eyes of the Hawk +2
4. Assassins Aim 1/day
5. Extended Point Plank +10ft
6. Defensive archery 1/round
7. Extra ranged bonus (+1)
8. Assassins Aim 2/day
9. Eyes of the Hawk +4
10. Extended Point Plank +20ft
11. Defensive Archery 2/round
12. Assassins Aim 3/day
13. Extra ranged bonus (+2)
14. Eyes of the Hawk +6
15. Extended Point Plank +30ft
16. Assassins Aim 4/day
17. Extra ranged bonus (+3)
18. Defensive Archery 3/round
19. Eyes of the Hawk +8
20. Sight of legends

The Hawkeyed gains low-light vision, if the Character already has low-light vision the distance he can see in poor lighting conditions is increased to three times that of normal sight.
At second level the Hawkeyed can see twice as far as he should normally see. Also any penalties from range are reduced by two for every 5 levels, so at fifth level they would be reduced by 2 and tenth they would be reduced by 4. This reduction applies to both ranged combat and penalties to spot checks that have to do with distance.
Eyes of the Hawk:
At third level the Hawkeyed gains +2 to spot and +2 to search checks. These bonuses become +4 spot, search at ninth level; the same type of increases again occur at 14th and 19th level.
Assassins Aim:
This ability is used as a full round action. When the Hawkeyed is hidden and/or the target is denied his dex bonus (if any) to his AC then the Hawkeyed performs a single ranged attack with his full bonus. This strike is automatically treated as if it was a critical hit. The Hawkeyed must still roll to see if he actually hits his mark though but he has a +3 insight attack bonus. The Hawkeyed can use this ability once per day at 4th level and an additional times every 4 level thereafter until 16th level (8th, 12th 16th), the attack bonus increases accordingly, +6 at 8th, +9 at 12th and +12 at 16th.
Extended point blank:
At 5th level the point blank range of the Hawkeyed is increased by 10ft, it is again increased at 10th level and then at 15th, making her final point blank range 60ft. This increases the range that a sneak attack with a ranged weapon can occur as well, and also the range of any other range-dependent traits, such as Master Hunter.
Defensive archery: If the Hawkeyed has a ranged weapon in his hands and is not flat footed, then this ability is in effect if he so wishes. For that turn he may attempt to deflect with his projectile any arrow, bolt or any other small projectile, he cannot deflect projectiles of the same size category as him or larger, for example a human cannot deflect boulders, or magical ones like a flaming arrow produced from the spell. He makes an attack roll with his highest attack bonus with a DC of the opponents attack roll plus 5. If he succeeds the Hawkeyed has deflected the attack and sends it out of harms way. This maneuver destroys both projectiles. The Hawkeyed may deflect one projectile per round at level 6, two at level 11 and three at level 18.
Extra ranged bonus:
The Hawkeyed gains an extra competence attack bonus when attacking with a ranged weapon. This bonus is equal to +1 at 7th level, +2 at 13th level and finally +3 at 17th level.
Sight of legends:
At twentieth level the Hawkeyed can see four times as far as a normal character of his race could normally see, also increasing his low-light vision appropriately.

Author: Brighteyes

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