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Author Topic: The Origin of the Sorshef  (Read 1930 times)
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« on: August 09, 2006, 10:38:31 AM »

It was a plague born of our own indescretion, a nightmare wrought of our desire for power. They came for us from the blackness between stars, spiralling from the celestial heavens in forms too hideous to describe. The Sorshef hungered for blood, they desired the flesh of our people and so they descended to our lands and devoured nations that were unaware of our folly. Those priests who stood with me watched in horror as the creatures we released terrorized our great people. There was one hope to redeem our transgression, thrust upon the Star Towers our ancestors had constructed in times forgotten. These artifacts held great power, their physical arrangement invoking divine power from the stars, bestowing my people with the ability to travel along the bodies of the celestial lights. It was I who arranged for my colleagues to ascend to the heavens, their very spirit bound eternally to the star patterns I wove to imprison those demons who ravaged the lands. My brotherhood of priests sacrificed their physical self to be stored and bound forever within the starry host. When all were gone, the mighty Jamazil (King Sorcerers.) cast forth their banishing magics, returning the Sorshef to the void between the stars and it was my brotherhood who would be the wardens of the night sky. May this parable never be forgotten upon the hearts and tongues of my people, lest we forget and grow complacent in our vigilence against those that wait. May the vile name Sorshef forever be our enemy until time ends us.

The Parable of the Sorshef
Harazat An'Kalil
High Sahi Priest of Sarcosia

Shadowfane and I had kicked around an idea for the Sorshef when we were originally picked to do Star and Shadow. In the end, we decided it was too controversial to go with it, but it was fun writing it up anyway.

The Sorshef were actually powerful demons, banished to the darkness between the stars. The were bound to their prisons by a powerful ward which became known as the Star Towers, arranged in a powerful pattern. Over the centuries, the parables of the Sorshef became skewed and misrepresented into what it is in the modern version we read about now. There was a Nexus southwest of Sharuun (I can't remember the name) that was being used by a cult as a way to bring back the Sorshef. In the write up, it says the nexus is being used to call up some powerful evil, but all it requires is one key ingredient (or something like that.) I had written that it was the blood of the high sahi priest. 
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