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Author Topic: another power nexus and god-touched region  (Read 2058 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: August 09, 2006, 04:06:20 PM »

Adapted from free stuff found on atlas games' website

The Sitting Circles

Somewhere deep in the Kaladrun Mountains, within a dark cave rests the Sitting Circles, comprised of four engraved ritual circles setwithin a larger engraving. The circles are marked with the arcane symbols for divination magic. Within the cave, faint signs of blood still cover the cave walls and decaying bits of fabric litter the cavern floor. A group of long dwarven lorekeepers created the Sitting Circles. The group constructed the circles so that they could fully serve the agenda of their king, using their abilities to see the future and foresee coming disasters. The king himself ended up destroying his loyal servants, as he feared their knowledge and insight more than he trusted it (he acted out of despair by the end of the Second Age as the seers had predicted the unavoidable victory of Izrador). Upon their death, he ordered the Sitting Circles sealed away, never to be used again.
Anyone casting divination magic while inside one of the four circles casts those spells as if she were two levels higher. Any caster doing so, however, casts all other schools at –2 caster level for one hour after leaving the nexus. The full effects of the Sitting Circles are revealed if four spellcasters simultaneously sit in the circles. All spells cast by any of the four characters function at +2 caster level, with Divination spells functioning at +4 caster level. In addition, each of the four casters is protected by protection from chaos and nondetection for one full hour after leaving the nexus.

Gaea’s Waterfall (central Erethor)

Gaea’s Waterfall is a seemingly normal waterfall that is 40 feet high and flows directly from a large river into a small pond. The pond, whose water is crystal clear and always cold, is roughly 15 feet deep at its center. Oddly, there are no fish or typical aquatic creatures found in the pond at all, though many local woodland creatures congregate near the pond to drink from it. The floor of the pond is made of a smooth stone that appears to be worked. Despite these odd features, the most recognizable feature of the waterfall is the large carved stone statue of an elven woman that rests at the top of the waterfall. Carved from a large stone that overlooked the waterfall and pond, she stands smiling with her arms outstretched over the water. How and when this statue was carved is a mystery to all, as it shows no signs of aging or decay. Some of the local elves have claimed to see strange lights through the trees near the pond on nights of the harvest moon. They also report hearing the sounds of singing in the distance. It is rumored that if good-aligned people stand on the thin, rock shelf that rests under the waterfall, the local spirit will shower her affections down upon them. If a druid stands under the waterfall she gains a permanent +4 bonus to all Charisma-based checks when dealing with animals. In addition to this, any hit point or ability damage that the character may have suffered recently is healed. Neutral aligned people are unaffected by the fall. If the water is removed from the pond or waterfall, it acts no differently from normal water, other than being especially clean. Any evil character that stands under the water suffers 10d6 points of damage as the water begins to glow with a golden, holy aura the color of summer wheat. Such characters must also make a successful Will save (DC 20) or fall under the effects of a feeblemind spell cast at 20th level. Submersion in the pond results in the need for a Will save each round until the character can escape from the water. If the shrine is attacked, it defends itself via a permanent summon nature’s ally IX spell that it may call upon up to three times per day. The chosen ally is generally a greater water elemental who will attempt to slay the shrine’s attackers or drive them away.


"Il n'est pas besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre ni de réussir pour persévérer" - Devise de la famille d'Orange
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