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Author Topic: Until None Remain: A Campaign Resource  (Read 2315 times)
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« on: August 09, 2006, 10:58:06 AM »

The PC's are playing four young heroes whose town was burned to the ground in an orc raid. The shadow forces were searching for a resistance sympathizer who had stolen the 'blueprints' for the Corinth Mirrors. The heroes managed to defend their town and save the scrollcase, albeit at the cost of every life other than their own. Homeless and destitute, the group heeded the dying words of the carrier of the scrollcase to head "West." They suffered many wounds, physical and emotional along the way, but they key event came to pass when they innocently wandered into Cale, and gained audience with the vile Vorzelem. On condition of their life, they were geased to find the demon an ancient enemy, the celestial archon Lathga. Blindly, they headed south, not knowing how or where to find this angellic being. In the midst of a powerful rainstorm, the group found refuge in an old abandoned keep several hundred miles south of Cale. This is where their destiny slowly revealed itself.

The keep was borne a curse one hundred years ago. It was the final residence of House Redguard, impenitrible from the outside as it stood attacks from the Shadow far longer than it should have. It was in this, that the keep fell from within... a traitor. Since that day, the spirits who resided forever lived the few days leading to their betrayel over and over again, not knowing the reason for their death. The traitor held dominion over the keep, his flesh still clad on his bones in the form of a hideous wight.

The heroes saw only the vision of the keep as it was before it fell, a humble abode for the last days of the Redguard line. Over the next several days, they lived through the experience, and uncovered the conspiracy, freeing the spirits from the grip of the now slain wight. As they emerged victorious, the young Roland of Redguard awaited atop his powerful steed and presented them with a scroll, nearly one thousand years old. The scroll, Roland informed them, had waited this long to reach the hands of the Terlas.

The scroll spoke of four human children who would liberate the kingdom of Redguard in a time when it was reduced to ash. To do so, they would battle the six Morevadu, the spawn children of Vorzelem, until none remained. The scroll was cryptic, and left many things unsaid.

Two scrolls, two destinies.

They continued west, for surely fate would find them, no matter how begrungingly they accepted it. So it came to pass that they met and faced each of the Morevadu on the fields of battle, and they were the victors. They lost many friends, including the celestial they had been geased to find. With the essence of each child in a sacred amulet, and the heart of Lathga, they returned to Vorzelem and made their stand.

The day passed, and Cale was liberated.

Much more happened then what I was able to summarize, but that was the main thrust of my campaign. The blueprints for the Corinth Mirrors were delivered to the elves in Caradul, Lathga the Hound Archon was found but killed in battle with Anaximath, and the PC's united the dwarven clans and ended the threat of an exedous. However, the story does not end with all victory. It is important I point out the six Morevadu to bridge this with my sequel.

The Six Spawn of Vorzelem:

Seradonna: A powerful chaneller vampiress, the only vampire who ever existed on Aryth, now destroyed.

Mazek'or: A massive ogre half fiend with huge black bat wings clad in obsidian plate armour, now destroyed.

Bakel'zremac: A minotaur half fiend, wickedly strong and cunning, the only minotaur on Aryth now destroyed.

Prael: A human barbarian werewolf, torn between his fate and his desires. A gentle being who loved the lands of Aryth, but died because of the fate he was given. The only werewolf to exist on Aryth, now destroyed.

Feragul: A loner half fiend mountain giant who existed in the far recesses of the Kaladrun Mountains, now destroyed.

Bremmenon: A psychotic Erenlander half fiend hell bent on inheriting the world... now destroyed.

Unbeknownst to all of my players, in the combat with Prael, one of their number was infected with his disease. This is no ordinary disease, and herein lies my new campaign.

An elven hero joined their ranks after the group defeat of Anaximath. The elf had been captured for twenty years along with a handful of Sular, trapped in the lair of the beast. Indebted, he joined their party and their quest. It was he who was bitten and now carries the disease. On his return home, the elf was given charge of a large allied army and put to task on defending the walls of the Erethor. In the next several months, the beast inside slowly took over. (On a side not, interestingly enough, his heroic path was Beast, making this storyline very potent.) It was not long before he was slaying hundreds of orcs on his own, and not long after that he began to turn on his own. For the safety of his people, the once proud Elven hero was locked away and forever banished to a solitary existance of madness and depravity.

However, this spot of darkness was but a shadow in waiting of an eclipse.

Until None Remain, Part II

The disease is like no other seen on the face of Aryth. The bite of the Elven hero passed the virus onto others. Only those of strong constitution lived to see the full moon that decided whether they lived or died. The weak instantly fell dead, only to rise moments later, frothing at the mouth, newly grown fangs glistening in the moonlight. The strong, however, felt no change... not until the full moon. The first silver light transformed them into hulking wolf beasts, stronger than any orc, faster than any plains cheetah. They suffered no ill effect from the disease.. it empowered them.

The problem was growing however, both sides of the war were being affected by an epidemic of these mad creatures who would slay a foe, and then it would arise as bloodthirsty as its slayer. Quarantines were put into effect, and massive pyres lit the dark battlefields like beacons for the death spirit. It was of no use.

The plague, now called the Hiaveth disease, was spreading and could not be stopped.

There was one elf, saddened by the madness of his general, who sought help when others had given up hope. He was one of the strong diseased who loathed the power he was given. His own general had bitten him while he slept, and since that day, he was unstoppable. He needed help, and his idea led him to the far south of the Aruun jungles. His mother always told him of the powerful witch shamans of the Danisil, perhaps they would have answers to cure him of this disease, and to cure his general of his madness.

It was unfortunate that the full moon came to him on the first night he stayed with a Danisil outpost, and that his urge to kill proved to destroy it. Now what was he to do? Before this all came to pass, the chieftan of the outpost spoke of another settlement, a full village to the south.

There was only one thing to do, and so he set out.

The breadth of this campaign is more ambitious than anything I have undertaken before, as the disease is spreading and the world is straining against it. I have already told my players that this campaign could literally be the last one I run, as it could destroy the world. There is only one way to undo this disease;

Resurrect Vorzelem and bind his essence so a cure can be made. His essence is the true source of lycanthropy, and with it the disease will be destroyed.
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