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Against the Shadow  |  Places on Aryth

18 Jul 2007 - Glen of Norana

Named after the fey Elder who, millennia ago, had tamed the raw energy of this place of primordial power, bent it to her will and made it usable to all the Fey. Around the glen, the forest is dense enough that movement is slowed and visibility extremely limited. Some hundred yards deeper is the preternaturally still pond in the center of the Glen, with waters so pure that those who carry not the Fey gift of sorcery would be burned by the power of the magic that permeated it should they touch it.

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Draumador (Silver Vein)
The general overview of Draumador, The Stone of the Draumar in the dwarven tongue, originally created to be used as Silver Vein in the Crown of Shadow campaign this may also be used as a stand alone city. This piece features a plot on a lost relic, details on the loregivers of the city and a city overview, featuring a small but captivating floor by floor description. Additionally the ruler and of the city and his wife are detailed, showing the multitude of the city and how it presents different opportunities for roleplaying and story.

Authors: Nifelhein, Dirigible, Kane and PrinceIain.

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The Dwarven Holdfast of Zurkir
This piece depicts a dwarven holdfast and how it fell to ruins when eaten by earth and stone, in what remains of Zurkir those responsible for its fall lie in eternal slumber. Time brought new denizens and with them, new dangers await those foolish or brave enough to enter the ruins of this once proud holdfast. Author: Nifelhein.

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Temple of the Windy Valley
A unique scenario compelte with map and modifiers, ready to be used as a skirmish site. Author: Pheros

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Yggdra, Dornish village
    Yggdra is a Dornish village, halfway between Bastion and the Fortress Wall. The tree stump in the center of the village was once so large that twenty full grown men could link hands and not make a circle around it. The tree was a holy site, worshipped with the a scarecrow representing the Hanged God in the winter festival, and blood smeared on its roots. Autumn meant the great dance with half of the town making hammers out of corn shucks and old pillowcases in order to playfully beat the other half of the town, dressed as the trickster, around the tree for a beating. This beating would make the gods laugh and ensure good harvest.

A community work with authors for individual parts this features the following locations: Rain Bridge, Troll Cemetary, Hel Orchards, Nine Wells , Wolf Pack Pond, Legate's Manor, Shadow Chapel.

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The Village of Cotrea

A whole village detailed with laws, orc troops, herbs around the area and rumours, fully usable in your midnight game.

Author: Gredavin.

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Elven Sanctuaries
A new location type that the elves jealously guard and hide from all other races, the elven sanctuaries are the last remnants of a lost age of faery that even the elves barely remember. Author:smeagol.

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The Continent of Pelluria
This community project produced a detailed overview of the mysterious continent of Pelluria, covering History, Geography and Human Kingdoms as well, if you plan to add new layers to your Midnight game, then this might give you either ideas to use or a whole new continent to use!

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Midnight 2nd Edition Gazetteer
A comprehensive but not exhaustive list of places featured in a variety of Midnight products.

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