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Author Topic: Samwise7's COS Campaign Log (Spoilers)  (Read 7502 times)
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« on: July 29, 2007, 09:33:01 PM »

Well, I'm sure this has been done to death, but I plan on having one of my players keep a summary of what happens in our Crown of Shadow campaign.  I will most likely have to move in about 8 weeks or so, and we play weekly, so hopefully I can get through the module before that time...

The nice thing is my wife will be out of town for that entire period so we will have extended playing sessions, and possibly some extra sessions if the players can get approval from their womenfolk.  Grin

I am heavily relying on the Stickii's COS I found on these forums, and hopefully I can add some of my own flair to things.

All of the players are new to Midnight (as am I for the most part), so it should be interesting to see what they think of things.

I plan on limiting the number of NPCs in my game so some of the NPCs in the module will be missing from the summary.  I didn't have any body guards with Rhiann, and I didn't include the Gnome either.
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"Everything important in RPGs happens the moment you stop holding onto the rulebook with both hands." -Jeff Rients
http://samwise7.yolasite.com  (Art, Blog, RPG Settings, YouTube, etc.)
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2007, 10:30:07 PM »

7/31/07 - "The Emissary" 
DM - Tim aka Samwise7
Summary by Matt

It all began with a dream.  A dream of a journey, a dream showing
faces in the mists of the realm.  A map appears to each of them and
they are shown the way to the far eastern reaches of Eredane.  A line
showed each of them to their destination a small dwarven outpost
called Durgis Rock.  In the beginning twelve were chosen, by the end
only six remained.  One by one they arrived.  The walled city of
Durgis Rock was once a busy trade location for the dwarves; now only
a scant 250 remain there.  It took about a week for those chosen for
the journey to finally meet up with one another and gain an audience
with the town’s Dorthane, Woden.  There were five of them who saw
Woden and one that was still traveling when the meeting took place.

There was Aden, an Erenlander Fighter with a touch of magic, Duras,
who appeared to be a dwarf but also had a bit of mystery about him,
Edgerran, an elfling rogue and his dog, Thedan Krug, an Erenlander
spell weaver, and Doug the Dorn, a defender.  The band moved to their
audience with the dwarven leader Woden.  As they arrived at the keep,
a heated argument could be heard from inside.  As the group argued
about how to get inside, Duras disappeared into a hole and found
himself inside.  The door was opened by a extremely large dwarf named
Lognar.  Also inside were various council members, in particular Modi
and his wife Strimsa.  Modi was arguing with Woden, with his bride
keeping him focused on the task.  He told Woden it was blasphemous to
give away such ancient secrets and that he was leading their people
to ruin.  The group tried to intervene and Aden “charmed” Strimsa
into trying to get her husband to let this drop.  On their way out
Strimsa tried to tell Aden what the secret was Woden was trying to
give away but her husband dragged her from the house by her hair.

Woden bade the party to follow a city guide named Dunkin to show the
party the surrounding areas and accompany him to meet an emissary at
Durgan Falls and show them back to Durgis Rock.  As they discussed
the details, Modi came back into the council chambers fully armed and
drunk again with his wife pushing him to action.  Modi challenged Woden to
his rule and before he accepted the challenge his champion Lognar
said he had to get through him first.  Lognar grabbed Wodin’s two
magical urutuks and stood ready for battle.  When the two saw that it
was going to be Lognar and not Woden, they seemed to be a little
apprehensive about the honor combat.  Aden suggested that it may be
best to leave as Modi had little chance against the massive dwarven
guard.  They left quietly and there was a feast to send the heroes on
their escort mission.

On the road the next day Dunkin showed them the lay of the land as
they made their way to Near Point Lake.  The group fished and was
enjoying their catch as a dwarf came out from the darkness.  He was
staggering, coughing, and complaining of hunger.  He seemed diseased
so the party tried to have him leave.  They offered him some fish but
he spit it out.  Combat broke out soon enough and Duras cleaved him
in half with his dwarven waraxe.

The next day they were on to Near Point Lake.  On the way they found an
abandoned refugee camp and a mysterious shadow down by the lake. 
They were unable to catch it and camped by the lake.  The next
day they struck out to Durgan Falls, Dunkin had told them this was
the farthest from town he had ever been.  Just before the falls they
came across a watchtower.  They investigated it but found nothing of
interest.  The cliff face stood before them and they pondered the
best way down.  Duras, Dunkin, and Aden used some climbing gear to
climb down.  Thedan cast a spell and he, Edgerran, and his dog
floated to the ground from the top as lightly as a feather would. 
Once down, they came upon a bridge that lead to a trading outpost
that also had some more ruins next to it as well as stone docks; they
made camp for the night in what was left of the stone building there.

During the night a lone figure came out of the darkness.  The group
went out to meet this traveler and found it to be the elven emissary
they were sent to find.  She had a seductive elven figure, shimmering
raven hair, and eyes as dark as the night in which she walked.  She
said her name was Rhiann and that she was sent to meet with Woden in
Durgus Rock.  They all went inside for their meal and then outside
the sound of scraping along rock alerted them.  The group looked at
each other wondering what could be making such a strange noise in the darkness…
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2007, 09:57:35 PM »

I should have the next summary up by the end of the week.
The players are enjoying the need for translating of the various languages between the characters, since most of them don't have a "common" language.  I found out that 2nd edition Midnight gave the Speak Language skill to all classes, so I let them change their characters around to reflect that (I only had the 1st edition of Midnight book).

They are enjoying themselves, but it's funny.  Since Midnight is such a poor setting, the players are getting creative with what "treasure" they find.  Things like door hinges, and other normal things get pried off of walls hehe.  I feel sort of bad being stingy, but the module makes sense in places where most of the valuable items are taken by the troops of the Shadow.

I'm enjoying running the game.  I wanted to include more stuff, but my lack of time is trying to just hit the main points and move on.
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« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2007, 01:34:15 AM »

I found out that 2nd edition Midnight gave the Speak Language skill to all classes, so I let them change their characters around to reflect that (I only had the 1st edition of Midnight book).

Check Speak Language in Darkness Falls.

Keep these coming Smiley
Insurgent Spy

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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #4 on: August 09, 2007, 05:11:29 PM »

Thanks for the Speak Language heads up.

8/6/07 - "Dead Soldiers For The Cause"
DM - Tim aka Samwise7
Summary by Matt

Across the bridge in the Kurgan Falls area a small band of Goblins appeared.  They were being bossed around by an Orc who seemed to be looking back into the shadows for something much larger.  Lumbering out of the black was a rather large figure, which appeared to be made from living rock.  The
group futilely tried to sneak away downriver from the approaching menace.  As the foes scampered across the bridge after the heroes, the rock monster made the bridge below them collapse.  The falling bridge took one Goblin and the monster into the water.  Battle ensued and both Aden and Duras were knocked unconscious by the Orc before it was finally killed.  The rock monster came out of the water unharmed and came after the party.  Rhiann’s magic had no effect on it and everyone ran down the riverbank.  The rock creature gave up pursuit and kicked the Orc’s body into the water, which the group fished out, but it did not have the sought after Vardatch that a few of the party wanted for themselves. The Orc’s markings showed it to be from the Mother of Bone tribe.

The next morning they began the journey back to Durgis Rock.  Rhiann had mentioned meeting some Dorn refugees on her way to meet them at the falls.  As they traveled a raven seemed to be abnormally tracking them.  Edgerran put an arrow straight through the avian but it remarkably did not die.  It flew off with much labored effort and the party got the feeling something evil was among them.

After another day of travel they came across a cave in which they
planned to make camp for the night.  No sooner had they entered the
cave then the sun was blotted out by an enormous shape.  The
thunderous sounds of wings and shrieks filled their ears and souls
with fear.  Rhiann looked solemn.  It was the first time any of them
had seen a giant wyrm also known as a dragon.  It passed over head several times but flew to an unknown destination.  The next day of travel
they noticed an army of Orcs encamped from the high vantage point in the mountains.  As they overlooked the encampment it looked like a sea of flickering flames as the campfires made the night almost as bright as day.

The distance to Durgis Rock finally closed and they saw pillars of
smoke and the sights of the city’s destruction.  The battle seemed to
be over and the remaining Goblin troops and a trio of the same rock
monsters were piling up the dead of both sides to be burned to
prevent them from rising again.  The smell of burning carrion wafted
among them nearly turning their wills along with their stomachs. 
Rhiann pressed them on saying the item she was sent to recover was
hopefully still in the town.

As they approached town and heard laughing and cries as they came
over a ridge.  The party saw a group of Orcs pushing a small female
Dwarf back and forth amongst them.   They were discussing how best to
use her before killing her.  Two of the Orcs seemed to be a bit
larger than the other two.  The Dwarf maiden pleaded but this only made them to grow crueler with each cry.  Edgerran suggested for the party to
rush the Orcs after he shot one of them with an arrow before they
knew the party was there.  Rhiann was also to unleash her arcane fury
as an icy blast struck an Orc while the rest of her companions closed
the gap.  The battle was fast and brutal.  Aden and Doug were all
again knocked to the ground.  However both Duncan (aka Dunk the Dwarven guid) and Edgerran were killed during the battle.  Egerran was beheaded as he tried to get to Doug to make sure he didn’t bleed to death.  For his valor Rhiann was able to reincarnate Edgerran.  He came back as a Jungle Elf which didn't displease him, but was still a shock.  He felt strange the rest of the day while getting used to his new skin.

The female Dwarf Margot, age 13 and the daughter of the town guard
captain, was almost catatonic at her treatment.  Both Aden and Rhiann
tried to comfort her.  At first all she could do was cry into Aden. 
After a few minutes a single Orc staggered up the path toward them. 
In a fury Aden walked up to the Orc and slammed him against the rock
face.  In the Orc’s bloody stupor he believed him to be the Shadow
himself.  The Orc muttered on and on about the glory of Izador and how his valor should be rewarded in the hereafter.  Aden questioned him pretending to be the Dark Lord himself gaining some insight before the Orc realized who it was.  Aden slit his throat before the Orc could stab him with a hidden knife.

Margot then showed the party how to enter the city through the system
of tunnels that they children played in during the days.  The aptly named Marmot holes.  Rhiann told them to enter the city covertly as she distracted the remaining troops.  The group implored her not to go alone but she told them the item, which turned out to be the Dragon Scroll Case, was more
important than her or any one and must be taken to the Witch Queen

Reluctantly the group agreed to go inside.  Duras led the way as he used
the same tunnel earlier.  Edgerran sneaked to the front and made sure
the way was clear before they all rushed forward.  Edgerran heard
voices but then they all ran toward the racket Rhiann was making
outside, as she was casting her spell's verbal components with a horrible wail.  As she cast her spells, her voice seemed to change and get
more and more menacing.  Only one Orc was left in the council
chambers.  He was desecrating the dead body of the Dorthane, Wodin,
with a stream of yellow rain that made a small pool in the dead ruler's mouth.  He was soon on the ground next to Woden, just as dead.

The party then found Lognar (the incredibly large Dwarf) inches from death in their honored history chambers.  Lognar made the party swear an oath to take the ancestral weapons, the Sun and Moon axes to the Dorthane’s brother, Thedron, in Phardum Holdfast.  Lognar’s last breath was used to make sure there were some survivors to carry on the clan name. The scroll
case laid on the floor with dead Orcs next to it.  Rhiann said the case would protect itself.  With some hesitation Aden grabbed the scroll case and Edgerran hid it on him.  They also found a signet ring of Woden, which Aden also took to prove he got the scroll case from him.

Outside the group found two destroyed rock monsters and the third
banging his head against a building.  They also found the women and
children survivors slitting the throats of their sleeping captors
with their own blades.  Tragically, Rhiann was torn in two and left
bleeding on the ground as the heroes rushed up to her.  Her shade
arose and bade them to complete her mission to deliver the scroll
case.  Just before her shade vanished, the Witch Queen spoke to the
group through her and instructed them to come to her.  "BRING IT TO ME!"  The group then gathered some provisions and the survivors said they would head to Silvervein Holdfast to the east.  The group of destiny steeled
themselves of the slaughter and readied themselves to journey to
Phardum Holdfast.   Then the true test begins with the long trek to
the western elven woods and the Witch Queen's court.
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #5 on: August 13, 2007, 10:05:23 PM »

Everyone is having fun, even though there is some withdrawal from getting lots of treasure, hehe.

I had 6 players, but now 2 have no called no showed twice in a row with no email or phone call.  But the show must go on.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I get real pissed when I hear nothing from people when they don't show up.  I just think it's rude or something.

I know people have lives outside of gaming, but that doesn't stop you from sending a free email even afterwards at least... 

I've been running the Stikyii's version of the COS, though I haven't done the cut scenes like he did with the player's running the characters.  I have read one of the cut scenes to them however and they liked it, saying that seeing the bad guys in action (even though their characters have no idea) was like watching a movie and seeing things from multiple angles.  So I will keep doing it here and there when I think they're good.

I normally get burned out very fast when I GM/DM but running with a module (though the negative of some railroading) is a very cool experience as I am not stressed out as much, and I can run longer and focus on roleplaying the NPCs more and setting the mood.

Matt should send me his summary in the next day or so.
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #6 on: August 19, 2007, 11:48:52 AM »

8/13/07 - "Stuck Between Death and Death"
DM - Tim aka Samwise7
Summary by Matt

A pale human male in black sat at a table eating a leg of meat.  Orc
guards were around him.  Outside a large important looking Orc walked
past the remnants of the carnage and the others encamped outside. 
The Orc passed the guards outside the room and entered where the man
was eating and looked up.  It appeared that he was eating the flesh
of one of the fallen Dwarves just like his barbaric soldiers.  The Orc
began to give his report to the dark figure.  The Orc told him that
the Halfling captive was quite helpful after he had been properly motivated
by the torture of his wife.  The man, a Legate, questioned the General as
to the location of missing Golems and troops.  The General did not
have an answer.  Then the Legate asked the Orc General where the Elf
greeting party was being held.  Nervously the general told the Legate
that the Elf party was not in the town.  The Legate grew furious asking
the General if he knew the difference between a Dwarf and an Elf.

The General said he knew and begged forgiveness for not finding
them.  The Legate wiped his face to clear his meal and nodded.  The
General thinking he was reprieved sighed only to be surprised when on
of the guards slashed him in two from behind.  The Legate,
unblinking, turned to a pack large wolves beside him.  “Find them,”
he growled almost as feral as the wolves could.  The pack leader
nodded and they all bounded off to hunt their prey.

The party had been traveling three days by now and once again had
reached Durgan Falls.  They went around the settlement as the one
rock Golem was still there.  The settlement now was completely
smashed by the bored Golem that looked aimless.  That night as they camped they were ambushed by seven fairly rotted Fell that seemed to live in the river.  With some difficulty they defeated their foes.  They took
their mangled and rusty maces as spoils of their victory.

On their journey Doug the Dorn spotted a nice branch on a tree and had
Edgerran climb to it and hack it off with one of the ancestral axes
that Duras had with him.  Doug said that this would make a staff of
far superior quality to the one that he was currently wielding.  At
night during the trip, Aden had transformed the five frying pans
taken from the baker’s home to make a nice buckler for Edgerran.  The buckler can also still be used as a frying pan.  : )

They continued to follow the river out of the mountains to try to
find Phardum Holdfast.  The group came upon a pool in the river and
saw three pale looking creatures.  From a distance they appeared to
be Goblins, but when they got closer they saw them to be starved
Dorn children.  The children, two girls and a boy, were throwing
rocks into the water as Doug and Aden approached them.  Aden offered
them some food, which they ate quite quickly, to give them some
comfort and also proved they weren’t Fell.  Before they left the
pool Aden hauled some fish out of the river to take back to the rest of the
Dorn Refugees encamped nearby.  As they approached, ten men and two
teenage boys came up to them armed with no more than large sticks and
other tragically crude weapons.  The children told them of the food that was given to them and the guards left them past. 

Aden gave them the five very crude maces the Fell had on them.  Duras the Dworg gave them food, a needle, fish hooks, a tent, and other basic necessities.  Their leader Gareth Orin was prideful but took the items as his people’s lives depended on them.  Aden then challenged Gareth to a friendly unarmed struggle.  Aden very deftly took a dive giving Gareth some of his honor back after having taken all of the party’s charity.  Gareth and Doug spoke of what had happened and about their homelands.  Aden used a small bit of magic to tell some stories and make their campfire show the
shapes of the people in the stories he told.  The children were quite
intrigued by Edgerran and Duras as they never saw an elf or what Doug
introduced to them as a “Dwarf”.  In repayment, the Refugee Herbalist woman gave the party a wide variety of herbs that did various things for
them.   The next day the party left the Refugees back on their trek
to Phardum Holdfast.

The next day of travel was very cold.  They had to enter a small
narrow valley with only a few feet to either side of the river to
walk as high crags climbed from the ground flanking the water.  By the
river, Duras saw a Goral Fen, a Dwarven trail marking in the form of
a rock formation.  It meant a Dwarven stronghold was nearby.  The
came to a hilltop along the path and as Edgerran scouted ahead he saw
a large force of almost a hundred.  The bulk of the force was Orcs
and Uruks.  There were also dark, bulky, thick-legged beasts
lumbering along with them.  Finally about ten large wolf-like
creatures bore Goblin riders.  Edgerran quickly retreated back and
reported his findings.  The group decided to go back about a mile or
so to where they saw a goat trail that led up.  Again Edgerran
scouted ahead and saw what looked like a scouting party of very
strong looking Orcs that almost looked bear-like as they galloped on all fours.  They had big claws, hide armor, and shields on their arms. 

From the original force, a loud horn blew and the scouting party began to race faster toward their comrades.  Trapped between the two forces Duras again found a trail marker showing the entrance to be near.  They all searched frantically with their only other options being to jump in the river or fight the vastly superior forces.

Duras found what looked to be odd rock during their searching
Edgerran found cracks of what could be a door.  Aden put the ring of
Woden he got from the fallen Dwarven leader’s room in Durgis Rock and
put it to the rock and the door opened.  The opening inside the door
was so small that they had almost crawl and slide sideways.  Inside
Aden used his new arcane powers to force the darkness back.  Inside
the tunnels they moved west and saw different trail markings then
they simply stopped.  Duras took them back to the last one they saw. 

There they saw some holes in the top of the wall and dots forming
some pictographs into the face of the wall.  Duras mentioned that the
pictures were scenes from a Dwarven children’s tale.  But the
pictures were in the wrong order.  They also seemed as if they would
move if you pushed them.   Duras pushed them in the order of which
they occurred in the story, I swing my axe – Orcs from the north, I
swing my axe – Orcs to the south, I swing my axe, I swing my axe –
Orcs from the east – death comes with them, etc.    The door opened.

The party came upon an old small living chamber.  Inside they found
bones of Dwarves and small animals, mainly Orts.  The smaller bones seemed to be tossed into a “garbage” pile of sorts. Inside the room was a stone
lever, which it seemed would work the door. From outside the door
they heard voices from down the hall.  The voices sounded like Orc,
Goblin, animal growls, and a Dwarven voice using what they party
guessed to be Black Speech.  The Dwarf was leading the Orcs to the
party.  Before Doug closed the door with the lever, Aden used his
magic to make the pictographs from the push buttons unreadable by
wearing them away with acid.  Aden figured that if the Dwarf could
get inside the tunnel he knew the code to opening this door too.  The
door closed and the voices stopped right outside the massive stone

Arguing insued outside the door though they did not understand the exact words, everyone in the party knew what was being said.  The Orcs wanted their Dwarven ally/slave to open the door; however with the buttons distorted he could no better than guess.  There were animalistic whines and scratches at the door that sounded like wolves.  Suddenly a
large noise emanated from all around them and a score of spears
erupted out of the holes from above the door decimating all that
stood before them.  The remaining Orc and Goblin voices moved off back down the way they came.  There was no longer any Dwarven voice.

There were three exits to the south from the living quarters.  Again
Aden lit the way with arcane power.  In room one was simply a pantry,
room two held a dead Dwarf, and door three looked as if to have a
door that had long been wrested from its hinges.  Everyone felt a
rush of cold as something ran through their bodies, chilling them to
the soul.  Spirits.  The open door led to a staircase, which wound a
bit but then came to ten tunnels to either left or right.  They
explored one for a bit to find they were being watched by some
presence.  Everyone heard mutter behind them about three or four
paces.  Duras knowing a bit of old dwarven, made out the words
“ladies…dancing…dying.”  When Duras used what little old Dwarven he
knew the presence seemed closer.  When they used other languages it
seemed to simply leave. 

The temperature in the cave raised and lowered from the interaction with these unseen specters.  Finally the group made its way back to the main hallway, which seemed the way deeper into the caves and to the stronghold.  Also it seemed the deeper you went, the older the stone working was, making this section newer, still not new enough to be made by the Dwarven exodus they were trying to find.  The band traveled for two more days straight down the main tunnel occasionally seeing tunnels leading off to either side but they saw no markings telling them to turn so they continued past them.  The party halted and made camp.  After the second day of rest …  To be continued.
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #7 on: August 24, 2007, 08:07:49 PM »

8/20/07 - "The Secret Pool"
DM - Tim aka Samwise7
Summary by Matt

As the heroes roused from their slumber the sounds of bestial
growling came from the darkness ahead.  There were sounds of
something battling a beast with the sound of weapons hitting
non-metallic armor.  At the crossroads they found a large dead
insect-like creature that they found out later to be called a Faarn.
A second but injured Faarn attacked the party and drove Aden and
Doug to the ground.  A timely killing blow from Edgerran finally sent
this beast to its end.  All around them it seemed the spirits were
feeling particularly verbose, as there were voices all over.   The
farther down the hallway they traveled, the trail marks got harder
and harder to read.  Finally it was obvious some were tampered with
to hide their existence completely.  Finally they came to a four-way
intersection.  They chose to go left which was north.

After a few minutes of walking, there was a voice from a transparent
Dwarf.   He carried an axe with runes covering it, had a wolf hide
cloak that flapped in a ghostly breeze that seemed to only affect
him.  The ancient Dwarf introduced himself as Durum Frostbane.  Durum
said he would show our adventurers the way to the holdfast if they
proved themselves worthy.  Aden told him of the blood oath to deliver the
ancestral axes, The Sun and the Moon, to the Woden’s brother.  Durum
found this to be honorable and began to lead them to the holdfast.
During their trek they heard the din of battle and the battle cries
of Goblins and Dwarves.  The group rushed in and as they approached, a
myriad of pigments jutted from Aden’s outstretched hands.  This
disabled most of the Goblins and unfortunately one of the Dwarves. 
The Goblins completely stunned fell easily after this.  Aden healed the one Dwarf who was bleeding to death.  They traveled down the hall a ways before they made camp for the night with their new allies.  One of the Dwarves in the scouting party was Golan.  He told them of what was happening at the holdfast and led them the rest of the way.

The holdfast had the heads of Orcs outside of the gates on pikes. 
The only way in was a small crawl way lined with murder holes.  Golan
went first and told the guards not to shoot him or his new allies. 
The hole was so small a Halfling would have had trouble getting
through.  As they emerged from the tunnel, thirty Dwarves with spears
and crossbows waited for them.  They were led into a vast cavern
where natural sunlight was somehow piped into it.  Adorning the vast
walls were scenes of epic Dwarven conflict and their victories.  The
group was put into a room to wait in for a few minutes before they
were taken to the council chambers.  The cleaned up a bit and were
led to the council.

Edgerran and Doug told Thedron, Woden’s brother of their quest to
bring the axes back to him and that they all were on a journey.  As
the Witch Queen instructed they left certain details out...  Thedron
was devastated at the news of Durgus Rock’s fall.  Aden told him of
Woden’s refusal to leave.  Thedron said he knew of Woden’s choice but
was saddened anyway. 

As Duras gave the axes to Thedron, he told Duras to take them and put them to good use against those that took his brother’s life.  A feast was planned but first Thedron said they would take part in “the pit.”  They learned that the locals called this place “the tower.”  Aden gave Thedron Woden’s ring at his request but they gave everyone tattoos of the royal crest, proving them friends of the clan.  The clan’s Loremaster, an old blind woman named Dola, told Doug that he was descended from a great noble line. 

As they got to the pit, they saw a very young Dwarf with a spear fighting an unarmed orc.  He seemed to be dodging and using sound tactics rather
than brute force.  The young one staggered for a moment and the Orc
lunged only to be killed by the Dwarf child who feinted to get the Orc in
close for the kill.  The crowd cheered for his rite of passage victory.  Aden however did not like that even an Orc was not granted a weapon for this slaughter.

When the party was lead to the pit they were to face two rather large
creatures.  A Barg and a large Wild Mountain Troll.  The four-armed
Barg swung wildly at Aden and Edgerran as Doug danced around the
boulders the mountain troll had in each hand.    After Doug and
Edgerran took some damage the two large creatures were dealt a
defeat.  The party used the fallen body of the Barg as cover from the Wild Mountain Troll.  The heroes left the pit as cheered conquers and then went to the markets to trade the items they had and do some training. 

At the feast, the group was asked to speak a few words.  Aden felt at home in the spot light.  The rest as translated through Dola did not get
as overwhelming a reaction out of the crowd as they would have liked...  Dola announced her retirement as loremaster and thanked them for their years of kindness, and gave them encouraging words in their future fight against the Shadow.  It felt as if she was saying goodbye to them all.

After the feast, they left for the pool.  Accompanied by Dola and the
soon to be new loremaster Mirasil.  The trail they took wound up
higher and higher into an older section of the holdfast.  Older
towns, long since crumbled, stood as stark reminders of the past. 
The skeletal buildings seemed to take on an almost evil air about
them as the group passed between them.  Running around and sometimes
through the building were the spirits of old Dwarven children still
at play and seemingly oblivious to the fact they were dead.  Again
Durum showed up to alert the party that they were not alone.  A scout
group of two Orcs were following them hiding behind the buildings.  They were told that the upper levels of the mountain were in the Shadow's control.

Aden had Edgerran put on the cloak of Elvenkind they found and took
his old one.  He put it on Doug’s old staff and cast silent image on
it.  Edgerran then hid behind a building to ambush the Orc stalkers. 
Edgerran took sniper shots at the Orcs, shooting and then re-hiding. 
Finally the group came back to mop up what was left.  The path kept
leading up and up.  Ultimately at the top they came to an archway
filled with black murky liquid. 

Dola said they could enter one at a time to receive a gift of some sort.    Inside the archway as a long cylindrical hallway which those inside had to almost swim through.  It was as if a well of evil looking water were turned sideways.  At the far end, stood an old looking creature.  It resembled a
disfigured, shadowy, half dwarf-like female distorted thing.  Her face was
broad and misshapen and her spirit form just didn’t look like it was
altogether natural.  Doug went first and came back out looking a bit
better focused.  As Edgerran entered he reverted back to his Elfling
spirit form again.  He found out some disturbing news about his future.  "You will die alone and without friends."  Aden finally entered and found out some tidbits about his future as well, and asked if he could have a certain someone meet him in the future.  As they all were done, Dola walked to the liquid and dropped over as the rest did when their bodies touched the liquid.  Mirisil the new Loremaster also did likewise.  Then the hand of the half dwarf thing dragged Dora's body into the archway never to be seen again...  It seemed the life of a Loremaster of Pardrum Holdfast was a strange thing indeed.
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #8 on: August 28, 2007, 06:19:09 PM »

I have 3 more sessions before I find out if I have to move or not, so I am trying to cram the rest of the module in that amount of time.  I'm down to 4 players now, but things move quicker with less people.  Summary should be up by the end of the week for the last session.
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

« Reply #9 on: September 02, 2007, 09:41:42 PM »

8/27/07 - "Fallen Martyr"
DM - Tim aka Samwise7
Summary by Matt

Doug awoke the following day after receiving a dream form the Witch
Queen. The dream told him to go to the city by the sea, and there he
would find kin of the Witch Queen to aid him.  Also Duras got a
message from the pool before they left saying to beware the riders.
The group followed the river for a week and finally got past the
mountain’s spine.  After the mountains came vast grasslands which
held grasses high enough to conceal a man if he were of the mind to
be hidden.  In their travels they came across a divot in the earth. 
When they looked into it, they saw what was left of a halfling
encampment.  Halfling dead numbered over a score, as they lay strewn
about the void of grass cover.  Accompanying the halfling dead were
only about a half dozen fallen orcs.  Tracks of orcs and halflings led
north and were less than a week old.  What was left in the camp was
an armless orc tied to a stake.  Also there lay the bodies of four
dead wogren.

The group slowly approached the bound foe.  In addition to being
armless, the orc had deep cuts on his legs and face.  Aden decided to
see if the orc was dead by testing it with a rock from his sling.  He
reacted to the strike and seemed to be also suffering from sunstroke.
Aden created water a few times out of the air and allowed him to
cool down and drink also they gave him the left over goblin rations
they had on them.   He spoke to them in old dwarven pidgen.  His name
was Sardik and he was being punished for trying to stop the slaughter
of the halflings.  He told them he was from a clan called the White
Mother and that they secretly opposed the Shadow.  They freed him and
allowed him to gather himself as best he could under the
circumstances.  He was part of a force hunting the “elf group” as he
called it.  As they discussed these issues with the orc a living
wogren was eyeing them from the edge of the grasses.  The wogren
would never let them fully approach but stayed close to them.  It
resembled those that lay dead in this area.

The orc went on saying that he was with a legate named Jael.  The
group asked how they could recognize any more of these White
Mother orcs if they fought in battle against them.  Sardik said only
to mention the White Mother’s name since it was a secret to most
others and they would know that the party was allied with them.  The
orc wanted to return to his tribe in the far north and the party let
him go.  They equipped him with fake “arms” made from some of the
tattered clothes about and some grasses, as well as putting some
spear tips on his boots to allow him to kick any that oppose him on
his journey.  He was grateful and mentioned that some humans are

Further west they pushed into the grasslands for a half an arc of the
moon.   Suddenly the wogren that was following them bolted back
deeper into the grasses.  The party soon dropped to the ground and
hid in the grasses.  As they hid the thunder of hoof beats tore
across the plains.  They looked up from their positions to see about
two dozen Saracen riders scanning the area.  The heroes remained
hidden until the riders rode off leaving them behind.  They pressed
on again, after a time Aden noticed that he could no longer feel his
familiar and that his spell energy had left him.  His sword also
could no longer speak to him.  He looked around to see everyone else
had similar failings with their magics.   Before them laid another
opening in the grasslands, looking over it they saw the town of

The outer farmlands looked ready for harvest but the crops lay on the
vine still, rotting.  The grasslands were also launching an assault
on the cultivated lands trying to reclaim them.  The town itself
looked abandoned with no signs of life anywhere around it.  A dark
black building did however dominate the serene look of the town. 
Edgerran saw off to one side an old man with two young children
picking some of the food that was lying there beside a path to town. 
Aden handed his large sword to Doug and approached the trio.  He took
out his lute and began to tune it playing as if he were a lost
traveler.  Even with travel being restricted he thought this better
than to say he was an adventurer.  The man seemed intent on inviting
Aden to his home for dinner and gathered some vegetables and left. 

Aden returned to the group and soon after the following wogren
darted out of the grasslands and past them.  A large group of farmers
was lined around them pounding the ground with sticks driving
towards them from all angles.  Edgerran shot the wogren who then ran
off and got behind those trying to drive them.  Soon the mob stopped
beating their sticks pointed at the party and ten Legates emerged
from the black building and slowly made their way towards the group. 
Edgerran getting a good look at the mob and the legates could see
that they all appeared to be Fell.  Also the buildings in town and
some of those in the mob seemed to have half of their forms blackened
by some unknown blast. 

The group trying to rush around or through the mob but Aden was soon captured and knocked unconscious.  Just as Aden lost consciousness he saw some of the mob breathing.  His form was taken to the Legates and the large black temple in town.

The rest of the group formed around to the north to plan their next
move.  Inside the tower, Aden hung by his feet.  He saw four black
pillars and white marble walls with torchlight being the only thing
keeping the room from total darkness.  Outside the group finalized
their plan.  As they looked over the scene, they saw the mob hidden
on rooftops waiting for them to come rescued their fallen comrade. 
They also heard some noise off to the side and some of the mobs
closest to the noise left to investigate it.  Duras noted this was
more than likely Aden’s cat.  Inside during his moments of
consciousness Aden chanted in some fake “holy” language to try to
begin to bluff his way free.  He saw one of the acolytes grab the
dragon scroll case only to be slit to death by it.  Only the chief Legate
seemed to be fell, the acolytes were still living.  Aden saw a large
dark mirror before him and averted his eyes.  He also tried to swing
into it to break it but the legate used a spell to again put him back

Outside, Edgerran waited for a time for Duras and Doug to get into
position and then began to launch flaming arrows at the mostly dry
wooden and thatch building of town.  Amid the confusion, Doug and
Duras stormed the temple and went right inside.  They quickly
disposed of the undead Legate (luckily he was by himself) and tried to free Aden. 

As Doug used Aden’s sword on the chain that bound him, a dark energy struck them both.   Duras poured a liquid down Aden’s throat and he awoke.  Aden and Doug began to leave as Duras took a big swing at the dark mirror with his eyes closed.  On the second hit, the mirror broke with an unholy crackling sound.  An earthquake rent the ground under the
temple in twain.  What was overcast now allowed sunlight to strike
the cracked mirror.  The temple explodes with a titanic clamor.  Aden
and Doug were flung to the ground only to see that Duras did not make
it out of the temple in time.  All that was left on the ground behind
them was the Sun axe, the rest of his body and of his items was utterly destroyed by the cacophony.  With the remaining Fell on fire or fleeing the heat of the flames, and the living humans running for the grasses, Doug gathered the Sun axe and went to the prearranged meeting place with Aden to find Edgerran who was standing with his dog and Aden’s cat.  The lone building left in town was the barracks.  Behind the structure, the remaining trio found a usable boat.  The river awaited them and floating down it would give them pause to remember their fallen brother Duras the Breaker.
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Just when you thought it was safe to smile...

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There were 3 more sessions, but I'm not sure if I will get the summaries.  The player that was taking notes is now running a new campaign.

The final battle was brutal, my one player Brian ran Jael perfectly.  They didn't know it was someone else till it was almost too late.

Jael and his 2 animal friends (dire wolves) killed all but 1 of the party members.  Both animals and those that dwelled within them died, and Jael died as well to the last party member.

The group of players felt cheated, and it was a heated discussion afterwards, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  There was a lot of talk of "unfair" and "the CR was too high" etc.  I let the dice fall as they fell, and the party survived barely.  Those that were slain were later resurrected via a reincarnate spell.  I think it was a perfectly good way to end a campaign, and left the harsh realities of Midnight fresh in their mouths.
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