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Against the Shadow  |  Prestige Classes


In a land ruled by occupying forces, the ability to move around without attracting notice from the enemy can mean the difference between life and death for a trader, spy, or resistance organizer. The wanderer has an incredible insight into remaining out of sight, and an uncanny sense for answering questions before they're asked or leaving town just before the orcs come knocking. Wanderers call the road their home, but usually remain inside one Shadow district that they know well, and have learned how to work the system in. Author: Joe "Pheros" Masiero.

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The Narandralud
According to the laws and myths of the Odrendor, those priestesses who find favour with their Dark God are taken as His spiritual brides, becoming the kurasatch udareen, the Mother-wives. While they claim that all the children they bear are the progeny of Izrador himself, the truth is that the priestesses mate with carefully selected male warriors, champions and warchiefs. In the last forty years, just two generations of orcs, a new phenomena has arrisen; the cult of the narand udareen, roughly, 'the husbands of the wives'. This group, called more commonly the Narandralud (Husband-Guards), is a band of male orc warriors of exceptional skill, who become bound to priestesses as life-long mates and guardians.

Author: Dirigible.

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