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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 30 - Aftermath  (Read 1998 times)
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« on: February 14, 2011, 05:12:19 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 30 – Aftermath

I awoke in terrible pain not sure of where I was. As my eyes tried to focus, strong arms held me down. I struggled to get free and a strangely familiar voice said “your safe, don’t struggle, you’ll reopen your wounds.”

I stopped moving, blinked several times and tried to let my eyes focus and the mists clear from my head. I was in a white room with bright sunlight. The voice was Yolan’s and he stood over my bed with two attendants, also in white. Looking to my left I could see my brother Laras. He was free again which set my mind at ease.

I tried to talk, but couldn’t catch my breath. My throat was raw from the smoke and I was dying of thirst. I tried to ask for water but it sounded like a death rattle. Laras understood and brought me water.  The two attendants carefully raised my head and shoulders up so I could drink. I gulped down the water and felt a wave of fatigue and mild nausea. The attendants left me propped up with a few pillows and then stepped back.

Laras pulled a stoll over and sat down next to me. “Don’t try to speak. You’ve several broken ribs and you punctured a lung. I’ve done what I can to heal you, but you need rest. You’ll want to know that killer is dead by your blade. He was a senior legate thought dead by the order. From what could be gathered from the prisoners taken and notes on his body, he believed the order was corrupt, had turned from the true worship of our Lord, seeking power and their own glory. He hated the king and all those who supported him. He was quite mad; thinking that he could purge the order in the capital and make the city over into his own warped version of Cambrial.”

All that meant nothing to me; I just wanted to know the cost. I feebly waved my hand at Yolan and croaked out “Bashar?”

Yolan smiled, “a broken arm and a few new scars, but he’s fine. He’s already up and around and trying to restore the watch. The rest of the news is not as good; almost fifty of our men dead or crippled. Only four of the palace guard survived. From what I could tell, after you fell, the battle was far from over. That thing the madman created killed dozens of legates and snapped the Grand Legate’s neck before it was destroyed.”

I tried to take it all in; my guard force was almost gone; good men that I had trained and served with for years. As I gathered my thoughts, I saw her approach. She was beautiful and looked unmarked from the battle. Yolan stepped back and let her take his place at the side of my bed. Once she got close, I could the rings under her eyes and bruising around her neck. “You?”

“I’m fine. I stayed well clear of that beast and sought to capture the killer’s human followers. They’ll tell us much over the next few days.”

She wasn’t the last of my visitors. I saw the attendants bowing and backing away as the Prince entered. He ignored my brother and Selene and looked down on me. “You look wretched and are out of uniform. I expect you back on the job by the end of the arc. There’s much to do, and too few people to do it.”

The Prince paused for a moment, looked as if he was going to leave, then turned and said, “I sent word to the King and he is pleased. He’s not returning to the city … yet. Wheels are turning across the sea and our master is pulling the strings. The next Grand Legate of the city will be more cooperative.  Sunulael’s strength in the city has been broken. Fortune smiles on us.”

With a broad grin, the Prince turned and left. He was happy; believing all the death and destruction served a greater purpose. He was a player in the great game and I was a fortunate pawn that had survived. Days ago I was disposable, but was now a hero to be commended. All the men that died meant nothing to him or the High King. Sunulael was weakened and that was all that mattered.
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