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Author Topic: shards of divinity  (Read 1808 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: August 09, 2006, 03:28:02 PM »

Practicing thread necromancy...

Let's face it, the last remaining spraks of divinity left are primarily those that are contained in God-touched region or the last remaining celestials. A particularly gloomy idea would be that only if those places and people were "sacrificed" (ie, slain) could their divine bits be "assembled" in an item or person who could then be granted the "fledgling divinity" status (for good or evil, depending who "gets" this divine essence - of course this would interest izrador a great deal!). The choice of the recipient would not be an easy one, for such power would corrupt all but the purest soul (who is not necessarily the one most think of - remember galadriel's thoughts about the corrupting Ring and apply this reasoning to Aradil...). Finding this "prophet" could be the scope of a whole campaign.

However, gathering enough to cause a breach in the veil is a possiblity.

Such a tremendous achievement would only be a one-shot, though. The divine energy needed to pierce (temporarily) the Veil could not be restored, and thos who would be granted the responsibility to convince the Old Gods to rescue their people on Aryth could well find out that the Old Gods actually don't care much for Aryth and that the Veil is their invention and not Izrador's... Dilemma: by saving Aryth, they allow evil to come back in unfinished numbers of worlds (Izrador being the essence of evil, his influence would come back in owrlds that were thus "protected" from him for 8000 years); or they simply acknowledge their world's sacrifice as a "necessary evil" for the greater good of the multiverse (Aryth then becoming a "prison" for Izrador, in which, once he has consumed all powers, he will eventually be forced forever while all inhabitants are dead). Or they can ask for another world to share the burden, thus creating an "8000 years by 8000 years" imprisonment of Izrador in different worlds. Remember: evil cannot be defeated, it can only be contained (this is why the Old Gods banished Izzy to begin with - they are afraid of him because they know that even they cannot defeat him)...
This would be an interesting twist for the (now usual) "Eärendil campaign" in which the PCs find a way to cross the Veil, meet the Old Gods and convince them to topple Izzy once and for all.
If you go along the divinity track, the powers of the new divinity should catapult the character above the night kings (individually) but below Izrador. Gathering enough followers would be key. FFG's Path of the Sword has some stuff on new religions and how much power a new divinity can provide it's followers. I don't agree with the numbers they have in their tables, but the concept is sound. Faith and lots of it is necessary to grant spells/powers to the faithful. Finding a secure base of operations and holding off attacks from the Shadow would be difficult. On the good side, the new divinity could be the spark necessary for a human revolt, adding another front to the war and allowing the fey to regroup.

Or, for a more Midnight approach, let us say that the PCs have the heavy duty to restore the old ways in order to "inspire" the new divinity (his powers would only work if he/she has shining examples od resistance to Izrador to inspire him, like the pcs, now transformed into pious knights [read again David Gemell's "Knights of Dark Renown"] - or maybe he has no powers at all, and all this is a complex plot meant to boost the humans' morale in a last attempt to regain their freedom or die in the attempt: the "divinity"'s secret would have to be protected at all costs, lest the hope fades away... And the Pcs would have to be its keepers, even from the "divinity" (who perhaps does not know he has no powers at all). The idea is this: actually, there is no need of divine power to "defeat" evil (Night Kings for that matter, Izrador is truely unbeatable), only hope. Let us say that, as long as people believe that there actually is a godling who tried to protect them, they gain a fantastic boost (ie, +5 morale boost for example) to any of their actions as long as they believe in him. This only works as long as the Godling himself believes in his own divinity, and the PCs would have the terrible duty to make sure that, no matter what happens, this remains the case. So they would be the first lying paladins (for the greater good, of course!) in Aryth's long history. Remember that each Night King was another person before succumbing to evil, and probably some trace of humanity still lingers (although deeply hidden) in their souls, which could be "awakened" with the proper arguments/behaviour in order to "defeat" them in the only possible way (look, they're not even stated, which hints that they are normally beyond the pCs' reach!): by redeeming them (remember darth vader). This implies long quests to find about their true identity, their story and their weaknesses. When they know this, the PCs will help their "godling" in defeating the Night Kings, one after the other, and such actions will in turn boost the resistance's morale (+5 permanent morale bonus for each Night King "defeated" by the godling). This is just a suggestion for an "epic scope" Midnight campaign. Actually I am just rambling (just wrote all this in 2 minutes! wow!)

"Il n'est pas besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre ni de réussir pour persévérer" - Devise de la famille d'Orange
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