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May 18, 2021, 09:45:48 AM

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 on: May 11, 2021, 12:44:34 AM 
Started by Fenris - Last post by Luiniel Blades
I agree that a lot of the artworks are pretty bland and don't really capture the brutal, despairing, and desperate aspects of the setting... Except maybe for the Sarcosan which seems to capture the feel of Midnight.

I particularly dislike the Orc female they show because it displays a very generic fantasy Fighter archetype, when Orc females are supposed to be symbols of power within the orcish clan society.

I think it is perhaps lost in translation that the Midnight setting is one where the Evil God Izrador won the big war and the free lands are enslaved and the world has been being crushed under his servant's rule for 100 years.

 on: May 09, 2021, 11:06:29 PM 
Started by Barghus - Last post by Luiniel Blades
Hey, no problem on slow response. I only sporadically hop on to check on things nowadays anyway.
What Chaotix said is a good point though, and I guess I didn't specifically call out the waves of lower level enemies. But yeah, 2nd or 3rd level enemies by the dozens. 4th or 5th level enemies are going to be mostly enemy command units or making up specialized tactics and kill squads. Anyone higher level probably has a name but at the level your PCs are at, even a lot of those people probably won't make it past round 3 of a combat.

But I suppose the idea to take away is that if the PCs are caught, think of using a bunch of these lower level enemies not as individual units but more of a story encounter.
Why are there 50 or so orcs/goblins/mercenaries making camp in this area? Do they have a train of prisoners with them? Is one of the prisoners someone they PC's know from a distant town or maybe an ally they met some time ago? Why are they here and what will the heroes do now?
The party's rogue/wildlander goes scouting ahead because they heard something and find 15 orcs and 5 irregularly dressed and equipped people who seem to radiate an aura of danger.

 on: May 09, 2021, 09:40:17 PM 
Started by Phantagor - Last post by Luiniel Blades
The Elves are simply a race of people trying to survive in the world that is Midnight. Or Eredane. They are also the only race which still has a "frontline" in the war against the Shadow. But it is openly declared in Legends of Shadow that the Witch Queen, Aradil, works primarily for the benefit of her people now. While she wishes she could be more altruistice, she is currently in the business of utilizing all others to help with that goal.

Izrador is noted as quite literally THE GOD OF EVIL. Not just an Evil God.

It is the rumor being told by Izrador's Legates that the Fay races of Elves and Dwarves are the "bad guys" who perpetuate the ongoing war which makes everyone's lives worse.

The Dharguul are certainly one of the more interesting, alien-minded, bad things to have the party run across. They certainly tend to have their own agenda but would probably "side" with whoever gives them a better deal. The fact that the Legates have an entire division bent toward hunting down unsanctioned magic users and it is by law illegal to use any kind of magic openly would probably put them more in line with siding with the elves before the forces of Shadow.

 on: April 24, 2021, 08:08:45 AM 
Started by Fenris - Last post by Dain
First teaser that makes me really happy ^^

 on: April 21, 2021, 05:27:10 PM 
Started by Barghus - Last post by larrybiscuit
Google drive/mega it and post it here?

 on: April 17, 2021, 02:55:45 PM 
Started by Fenris - Last post by Dain
To speak my mind, none of the artworks I’ve seen so far are making me happy. There are nicely done, but bland. No real personality, not gritty enough, not enough dust, blood and despair. This is not Midnight, this is just another 5ed D&D book…
Hope I’ll change my mind when we have the real book in our hands…

 on: April 13, 2021, 03:39:15 PM 
Started by Fenris - Last post by Dirigible
The human race preview mentioned 'Heroic Path feats', which suggests to me they'll be a bundle of abilities at 1st level rather than drip-fed every level. It remains to be seen whether you automatically get extra Heroic Path feats/abilities at higher levels or have to spend an ASI/Feat slot on them as a balancing mechanism.

I have to say, the only piece of art that hasn't done it for me so far is the orc: https://twitter.com/edge_english/status/1351613323528253443

It's a great pic in and of itself. I like the pointed ears, emphasising fey ancestry, but the fact she's green, gracile and female rather than grey, chunky, bestial and male suggests they might be swinging away from the original depiction of MN orcs towards something more playable by default.

 on: April 13, 2021, 03:00:17 PM 
Started by Fenris - Last post by TwiceBorn
I was happy to see in a recent preview (on Edge's Facebook page) that they're keeping the concept of heroic paths for the 5e version. I look forward to seeing how those turn out.

 on: April 13, 2021, 02:04:00 PM 
Started by Fenris - Last post by Dain
Nice to see you back here,

We got some more sketches as teasers but nothing huge so far
I wish they’d show us their version of Eredane, or the night kings...

 on: April 13, 2021, 01:54:46 PM 
Started by Fenris - Last post by Dirigible
I can't believe I missed this news for so long. Very exciting to see renewed interest and new material for such a great setting. I can thrown my 10% done attempts at a Midnight 5e conversion in the garbage now.

Great to see so many familiar old names and faces avatars!

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