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Author Topic: The Houndmaster  (Read 1868 times)
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« on: January 19, 2017, 11:41:05 PM »

Just an idea i had that i thought i might share. No specifics have been added in terms of stats etc, but im sure if anyone likes it they can flesh it out for themselves. I appologise if its difficult to read due to the layout, i just imported it straight from a notepad and im not too fussed with it looking too pretty.

The Houndmaster:

The houndmaster of old was a wizened and respected Druid. Using his knowledge and hedge magic he bred his pack, a group of dogs the likes of which are seldom seen today. Strong, loyal, fearless and tough, yet still gentle and kind.

Before the arrival of the Shadow his pack were prized guards to visiting nobility and his sage advice was respected and often sought after. When the Shadow came however, all this slowly began to change.

In the early days he and his pack valiantly defended the borders of the Ebonglades, every mile the shadow took was paid for in a rich sea of their own blood.

Entreated by his elven allies he struck further out, though the costs were higher, he felt that the heavy price for freedom was still worth it.

The Shadow, realising the threat of the houndmaster, set about planning his downfall, they turned their Astirax' loose.

His dogs were paragons, but the Astirax were Imbued with fell energy and cunning. Over many months they hunted down and slaughtered all but a handful of his remaining hounds.

The Alpha bitch of the Astirax, Kharin, a demon blood, allowed herself to be captured by the houndmaster.

Knowing her intelligence he questioned her about the Shadows plans, its tactics, its goals. His first mistake was letting her live, he kept her locked away until he could decide what her fate would be.

Kharin knew she had to be patient, she kept a facade of loyalty and cooperation, she fed him valuable information enabling him to claim decisive victories against the Shadows forces. Over time his guard began to drop, her apparent loyalty to him and his pack finally won him over.

It was a almost two years later that Kharin chose to set into place the seed of her "masters" corruption, she did so gently, tentatively, expressing worry over the stagering losses to her new family.

Her suggestion; breed more hounds, using Hedge magic to quicken their growth, producing larger numbers of combat ready hounds, the dogs would be less intelligent given they would reach maturity much faster, but they would be just as strong, just as fearless as their brothers and sisters and in time, under the houndmasters guidance, would still grow into the paragons of their breed. She offered herself to be bred.

The houndmaster agreed with her plan, but chose instead to use his prized bitch Vharn. Soon his pack was almost repopulated. But the shadow struck again, the lessened intelligence of his new packmates and Kharin's help resulted in far easier capture and execution than before. Amongst the many and staggering losses, unsurprisingly, was Vharn.

The houndmaster was beyond grief, he could think of no way to safeguard his lands or to avoid the complete destruction of his family.

Again Kharin spoke to her "master". The gentle beguileing magic of the Shadow seeping into her words. Do it again, only this time, make the stock stronger. Again she offered herself and reluctantly the houndmaster agreed.

The first litter to be born to Kharin were bigger and stronger than any before them, taking from their mother their coats were a sleek black with patches of tan brown (Rottweiler), heavily muscled and frighteningly intelligent.

The houndmaster released his new pack on the forces of the Shadow and their retribution was swift and brutal.

Seeing the effectiveness of his new family he began breeding Kharin with more of his pack. Though they were loyal, many sensed the evil spreading amongst them and refused to mate, they were sumarily destroyed. Kharin blamed the Shadow, describing in great detail the deadly ambushes that had resulted in their deaths, with her offspring validating the story, the houndmaster sadly accepted the ever mounting loses.

Kharin however was not finished. She secretly slew many of the pack, including some of her own children and the Houndmaster was once more overcome with grief.

Again she approached him entreating him to strengthen the pack, but this time, with his own seed.

Beastiality was a taboo subject amongst the druids, with many having such a strong affinity to nature that not everyone agreed that it was wrong.

His grief and the effect of the shadow's touch swayed him.

The first of his new family were born soon after, demon blood Astirax infused with the houndmasters latent magic, ferocious and deadly. Those that remained of his initial pack abandoned him that day to find refuge in their elven allies and that betrayal left a bitter taste in the houndmasters mouth, urged on by Kharin, of the obvious deceipt by his former allies, the houndmaster chose to temprarily cease his war on the Shadow in favour of vengeance against the elves.

To this day the Houndmaster and his demon spawn wage a battle of attrition against the already tired and battleweary elves.
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