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 on: April 08, 2020, 01:05:35 PM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Fabian
Thanks for the prompt response.

Here are some additional thoughts:

Languages (and literacy) could be an RP issue and allow PCs to learn them per guidelines you mentioned as long as a teacher is available.

Talking about spellcasting made me question whether the 3.5 channeler is balanced with other classes. Is a channeler with limited spell energy balanced vs a defender or wildlander who could literally dish out damage all day long? I'm not sure that is true without the channeler having spammable cantrips that scale in power like a 5e cantrip.  And I know 5e did a really great job in balancing classes...

So assuming we need 5e cantrips, I still think we would need just one spellcasting class (the channeler) with three different flavors: spiritual (druid), charismatic (bard), and hermetic (wizard). I think we would need to start with a full-casting class and then add flavor features but these flavor features need to be applied much more frequently that regular archetypes. Maybe even maintain spell lists to keep the differences although I know that any type of channeler is supposed to be able to cast just about any spell in Midnight.

I don't know. The more I think about it the more I am leaning to just keeping the 5e classes of bard, druid, and wizard with all its mechanics in place.

So classes available would be: barbarian, bard, druid, fighter, defender, wildlander, rogue, and wizard.

Just thinking out loud here.


 on: April 08, 2020, 10:41:05 AM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Deedlesndeedles
Alright then, you asked for it or are allowing it. Smiley

Let's start with races:

You've allowed all races to be literate (read/write) languages; was that an oversight or done on purpose?
On the same vein, you wrote a language section on the options file. Is there any game mechanics associated with this?  Was it changed from Second Edition Midnight?

I like the optional feat you added for humans (dorn blooded, etc.). I'm thinking of giving those for 'free' to humans and giving a free feat to other races for balancing them out. I know that would make PCs more powerful but I can adjust challenges accordingly. Thoughts?

I'll look at classes next and post my thoughts on another post.


I'm glad you're enjoying this so far and I've been itching for some Midnight / non work related intellectual simulation. So I appreciate the discussion.

Languages: I left everyone literate because that's 5e mindset (trying to keep the rules/mechanics similar to 5e). I am all for illiteracy especially in midnight. So by all means make them illiterate and require them to spend months learning to read and write. I have considered a section for alternate rules that change the mechanics that were specific to 2nd edition but thought I'd start with the basics first.

I believe 5e says it takes about 250 days of practice to fully learn a new language, so based on my experience a pigeon proficiency would take about 50 days, basic 150 days and "fluent" the full 250 even though it would be obvious it's not your native language. If you're already familiar with a script/any other forms of writing/reading it is reasonable to learn it along side a new language. If it's an unfamiliar script or just never been literate, it may be a separate task to learn.

Races: midnight made each race more powerful, I simplified them to 5e standards for sake of balance and to remain constant with 5e methodology. That being said I'm not opposed to the concept of more powerful races and so am extra feat would probably mimic the power level of midnight races vs 5e races.

Spellcasting: I see the confusion. Yes, I never made a formal spell casting section as of yet. I think the feats and classes spell out the general idea though. Very defining to midnight is decreased magic, so that is one major exception built in (since they can always revert to default magic rules) Cantrips are free, subject to DM approval for each cantrip. Being noticed is definitely the main issue with them but unlimited cantrips hasn't upset any games I've been in (mostly with pathfinder rules).
 Yes, proficiency let's you use that school of magic (unless a specific spell is granted by other abilities). I believe the schools arent specified if split for conjuration and evocation, but they probably should to fit the theme. Spell lists are the same as the base 5e class, subject to DM approval, and travel magic not existing (I believe that was a thing in midnight)
Proficiency definitely needs more explaining and now I see the need to actually create the spellcasting chapter. Yes, I believe each proficiency granted a spell energy similar to midnight.

Classes: yes, feel free to disallow any archetypes/classes you don't like. I kept the warlock as a type of spirit channeller who channels one particular powerful spirit just to keep various options for spell casters.
Druids, great question, it is in accordance with the cleric features. The levels listed in the ability description are a typo left over from the Druid ability

Feel free to critique and ask any questions you'd like. It's helpful!

 on: April 08, 2020, 09:58:33 AM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Fabian
Here are a few more questions:

Youíve modified the Midnight spellcasting system as far as I can tell. The modified system uses spell energy and you use one spell energy point per level of spell cast.

Are cantrips still free (i.e., no spell energy points necessary)? Iím assuming yes but wanted your confirmation. If thatís the case then this does change the feel of magic in the game where slinging spells was not done because of limited spell energy and also fear of discovery.

Does Ďproficiency with one school of magicí just allow you to cast spells from that school? Are the schools of magic the same as those in Midnight (i.e, lesser and greater evocation)? Are you using spell lists from 5e?

The spellcasting feat says, ďYou gain proficiency with any two schools of magic of your choice (see Spellcasting), and an extra point of spell energy beyond what proficiency will grant you.Ē Does proficiency grant you spell energy?

I have some minor issues about class options. For example, I donít like the Ďinitiateí style for the defender but I can just say that it isnít available in my games. Easy to fix.

Iím also doubting the inclusion of warlocks in the game. But again, easy fix.

The druid circle is said to grant you features at levels 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 14th levels but this is based on the cleric domains which grant you features at levels 1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 17th. Which is it?

Again, please don't take this as a challenge to your conversion. I am only trying to figure out whether your conversion will retain the feel of the game, which is something highly subjective in any case. Smiley

Thanks for your work.

 on: April 08, 2020, 08:10:14 AM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Fabian
Alright then, you asked for it or are allowing it. Smiley

Let's start with races:

You've allowed all races to be literate (read/write) languages; was that an oversight or done on purpose?
On the same vein, you wrote a language section on the options file. Is there any game mechanics associated with this?  Was it changed from Second Edition Midnight?

I like the optional feat you added for humans (dorn blooded, etc.). I'm thinking of giving those for 'free' to humans and giving a free feat to other races for balancing them out. I know that would make PCs more powerful but I can adjust challenges accordingly. Thoughts?

I'll look at classes next and post my thoughts on another post.


 on: April 08, 2020, 04:46:25 AM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Deedlesndeedles
Iím open to it I just canít guarantee a response right away. It may take a day or two.

 on: April 07, 2020, 08:38:36 PM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Fabian

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Are you open to questions on your conversion methodology or is this project over and you don't care to spend any more time on it?

I'm asking because I do have some questions, but I don't want to bother you if you have 'moved on'.

Just let me know.

Thanks again.

 on: April 07, 2020, 06:19:31 PM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Deedlesndeedles
Yes I recently just looked at the options and it seems I never cleaned up the file. The extra pages where the repeat info can be ignored. There isnít any missing info from that at least currently. The spellcasting section should refer to the chapter in the 5e players handbook. There were a few spells in midnight that might be worth converting but I never got that far before it had to pause this project

 on: April 07, 2020, 12:18:32 PM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by Fabian
Hey Deedlesndeedles,

I'm thinking of starting a Midnight PBP and wasn't quite sure what system to use.

I am very interested in your 5e conversion.

I have a couple of questions:

a) throughout the document (specially classes), there is mention of a section called "Spellcasting"; is that a separate section? If so, where is it?
b) I think there may be something wrong with the file 'Options' since it doesn't follow the established numbering system of the other files and also seems to have repeated information towards the end (repeats info from classes).

Thanks again for your hard work.

Game on!

 on: March 03, 2020, 08:07:28 PM 
Started by TravelingStoryteller - Last post by kreegan
That looks great, Deedlesndeedles! Wonderful job!

 on: February 05, 2020, 04:00:03 PM 
Started by Chaotix - Last post by Chaotix
(Thank you, Siona! Smiley )

Deirik, Eirik, and Ygvard decide it's time for them to head home and see their family. They'll deal with the Shadow training werewolves another day.

Before they leave, they meet up with an Erenlander named Cedric (new PC from Boldulf's player) who is connected to the Baden's Bluff resistance. Cedric's handler in the resistance, Sir Trystan, has told him he should accompany the Men and integrate himself with their tribe. The Men have become a powerful force against the shadow, and the Badens want to maintain a relationship with them. The Men agree this sounds beneficial to both sides and welcome Cedric to their team.  Additionally, Cedric has a bone to pick with Torvald the Betrayer, which ingratiates him even more.

With that, the Men (including Cedric) along with Lyra, baby Yakob, and Natiri head North to Rulla to meet back up with their family. They cautiously approach Rulla, and learn that there is a contingent of orcs living within the town to help maintain a patrol - even though it's within Lord Krogan's territory it is still a border town with Torvald the Betrayer, so that makes sense. The Men wouldn't be surprised if these orcs are also here to keep an eye on their family and keep them within Krogan's grasp.

The four of them sneak into town to Winter there, making sure very few know of their presence. It's good to spend time with Lyra and baby Yakob, and Eirik and Natiri take the opportunity to get married! They have a ceremony that honors both the Northern ancestors as well as the Southern gods in the stars above.

While the Men believe Rulla is a good enough place, they'd prefer to find a better place for their family. One that's out of reach of both Krogan and Torvald. They take off to search for this "better place". Cedric mentions a town he spent some time in a few years back, one he refers to as Cedreville, which was just off the Fa'rantha River, a tributary of the Be'neeya. While it was in ruins back when he was there, it did save his life in the harsh Northern winter he spent in the area.

The Men go to this "Cedreville" only to find there are a few families already living there now. The elder of this group is named Jerome, and he welcomes the men to a place he calls "Valhalla", after his late wife Valha, and indicates it is unruled by the shadow. The Men know this territory is still Lord Krogan's, but it appears Krogan and his forces have not yet discovered this town and its inhabitants. This sounds perfect! The Men work it out with Jerome to bring their family here, and he appreciates them not just taking over but allying with him. With that, the Men start working on the nearby ruins and buildings to bring this town to a level that could accommodate the 150+ remaining family they wish to relocate.

While they're renovating, the men fall into a sinkhole under one of the houses in town and clear out a nest of giant wasps before discovering the nest leads to a gigantic cave complex underneath the town and behind the waterfall. This reminds them of the Cave of Mjarn, only this complex is much bigger and was apparently used as a smugglers hideout in the past based on the remnants of supplies and storage they found - along with the skeleton of what appears to be an elf deep within the caves. Perhaps it was elven smugglers? Either way, a cave complex beneath a hidden town? This place just got even better!

The Men kill the orcs in Rulla and try to frame it as if they were attacked by another troupe from Torvald's territory, then move their family to Valhalla just in time for Natiri to give birth to her and Eirik's daughter, Rhiann (named after Eirik's beloved grandmother and sister). Along the way, they also meet up with a group of Dornish nomads, led by a man named Rainn, they convince would be better off living in Valhalla as well. While the native Valhallans (Jerome's people), the nomads (Rainn's people), and the Mjarn Clan have some internal strife and struggles learning to live together, it's nothing the Men cannot handle.

Now that they're more established (read: "older") in their lives, the Men believe their time may be best spent not only building up Valhalla for their family, but also teaching the next generation everything they've learned to be as effective as the Men have been at enacting a positive-ish impact on their own lives and those of the family. Even Cedric gets in on it and mentors a group as well.

(GM Note: This means each PC takes on a group of 4 young members of their new town and mentors them to make four new groups of 4 PCs, ex: Ygvard will teach 4 new characters who show some aptitude for magic that the 4 original players create and play - yes, doing the math that means there will be a total of 20 PCs played by our 4 players. The idea being to keep things fresh, better define the world/NPCs, and give the players a sense of the world being bigger than their original characters. However, they will still have their original characters available to them as those quest lines advance)

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