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Against the Shadow  |  Articles

The Soul of a Dorn

A hardy people bereft of gods, the Dorns have crafted for themselves a rich and complex cosmogony, a spirituality based on the perseverance of the self over adversity, the adherence to the lessons of legendary ancestors and their deeds, and the exalting of historical figures into mythic heroes who embody specific ideals. However downtrodden and embittered, scattered groups still cling to these old ways and as such, they may yet continue on.

Author: Lumiskuri.

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Dying Embers
    The late Third Age offers the players the chance to influence key events and adventure in a land under the looming Shadow in the north. Old alliances have broken down, the Fortress Wall is crumbling, and the Shadow’s agents are spreading through the land. Civilization still stands but for how long? Battle rages in the Veradeen, under the Icewalls, and in the more or less constant raids in northern Erenland. Political intrigue is rife, fracturing the court of the High King, as clans and noble families jockey for position and seek true friends and allies to stand with them in the days ahead. Ardherin remains the champion of Erethor and Jahzir is a rising military leader in the south. Can the players help strengthen the alliance between the free peoples so they can stand at least one more time against the darkness?

Author: Kane

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Permissions for Travel
A small essay on how travelling permissions are treated by the shadow across Eredane and some ideas that can be used as ways of bypasing the restriction at great personal risk. Author: smeagol.

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Of slavery in Erenland
An article debating the details of enslavement in Eredadane, by smeagol.

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The Orc Schism
A small piece on how the orcs born in the less harsh and somewhat under control regions of Eredane and their savage ancestors or northern cousins are starting to fight against one another, a nice inside view of how leaving the Northern Marches has affected teh orcs. Author: smeagol.

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Midnight Forge
A Midnight - Dawnforge Crossover

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The Sorshef and the Sahi Priests: an Outlook on Sarcosan Religion
This article is an attempt to present what were the sahi priests like at the time of their activity, and what they would likely have become during the Last Age. It also introduces new concepts as to the nature of the Sorshef. Author: smeagol.

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Attitude of the Shadow Towards Crime
A brief essay on how the Shadow aboards criminal acts commited under its reign. by smeagol.

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