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Against the Shadow  |  NPCs


A highland imp (wildander 6) with a curious personality and uncommon traits for his race, courageous and careful. Author: Nifelhein

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Loreley is a tall, thin sea elf, as lithe as she is beautiful and the captain of the ship "Sea Hawk". Her Shadow-May-Care attitude and ability to endure conditions that drove others in her crew below decks has earned her the nickname "Sea Queen", though behind her back some of her crew refer to her as the "Ice Queen" in hushed whispers. This article details Loreley and the Sea Hawk, with significant crew members and daily life at the ship. It does not include statistics. Author: Joe "Pheros" Masiero.

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No one askes to be an outcast. No one askes to be a misfit, a horror. I certainly didn't. I couldn't help that my father raped my mother. I also couldn't help that my mother was a dwarf, and my father an orc. I didn't ask to be a Dworg. But that is what I am. As a child, I had my share of rough times. The other children, and even the adults of my clan beat me, attacked me contantly. The horrid scars on my face were more than enough proof of this. I didn't even wait to be exiled, I left willingly. Just vanished one day. I had no doubts my mother was more happy than sad. She never loved me. She was the reason half of my teeth are gone. A new NPC used to give a background for the Blodletter heroic path, this piece gives DMs a character with personality and story to use, but no stats to match. Author: Pheros

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Teliir & Drithil
Both of them lost their parents in the latest war, the war that the Shadow won. Some called it the Final War. The last stand against evil, where good had lost, and been driven from the field of battle. But it was not the last war. Not so long as their tower stood. Not so long as Teliir and Drithil stood, side by side, to fend off the Shadow with force of steel. They would hold, and because they held, Veradeen would hold; and maybe, just maybe, they would live to see the real 'Final War.' The one where Aradil smites Izrador, and the world is returned to the way it was, before the spread of the darkness. But before that war could happen, Teliir has Artiraxes to hunt. Two elven NPCs with stats and background for use in your game. Author: Joe Masiero "Pheros".

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