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Author Topic: Creation chain: things & thoughts  (Read 12240 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: August 09, 2006, 02:08:12 PM »

I thought it would be a good idea to keep this thread alive.

may be familiar with this concept from the Wizards boards or ENworld. If not, it works like this: someone gives you a name, and you create a short description of a site, tale, character, organisation, spell, magic item, creature or other bit of material that might be of use to your fellow Midnighteers from that name. At the end of your post, you put down a name for the next person to work off, and the process continues unto infinity! You can't respond to your own post, of course.

This thread is for spells, rituals, magic items, covenant items, monsters and malefic mythical monstrosities.

You don't need to include full stats or rules for whatever you create, but you are welcome to do so if you wish. Alternatively, something you see here might spur you to create a new crunchy thing to submit in its own thread elsewhere.

Have fun! Let the creative juices of AtS flow like some vast, slimy torrent into our collective bowl!

The Herald

Once borne by a trusted emissary of the Erenland throne, this bastard sword is a carrier of messages and the tool of anyone that seeks understanding and negotiation, but does not shy away from standing defiant in the face of the Shadow. The hilt and scabbard appear totally unremarkable, being made of brass inlaid steel and battered leather respectively. However, the rest is truly breathtaking: no steel is visible on the blade of the weapon, as it is covered entirely in a painted tableaux of an ancient battle. Near the hilt, the legendary King Izmil rallies his knights and champions under a starscape, while at the tip hunched orcs crouch in their black chainmail. Along the middle of the blade the me can be seen to engage the orcs, the beautiful painting depicting Shadowspawn being ground under hoof, run through with lances and cut apart by halberdiers. The colours are vivid and the brushmanship exquisite; the image never fades or chips, no matter how it is abused.

This item could be found almost anywhere on Eredane, given the nature of its curse. Perhaps the PCs come across it in the hands of an animated skeleton in the depths of a catacomb, the cadaver still wearing the rags of a once fine nobleman's coat. It may be bequeathed to them on its wielder's death, if they promise to carry his last message to its intended recipient.

The Herald is a covenant quest masterwork bastard sword. It carries a curse: the wielder is infected with wanderlust. If she remains in the same place for more than a week, she suffers a -2 morale penalty to all skill checks (except movement skills being used to leave her current locale) as restlessness sets in. As soon as she is on the road again, these penalties vanish.

1st: The sword receives +3 to saves to resist being damaged or destroyed, and cannot be warped, transmuted or corrupted by the magic of the legates. This includes spells such as heat metal, polymorph any object, warp metal (if such a spell existed...). It can still be affected by legate spells that simply deal damage, and is vulnerable to Black Mirror drain.
Quest: None. This ability is inherent.

3rd: The wielder can cast message 3/day. At 6th level, she can also cast whispering wind 2/day. At 12th level, she can cast sending 1/day.
Quest: When it is first picked up or drawn, the Herald speaks a message into the wielder's mind, and gives him the location or name of the person to whom the message must be delivered. If the wielder manages this, the quest is accomplished. Minimum level 1st. She must be given and deliver another message by the time she reaches 6th level ad 12th level to unlock the improved powers.

4th: The wielder can cast disguise weapon or a modified silent image (duration 1 minute per level, changes the appearance of the blade while not hiding or altering the fact it is a bastard sword) on the blade once per day as a channeler of her level.
Quest: Every time the sword is discovered by a hostile party while it is hidden or concealed, the GM should roll a d20. On a roll of 20, the blade disguises itself as something innocuous just before it is revealed, deceiving the creature that finds it and potentially greatly confusing the blade's owner. Minimum level 2nd.

7th: The Herald can emit a 60' radius aura of mental clarity that grants all the wielder's allies a +3 resistance bonus to saves against Charm and Compulsion spells. It can be sued for a total of one hour per day.
Quest: The wielder must convince a person or group of people to rise up against someone or something that oppresses them or change a detrimental belief they have; this may mean refusing to pay tribute to a legate, forming a militia to keep wild animals at bay, or accepting the foreign traders they fear into their midst. Minimum level 5th.

9th: The sword gains a +1 enhancement bonus.
Quest: The wielder must defeat a creature with a CR of at least her level that holds a great secret or valuable piece of knowledge and retrieve the information it guarded. Examples include besting a Lorepool in a riddling contest, slaying the troll den mother that nests in the ruins of an elthedar temple with informative mosaics, or recovering a bundle of important missives from a legate. Minimum level 6th.

10th: The wielder gains a +2 resistance bonus to saves against Language Dependant spells while holding the blade, and the save DCs of any Language Dependant spells she casts increases by 2.
Quest: The wielder must deliver the same speech the last King of Erenland, Kali VII, made upon ascending the throne. The problem is, it must be made in the same place... the Great Auditorium of Alvedara, within a stones throw of the Bridge Towers where Jahzir now rules. Rest assured, he will not take kindly to such sedition. Minimum level 7th.

12th: The wielder of the blade gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma.
Quest: The wielder of the blade must officiate at a coming of age ceremony in accordance with the ancient customs of her people. This may require research to uncover. Minimum level 9th.

15th: The wielder may summon Haerustaggal, the Messenger of Screams once per week. If called for combat or other immediate duty, he remains for up to twelve hours; otherwise, he can be sent on a quest (as per his Duty). If the beast is slain in service to the wielder, it's body regenerates within a year back in its lair. If this happen, its service is ended and the PC must complete the covenant quest once more.
Quest: The wielder must journey to the Gorge of the Eternal Eclipse on the plains south-east of Zorgetch and find the bone-strewn cave where Haerustaggal lairs. She must give the divine beast a message to deliver, and remain in the cave until he returns. This may not be as simple as it sounds; savage halflings roam the lands around the gorge, and when they see the much-feared creature leave, they will no doubt attempt to loot his lair. Minimum level 10th.

Haesrustaggal's stas can be found HERE.

16th: The Herald's enhancement bonus increases to +2.
Quest: At some point, the wielder notices a tiny discrepancy on the blade: one of the human soldiers in the tableaux is only a sketch, lacking colour and detail. It requires a Painting DC 30 check to correctly match the exquisite workmanship of the rest of the blade and complete the enchanted pattern. At the GM's discretion, it may also require rare pigments, necessitating rare ingredients such as the scarlet carapaces of the rare Cale Death Croaker beetle, the rich indigo of Stonebeard moss pulp which grows only in the depths of Idenor, or the vivid yellow-white of qu'ssan flower bulbs, grown only by the horticultural monks of the Cabal. Minimum level 13th.

Next: The Calling of Four

"Il n'est pas besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre ni de réussir pour persévérer" - Devise de la famille d'Orange
Bane of Legates

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Hiding from Shadow

« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2006, 02:09:58 PM »

First author was Dirigible.

Now: Pheros

The Calling of Four

A set of runes sit on a stone monolith in the Westlands, on the banks of the Pelluria. The monolith is the only thing higher than a dorn's waist for a days travel in any direction, and is often missed by boats sailing from Erenhead to Baden's Bluff, who are more often concerned with the terrors of the sea than rock pillars on the shore. Carved perfectly square with edges so sharp that leather could be cut on them, the monolith harkens back to a day when free time was prevelent and perfection in art was appreciated and expected. Despite this, though, the stone shows no wear from wind or water, and looks as if it could have been carved yesterday.

The runes are made of a black, glassy rock set into the grey granite of the monolith, and almost completely cover the side of the stone facing away from the Pelluria. These runes both dictate the ritual for, and contain the essence of, the Calling of Four.

The Calling of Four may only be cast in ritual form, and only with three casters (able to cast 4th level spells). The runes dictate specific positions, gestures and words for each of the casters, and all three are very different. Each caster must study their section of the runes for a full day and pass a DC 14 Intelligence test to learn their part. If failed, this test may be retaken after another full day of study. Once all three casters have learned their parts, the full day ritual may be undertaken. The casters' bodies will be heavily taxed (4 spell energy cost each) and any interuption will nullify the ritual and bring death to the casters.

The description given by the runes stops there. No reference is made to the result of the ritual, or even whether it serves a good or evil purpose. The few magic users who have passed the monolith over the Last Age have mused on the possible result of the ritual, but no one has ever successfully completed it. Some of their musings are below, recorded on scraps of paper stuffed in other books that have miraculously survived the fires of Izrador's orcs. One thing all agree on, the runes clearly indicate that the Calling of Four is of the Conjuration school of magic.

"The Calling of Four resides on the coast of the Pelluria, a haven for storms and tempasts, yet its edges remain undulled. This would lead us to conclude the Calling is alligned with the wind and the waves. The name "The Calling of Four" references the four winds, harbingers of weather both foul and fair. But whether this ritual brings storms, or calms them, is anyone's guess."

"The pillar by the shore, labelled 'The Calling of Four', has an air most foul, in my mind. The black stone, inlayed in the granite, can only be found by the site of the fall of the Shadow of the North. The "Four" refer to the Night Kings, the leaders of the Dark Ones horde and champions of all the is unjust and evil. Be warned, for it is my fear that this ritual will summon the Night Kings down upon the casters, ensuring their deaths."

"The three person ritual "The Calling of Four" is a summoning ritual, designed to give aid to those who need it most. When cast, the party of three will be made 'whole' by the appearance of a fourth member: a champion who will give them aid. I fear what would happen, though, if the pillar were used first by the Shadow. Would they gain yet another champion to their cause, one that would wipe out all resistance permanantly?"

"The Calling of Four is a trap most foul played by the last remaining channelers of the alliance before the victory of Izrador. Knowing defeat was imminent, and seeing the havoc wreaked by the Night Kings on the lands of fey and men, the allied channelers put the last of their energy, and all of thier life force into the creation of a weapon against this evil. The Calling of Four will summon the Night Kings, turning them from Shadow to Light, and giving the once-free people of Eredane a chance at freedom again."

Besides these annecdotes, no reference to the pillar, or the "Calling of Four" can be found in any tome or memory. None know which, if any, of these postulates are correct, but it is certain that powerful magic is contained in the pillar, waiting to be released.

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Bane of Legates

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Hiding from Shadow

« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2006, 02:11:05 PM »

The SKy Star of Sharuun

Scholars ever wondered what could really be this huge lump of bluish metal that was locked as a cherished treasure in the Sharuun Badrua (Star-Tower) by the Sahi priests.

Though its origins are lost in the sands of time, it is known that the faithful Sarcosans worshipped it during the end of the Third Age, believing it was a good omen of a bright future. The master astrologers believed it was a sign sent by the Sky riders of the Sorshef that they were not forgetting their mortal followers, and it was supposed to symbolize the link between the Gods and the Sarcosans.

The scholars of the time described it as "pulsating with energy", although none seems to have tried to detect whether it was arcane or divine magic.

Other, more forgotten scholars, believed it was actually a warning sent by the gods of dark times to come (meaning the fall of a sorshef rider from the sky), and that perhaps it contained a solution for the troubles that lay ahead.

Unfortunately, none knows what became of this sacred relic. It was actually taken by the fleeing Sahi priests when the city fell to the Shadow, along with all their sacred books and treasures. Now they are hiding in the forest of the Sahi, lost in conjectures and lacking the power and knowledge to decipher the item's truth.

This item is actually a huge lump of a fallen meteorite that "fell from the sky". It is made of metal unknown on Aryth.

So far, scholars have made a few hypotheses about it.

Some astrologers believe that, as stars are actually holes in the sky, if one could compute where it fell from, placing oneself under the "hole" it has left in the sky might allow to reach the Gods (since in this place the Veil would be "pierced"), of course only in special astrological conditions that are met only every century.

Some loremasters believe its metal has the power to nullify all divine might and that it could be used to craft relics, weapons of power that could allow to fight the legates and perhaps the Night Kings or Izrador themselves. So far, none ever dared to experiment this on the sacred Sky-Star.

Some others still believe it can be used as a powerful symbol of the sarcosan faith to rally the people around them, giving them proof of the Sorshef's existence, and unite them in the resistance against Izrador. Soem particularly high-ranking sahi priests harbor some tiny lumps made into a metallic star, which they weat in a necklace. The people whisper that it allows them to see things from the past or the future, and even hear the voices of the sky-riders.

Some, none or all of the above might be true. It will be up to the PCs to discover it.

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Hiding from Shadow

« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2006, 02:13:03 PM »

Everbloombush Berries

The origins of this plant are lost to time, and several different legends bring different versions to the story.

It is said that, before the Dorns came to Eredane, the continent was spotted by many forests, even across the central plains and the mountains.

Slowly, they were devoured by the newcomers, who wielded axe in order to bring warmth for their homes, but also space for their fields.

It is said that many fey druids tried to oppose such hash treatment of their lands, only to meet a violent end from dornish colonists. On their graves, new plants were to be found: a high silver-colored fern, that would always bear grapes of blood-red berries. Dorns quickly learnt to avoid these, as eating them would mean almost certain death. But those who dared it and survived somehow would become attracted to the wild, and become famed wildlanders or druids. (mechanical effects up to the DM).

Another tale speaks of the death of the wood elf hero Iruniel at the hands of brutish orcs, trying to protect a sacred grove. It is said that Nurellia herself took pity of this sacrifice, and on the spot where Irunie'sl blood was spilled, grew a high silver-colored fern, that would always bear grapes of blood-red berries. It is rumoured that any good-hearted person can eat these fruits and feel no hunger, thirst or pain for a week (acts as a good berry). Elf herbalists also claim that the berries, if properly wielded, can act as a powerful poison against orcs (see Orcbane stats).

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« Reply #4 on: August 09, 2006, 02:13:43 PM »

The Lost Centaurs of the Plains

(author: Galieo)

Brushing back his long black hair, Ashim huddled by the turf and dung fire, its fetid smoke wafted up into the darkening night. “Please tell of the horsemen, Sahi Yelim, tell me the tales of the Joined Riders,” requested the Sarcosan youth as his shining eyes peered up over the wizened old man’s shoulder and stared at the skies above as the glittering lights of night began to reveal themselves. The old man did not reply at first, instead he began to tap the fire with his staff throwing up a shower of sparks. Then in a deep and sonorous voice that belied his wrinkled features, he growled lowly “Behold!” as his left arm shot out pointing at a collection of closely grouped stars. Over the smoky campfire, Yelim told his tale.

Many Sarcosan believe the Horse Plains of Erenland first obtained its name from their herds of horses that race to and fro across the level earth; but like much of Eredane there is oftentimes a foundation to a name with its own troubled history. Many believe that the stories of centaurs are purely the stuff of the Sahi as they relate the stories now etched in the heavens—stories of noble riders joined to their steeds which dot the starry skies. Occasionally one may find strange paintings of horsed men upon cave walls that seem to speak of a time lost to antiquity, but in these broken times such discoveries are quickly forgotten in the on-going struggle for survival.

Before the dawning of the Dornish migration, the Caransil called those hearty plains the rochlad and its people the rocheduŕinŕ—the Centaurs—in memory of those that once dwelt with their fey ancestors, the elthedar. Much knowledge is lost in these last days, but ancient elven texts tell of the Centaurs even before the time of Falling Sky, the Sundering. Unlike many creatures before the Sundering, the Centaurs were not bound to other planes and times, though they shared this world with such creatures. As a result, their fate was not to suffer the tragedy of many of the sunder-bound, but rather to watch friend and ally slowly succumb to the pain, despair and eventual insanity that plagued many in those dark times. How the Centaurs viewed the fall from grace especially of the Unicorn, there erstwhile ally and companion upon the plains can only be guessed at; broken pieces of elven poetry speak of the loss. Again, much truth is lost and clothed only in myth.

The Centaur troops that dotted the plains are not lost, rather they have lost themselves with purpose. In the madness of the Sundering, as Eredane was cloaked in darkness and the lands were transformed, the Centaur fled underground all the time pining for the open fields and grasslands of their ancestors. These once great warriors were forced to retreat from the broken world above. Their art and artifacts can yet be found, etchings of life before the darkness and fall of Izrador.

Always able to see well in the dark, the Centaur slowly evolved into a more nocturnal and partially subterranean race. Since the time of the Sundering, they live isolated in various parts of Eredane, small clans untracked and unwatched. Never numerous, they have not thrived below ground and still require various items from the surface. For a time the highland imps were trading partners, but as the imps have virtually disappeared, the Centaurs have grown even more cautious over the intervening centuries. It is rumored that some of the Centaur yet still reveal themselves, sometimes to a lonely druid or wildlander, but few place much credence in such stories.

What knowledge these shy folk yet preserve from the past can only be guessed at, but if rocheduŕinŕ do truly survive many would plumb the depths of their wisdom--for good or evil.

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« Reply #5 on: August 09, 2006, 02:14:26 PM »

The Water's Riddle

(author: vanderhagast)

Long-lost lore tells of an enchantress from the realms of water who spend countless hours observing the shores with her divine magic. She fell in love with a smith's son, a human soldier.
The legend tells of the time when the first war came to Aryth, when the enchantress saw in her pool the demise of her beloved. She decided to leave her realm in an attempt to protect him, eventhough she knew his future could not be prevented.
On the night before the young man left for battle, a young maiden brought a most fantastic sword to his father. She left after only saying 'with this, he might not perish'.

The old smith took in his hand an orb made of crystal. It was light, yet it appeared to have been filled with the purest water. He gave it to his son, who took it to battle.

The young man died, clutching the orb in his hand...its whereabouts are not known as of today.

The Water's Riddle is a covenant item, it is an orb made of a strange crystal which, is believed, can't be broken.
hardness 15, 10hp
it regenerates 3hp per round underwater(the orb)

level 1: Prevention
Detect Magic (3 times per day, upon concentration)
+2 to swimming checks

level 3: Protection
+1 to saves, +1 to AC while held on off-hand
+2 to saves, +2 to AC while held on primary hand
+4 to saves, +4 to AC while held on both hands(no weapons)

level 5: Divination
+once per day, when submerged on a body of water, the holder may ask a simple question, the cryptic answer will be seen inside the orb

level 7: Illusion
+once per day, while holding the orb, the holder may activate its power to create 1d4+1 Mirror Images of himself(if he releases the orb the spell is cancelled)

level 10: Abduction
Whenever the holder wills, if he submerges in a body of water he'll become invisible to those above the water, the orb grats water breathing for up to one hour...as a downside...there is a 5% chance each time the power is used that the holder will vanish under the water, never to reappear under any circumstances...it is said the enchantress has taken many to her bossom for her protection.

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Whisper's Will

« Reply #6 on: August 09, 2006, 02:15:14 PM »

I have deleted what I have already approved to the site articles: Pilalr of Sun covenant spells. Wink

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects."
 - Attributed to Herman Melville.
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« Reply #7 on: August 09, 2006, 02:15:42 PM »

The Crown of Flames

(author: Reideen)

This Crown is said to be an ancient dornish relict and symbolises everything a Dorn stands for. Superiority in Battle, Pride, Wisdom and Honor. It is said that the first king of house Torbault wore this crown. It wans't called crown of flames at this time, though. It became a convent item and a heirloom to house Torbault.
But in the second war against Izrador the kin of Hedgreg the Younger fought an ancient Dragon that has allied with Izrador because his body and mind has been corrupted by the dark god.

It threatened the dornish people to help the shadow squeezing into the land and cost the lives of many proud people. It was then when a young prince took his best men to destroy the threat.
In midst the battle, the young prince Sigurd, the Courageous, lost his crown and it was burned by the flame of the Dragon, deformed and unwearable. At the sight of his destroyed heirloom, Sigurd frenzied and fought the battle with unbelievable might. Eventually, the dragon fell at his hands and the help of a hundred dornish fighters.

What exactly happened, is unknown but dornish skaalds sing of Sigurd, who has ripped the corruption out of the heart, of the dead dragon. The dead dragon's spirit thanked Sigurd for freeing him of the corruption and transformed into a red ruby-like stone called "Karfunkle". When he took the remains of his once great crown he cried at the sight of it and apollogized to his ancestors, for his failure. The soul of the dragon, trapped into the Karfunkle by free will, used its powers one more time to reshape the crown and imbed himself within it. The Item is a gold, flame shaped crown with the Karfunkle at the forehead.

Sigurd's reign as "Dragonprince" didn't last long as he died some months later at the hand of an great surprise attack. It is said he killed some hundred orcs with the help of the crown before he succumbed to exhaustion and to the spells of a legate but no one is alive to verify that since, as he died, the crown bursted into flames, burning everything in about a mile diameter.
When the follow legates came to search the crown it wasn't at the head of prince Sigurd. His body alone was not burned to crisps but the crown wasn't there either.

It is said that the crown was rediscovered, by Hedgreg the Last, some weeks before he died, only to disappear again after that. Some skaalds say the dragon was not purified by Sigurd and that the Karfunkle was a trap, cursed by Izrador to kill the dornish princes and some others say the princes would have died sooner without the crown. Even others said, as the user uses the crowns great potential to change the course of the battles he is fighting the crown takes its toll, since such power can not be hold for long by a mortal body.

Whether the crown is,a convent Item, a cursed Item or just a normal crown that has happened to be there when two princes died it is an item of legend.

Next :
The hailing Fist
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« Reply #8 on: August 13, 2006, 10:34:22 AM »

the hailing fist
(by KPippinger)

Legends speak of Durok Ironhammer, a great dwarven warrior and master smith,in the time of the first age. He crafted for himself a glove made of purest mithral before going on a quest to save his kin from the corruption of Izrador. It is said that upon entering the realm of Izrador he was met by a great host of his kin deformed into degenerate orcs. With his gloved hand raised high and balled into a fist he hailed the leader of the horde and challenged him to single combat, with the winner claiming the right of leadership over the losers clan. The fight waged on for three days and nights, as the orcish leader had been gifted with power from Izrador. During the fight Durok managed to fend off almost all blows by the orcish leader with his mailed fist, finally wresting away the orcish leaders weapon. Just as he prepared to land his final blow and crush the orcish leaders head, thereby reclaiming the clan of corrupted dwarves, the orcish leader sprang forth and bit out Durok's throat. With this mighty wound Durok, clasped the fist to his throat and was healed, only to be overrun by the horde as Izrador, have seen his minion fail, gaurunteed his minions would continue to seve him. Legends say that The Hailing Fist of Durok was never found and his demise left none of the orcish horde standing.
The Hailing Fist is a covenant item
1st lvl - Parry
This ability allows the wearer to make an attack roll against one opponent each round, using his adjusted roll as his defense.
To use this power a character must have a Dex of thirteen of higher and the feat weapon finesse.

3rd lvl - DR 3/-
To unlock this power, a character must have at least five ranks in Armorsmith

5th lvl - Indefatigable
This power allows the wearer to fight on when lesser mortals would falter. As long as the wearer is in combat he never need worry about fatigue, but as soon as combat finishes he is fatigued for 1 hr per 4 hours of combat past the first 8 hrs of combat.
To unlock this power a character must fight for 12 hours without faltering.

7th lvl - Ensnare
This power grants the wielder with the improved disarm feat and gives him an additional +4 bonus to his disarm attempt
To unlock this power, a character must disarm a foe in combat with the glove.

9th lvl - Heal 1/day
To unlock this power, a character must defeat a foe in a combat in which he is knocked into a dying state

13th lvl - Heat of the Forge
This ability creates an inferno hot enough to forge mithral, but it is actually a retributive strike, doing 15d6 to all creatures within 100' of the wearer.
Sorry guys, but a character must die to invoke this one.

Hope ya'll like this, it's my first post.

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« Reply #9 on: January 22, 2008, 02:54:08 AM »

Blood Drinker

The Blood Drinker is the focus of a myth common to all plains-faring cultures.  Legend has is that long ago, before the old gods fell silent, a war raged in the heavens.  Flames could be seen shooting from the Sun, and the Moon flashed and shivered all night long.  It was said that the two warred, each fighting for a different faction.  Then came a day when the Moon blotted the Sun from the sky.  The world held its breath as they waited to see which would win out in the melee.  Darkness crept over the plains, and just when people were certain the Moon was the victor, the Sun burst forth.  From that moment on, the Sun and Moon were silent, having made a grudging peace it would appear.  It was whispered that the Moon had been possessed by a foul demon, who had used it to wage unholy war upon the Sun, and during the melee the Sun evicted the spirit, casting it out of the heavens, and down amongst the people of the plains.  It is said that this creature walks the night, still fearing the face of the Sun who conquered it, and it still dreams of completing its quest of destroying the Sun.  But so weakened by the battle was it, that it needs to draw strength now from a new source: the blood of the plains folk.  It haunts the outskirts of camps, steering clear of the fires, the children of the Sun, waiting for the lost or confused or drunk to stumble out of the safety of the light and into its clutches, and to drink their blood. 

Used as an admonisment for a variety of things, ranging from not tending the fire, imbibing too heavily, wandering off alone, or not be a good child, the Blood Drinker was more legend than anything else.   But in recent times, with the fall of the Shadow, the story has taken on a new, more serious tone and village elders will swear they have seen the work of the Blood Drinker first hand.

Next:  The Fire-Breath of Rydian

[OoC]*bump* except not because it's a sticky and all...I really like the idea of these, and think they've been idle too long...

Dunkin stats
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The Fire-Breath of Rydian

Deep in a remote corner of the Aruun Jungle are the ruins of an ancient structure who's purpose has been lost to time. Some ancient cataclysm sank the ground into the bowl-shaped hollow it is today. The tops of the strange structure still rise above the quicksand-like mud which fills most of the large depression. The spires of the structure are made of solid, untarnished gold and rise coiling out of the bog, looking like gleaming, twisted fangs. They are always set in groups of three and spiral upwards, slowly twisting around each other.

This strange location is the lowest point in the jungle for nearly 100 miles in any direction, but it is surrounded in a ridge ringed in strong, thick trees who's branches have intertwined making a thick canopy that lets in little light. Thick, ropy vines hang and loop from above and a large community of aggressive baboons make their homes in the branches above the sunken structure.

The air is thick with heavy swamp gasses that are slowly released into the bowl. While not toxic, they are unpleasant and when they gather thick enough they are quite flammable. Explorers would do well to avoid bringing torches into areas where the gas is pooling on the surface of the muck.

Below the surface, if a creature could breathe without air and see through the muck, they would see that the majority of the structure is carved with ancient pictographs that bear a striking resemblance to Old Dwarven. Give the proximity of the Aruunath mountains, and the fact that a number of ruins that could be dwarven in origin have been discovered there, it's possible that the site had some kind of signifigance to a race of long forgotten Aruunath dwarves. It is also possible that the Dwarven alphabet has roots in another culture or tradition that even they no longer remember.

The structure itself is mostly open, with stone pillars and walkways, now ruined sunken, which once stretched in a strange geometric web. The golden spires seem to rise out of the tops of the pillars and if one were to connect the pillars in their imaginations they would find that the connections run perpendicular to where the walk ways once were.

The most alarming and dangerous fact of the site is the audible static charge that builds up during times of heavy weather. Along with the hum, strange runes written in electrical buildup are faintly visible along the length of the spires and even in certain areas of the visible stone. The golden fangs seem to resonate and hum. When this sound fills the air the surrounding jungle becomes deathly quiet. Even the raucous baboons find places high in the canopy to hide and wait.

If the hum and static builds long enough, a spark will eventually discharge, leaping from one fang to another and then running down the length of it. Before the structure sank, the lightning was probably used for something, or simply discharged into he ground. Today, it strikes the surface of the mire, and causes the heavy gasses to ignite, even traveling to the pockets below, causing the surface to the mire to become a pool of blue fire with occasional bight red explosive bursts erupting from below.

The Danisil call this event the Fire Breath of Rydian, named after a legendary spirit of lightning and fire that is said to have once dwelt on the highest peak of the Aruunath. It is unpredictable in occurrence, and short in duration, but unsurpassed in  it's strange beauty.

Whatever it's original purpose, the sight is now only ever visited by Danisil Channelers who wish to harness the electrical buildup for use in enchanting or rituals. Since the Erethor has gone for so long without an actual storm, this place is one of the only sources of lighting to be found.

The few channelers who have frequented this place have said that on occasion, when working divinations or abjurations they have felt the presence of something foreboding. The only thing they seem to agree on when discussing it, is that it seems to come from deep below them.

Unknown even to the Danisil is the fact that every year, on the night of the longest full moon, the Heepa-Heepa gather at this place and perform a strange, soundless, dance-like ritual. It's purpose remains a mystery to all but them.

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The Titan's Mask

On the dais in the Aruun clearing known as Spririt's Twilight, where witchlight flickers beneath the jungle's thickest canopy, lies a mask. Only a very few mortals have ever seen beyond the guardian spirits to catch a glimpse of the treasure, but among the Danisil there are some of their more daring scouts who can tell tales of it. Even these warriors, however, hardened and tested by the demon-infested depths of the jungle, explorers who will gleefully tell you the gruesome story of each and every scar on their battle-torn bodies, cannot speak of it without difficulty.

The Mask, they say, is possessed of a beauty beyond anything ever seen on any mortal face. Merely thinking back on the memory will bring tears to their eyes, so great is their sorrow that they could never get close enough to see the Mask clearly. It is their fondest wish, they will tell you, to one day hold the Mask in their hands. They have spent their lives fighting back the demons trapped on Aryth, and to see that face drove away some of the fear they've fought their whole lives. They often grow quiet for a moment, here, and then tell you they know not what the Mask could possibly depict. If pressed for their thoughts, they will grow quiet for a moment, and then whisper of a being almost never heard of on Aryth for the last thousand years. An angel. It holds the face of an angel.

The Mask is an ancient artifact containing the spirit of the angel Caelsorika. It was originally designed to be a channel for divine power, gifting champions chosen by their faith with access to the knowledge and powers of a Solar. For more information on the spirit within the Mask, check this thread on Kel'Sorak the Skin Thief. For information on the nexus Spirit's Twilight, go here.

Two years since I said I would post this 'tomorrow'. Timely, ain't I?

Oh, and a side note - man, I'd love it if other people started picking up these chains again. I love the concept.

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The Glass Whip:

   The war for Erethor takes a terrible tole upon the Elves who fight for their home, many lose their lives and join the Whisper of the Woods. Others, however, sometimes lose their spirit to fight a seemingly never ending war against the Burning Line.  Denethrin was one such Elf.  Born near the fortress of Fachtendom in the year 847 of the Third Age, Denethrin, a Caransil Elf had a relatively peaceful childhood while sheltered in the forest and showed a remarkable talent for Channeling at an early age.  In time he also discovered he was very adept at understanding and caring for the land, he loved watching things grow, especially flowers, so the spring was his favorite time of year. Despite promptings from his friends and family to travel south and learn the ways of the Druids, he instead chose to become a caretaker of the forest, a Gardener of Erethor.

   Deciding to learn as much of the ways of care taking of the land as he could he traveled outside of the forest to learn the ways of other races farming.  First he went to the Half-lings because of the bond between them and the Elves, later to Central and then Southern Erenland.  As the years went by he learned many techniques some old and known by his people others newly developed. He learned how to work fields that were not so richly bountiful as the forest he called home and he came to enjoy one flower in particular called a rose. It was in Southern Erenland, while deciding to either head to Northern Erenland, East to the Kaladruns, or even further South toward Asmadar, that word came of Orcish armies pouring out from the North.  He returned home, and war followed.

   Decades of fighting passed, slowly his friends and family died one by one, the spring no longer brought him any joy. The Burning line began and his heart sank as the forest slowly succumbed to the flames.  It wasn't until the fortress of Fachtendom, his home, had been taken by the nightmare that was Grial the Fey Killer and turned into the enemies primary assault point that Denethrin truly came to despair.  He left the war front and headed west to the Miraleen.  He was welcomed by his brethren and it was there he stayed for some time looking over his old maps from before the war thinking back to his earlier days.  He noticed that one of his maps he had collected of the Kaladruns showed a small section of forest known as Highwood and decided he would take a ship to the edge of the White Desert and spend the rest of his days in the woods far away from this terrible war.  Though it pained him to lie to his brethren he could not watch the forest burn anymore. With some doing he managed to convince some of the Miransil he had a terribly important mission to the Dwarves and needed transport to the White Desert.

   Months later after a successful voyage to the other side of the continent and managing to deceive those he traveled with he began his travels across the desolate terrain, never intending to return.  During his entire trek he grappled with his decision of abandoning his people. Though it was dangerous he was able to cross the desert with relative ease and swiftness thanks to his magics.  His maps though old, were accurate and he found his way to Highwood.  Despite his personal misgivings he felt a sense of freedom for reaching his goal and decided that he could at least try to aid the land.  Starting at the edge of the forest he named the area his new home and began to bend his magic toward aiding the land in growing the forest outward into the Desert.  Several years went by and the land began to show real promise.  He started with a garden and due to his care the surrounding area began to show more life, trees and plants were growing and for a time he knew real peace again. 

   Until one night he awoke, the wards he had set alerting him to intruders.  He could hear the crashing sound of something large and then the howling of Orcs.  As he readied himself for battle he heard a commanding voice giving orders, it was the voice of a Human rather than an Orc.  The crashing grew louder and suddenly a huge creature almost 15 feet in length, he had never seen but had heard enough stories about to recognize came barreling through.  A Dragon.  As it came into view he felt terror well up within him and he wanted to run but he held himself firm and stood his ground.  He would not give up his new home, he then called upon his powers and entangled the creature with the vines and plants.  The Dragon which looked wrong somehow, roared in defiance, Orchish battle cries became louder, the sounds of bowstrings being pulled back and released sounded in the distance, and then the word "Channeller!!!" was shouted by the non Orcish voice.  For a moment the world seemed to hold it's breath and then everything came crashing down all at once.

   The fighting spilled over next to where he was, Orcs were running in and the Dragon was bleeding heavily.  The Dragon unleashed a cone of superheated sand which blasted a number of Orcs and glassed most of the surrounding foliage. Realizing he didn't have the energy required to stop them all, he called to his magic to shield him and then reached out and grabbed at a mostly intact rose vine, cutting himself in the process and channeled magic into it to make it stronger and more useful as a weapon.  The next few minutes were a haze of blood-shed and screams of pain, Denethrin lashed out against the Orcs that came for him.  At some point the Dragon unleashed another blast of superheated sand that caught Denethrin and he was left unconscious.  He awoke in the morning light, the fighting was over, all the Orcs were either dead or run off. The Legate had been torn to pieces and the Dragon was nowhere to be found but pools of blood lead out into the desert.  His new home however was in ruins.

   Denethrin nearly fell into despair yet again at the destruction. But then he noticed the vine he had been using lying on the ground.  It was completely encased in red glass. When he picked it up however it moved like the vine should have.  After testing it he noticed the glass did not break.  He decided at that moment that he would not let  himself fall to despair again, he could not.  His heart, just like the rose whip, had been wrapped in glass. A glass whip.

Mechanics:  The Glass Whip is a Covenant Item and is a 15 foot long rose vine that is covered in thorns and shielded in blood red glass.  It has a Hardness of 7 and 10 hit points.

1st Lvl: The wielder is treated as having Exotic weapon proficiency- whip when wielding this weapon.  If the wielder already has proficiency with this item they are treated as having Weapon Focus instead.  Thanks to the glass thorns the whip does lethal instead of non-lethal damage and does damage regardless of targets armor class.

3rd Lvl: The Glass Whip gains a +1 enhancement bonus.

5th Lvl: Glass Heart- The heart of the wielder becomes hardened to outside influences.  The wielder of the Glass whip gains a +1 to all Will saves. Additionally he gains an additional +2 against fear and Enchantment/Mind affecting effects.

7th Lvl: Once per day after successfully striking a target with a critical hit, you may cast Vampiric Touch.  C.L.-10th.

9th Lvl: The enhancement bonus increases to +2 and you no longer provoke attacks of opportunity when using the whip in Melee.

11th-Lvl: The wielder is now treated as having the Improved Critical-Whip feat.

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