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Author Topic: Starting new game on Paizo  (Read 1844 times)
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« on: September 24, 2013, 10:20:36 AM »

Hi, folks. I'm starting new game on Paizo forum. This will be a points of light campaign, which assumes that several major things happened to the setting.

Late La 97 Arador was found by Erend the Bleak, Erunthalion the Eldest and the rest of their Broken Company. Apparently, the mighty nexus was drained in order to empower a number of artifacts called Elthedar Seeds. The exact number of these Seeds is unknown, but early LA 98 two of those Seeds were given to Aradil, who almost immediately after that disappeared into her secret chambers in the Elder Tree. The third Seed was taken to the lair of Xircxi, the Patriarch of Dragons, and used to break Izrador's curse over him.

Summer LA 98, Grial the Fey Killer suddenly disappeared. Rumors started that Sunulael's legates are to be blamed for this. That, along with the terrible plague that has decimated orcish ranks, caused great riots among the orcs stationed along the Burning Line. Legates were killed without prejudice and orcs started to fight amongst themselves. Zardrix herself was dispatched to cow the rebellious orcs, but as she approached Erethor, Xircxi- once again in his full might - rose from the forest and confronted her. Locked in the throws of bestial rage, Zardrix followed him into the very heart of the woods, but that proved to be her - or better yet, Izrador's - undoing. As already happened once before, while flying above deep woods Zardrix was possessed by Whisper, which enabled her to regain some part of her soul. While the link with her enchanted heart was broken, she flew straight for Cambrial, attacking Sunulael and destroying both him and the black mirror of Cambrial. Resulting backlash leveled the city to the ground, and destroyed most of its inhabitants. Zardrix herself was heavily injured, but she managed to fly back to the forest, where she crashed and apparently perished. Her remains were soon overgrown with vegetation and it has proven impossible to find them. Xircxi was so badly injured during his fight with Zardrix that he flew away in an unknown direction and was not seen since. Some speculate that he perished from the wounds.

Early winter LA 98, The Broken Company invades Ardherin's stronghold. After almost two days of fighting, the Night King dies at the hand of Erend the Bleak. Erunthalion traps his father's spirit in his skull, alongside the demon that was in him. Broken Company perishes almost to a man during the fighting. Snow elves manage to free several hundred of elorg and other children from Ardherin's laboratories. Erunthalion takes them to Shadowlands, where time passes more slowly.

Late winter LA 98, Aradil goes into labor. She gives birth to a daughter and names her Orlaith, the Golden Princes. She sends her to Shadowlands for her own protection.

Early sprin LA 99, Empowered by the soul of might dragon queen, Whisper gains sentience.

Spring LA 99, the game begins.

So, any and all players are more than welcome to join.
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