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Author Topic: About the cosmology....  (Read 1423 times)
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who spoke about cooking?

« on: September 28, 2007, 07:48:46 AM »

It is a thing I already integrated in my midnight world that I wanted to share with everyone...

I had the tome of magic in hand and I discovered the Shadow magic in it! It explained the origins of the shadows... and i immediately saw the parralel with midnight....I explain why:

At first, you have two basics opposed elements, the light, and the shadow.
No one is more evil or good than the other, it's only elemental concept.

Then at one time these element met and it was obvious that one was made to undo the other...We are still not speaking of any good or evil!
Then when they met, they had enormous power unleashed...

Finally there was four classified type of opposition:

The first one     : Violent and brutal... always opposing by force.... the fire

the second one : The same as fire but in a doging basis... always turning around each other... the air

The third one   : A secret one a bit like the air but more subtly... the water

and finally the 4th one : when the two opposite element could not gain any upper hand, they finally clashed each other and stagned.. that gave the earth...

and now this means that no light or shadow is good or evil...one is as necessary as the other...

You'll say but what does the good or evil are doing in this?
nothing! it was there before...
then after came these two spheres that were in fact tied to the first spirits/entity/gods

and that made that the good ones prefered the light and the bad ones the shadow...
but none of them really mastered these element because they had  a perveted view of the thing...

thats why I integrated the Shadowcaster class in the midnight setting, In fact they are more elementalists than anything else, but they are viewed as Izrador servants... that is false indeed, but no legate can un derstand this, ad that's not Izrador, self proclaimed shadowmaster that will reveal this...
"eeeerr, my servant, i don't master all the shadow in fact...." Imagine what that could mean in his clergy!!!


one does one best.....
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