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Author Topic: the Orcish Mafia  (Read 1722 times)
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Hiding from Shadow

« on: August 31, 2006, 12:13:52 PM »

The Orcish Mafia

It all began in Zorgetch. It had to. Considering that this is the place where all items taken by the Shadow armies eventually end up before being dispatched to the units that need them most, it was only a matter of time before someone gave in to temptation. Seeing all those foodstuffs, weapons, crafted items, clothes, tools arriving in such huge quantities, one could easily figure that no one would spot if a few of them were removed.

Zorgetch thus became the fledgling orcish underground base of operations, which is exclusively run for profit. As more and more orcs are accustomed to newfound peace in the occupied lands, and taste the drug called “freedom” that suppresses the dark dreams sent by Izrador, they slowly turn to more material needs and ways… including theft and greed.

As the orcs who take note of what is received are also the ones who decide what is to be taken, this organization potentially has access to the most incredible resources in all of Erenland.

The goods gained are “invested” in other, more lucrative illicit activities: gambling, illicit gladiatorial duels are just mere examples. Some goods are also traded for other, more useful (for an orc) items, including rank in the Shadow army or exemption from fight at the frontlines.

The organization also deals illicit drugs and alcohol, which were obtained from gnome smugglers in exchange for stolen goods in Zorgetch. It also sells non military weapons fro some orcs’ dirty  assassination jobs. Lucky charms are sold to those who are going to the warzone.

The members are recruited among those who owe the organization a debt, whether gained through gambling or other. They repay their debts by providing the following services :
- influence on orcish discipline, which includes saving a fellow orc mafioso from army punishment, or granting an enemy punishment
- poisoning an orc superior to weaken him in a duel, so that the member can win and gain rank and thus influence
- extorsion from humans and other subjugated people
- loan sharking for orc non members
- fencing goods stolen by fellow members

All this could not work without the active participation of transport and supply troops, which often includes goblins. Some scribes are also bribed, as they could reveal discrepancies between the records and the actual stocks.

This underworld organization works with gnomish smugglers, who give them the opportunity to trade each other’s illicit items and fence them. That way, gnomish liquor is often traded for orc-confiscated items, such as weapons, books, food. The orcish mafia also works with goblin slavers, who provide all sorts of slaves and prostitutes for the troops’ cruel pleasures.

The organization members are now probably the wealthiest individuals in all of Eredane, although their lives would be forfeit if any Shadow official ever found out about their treason to the war effort and the army’s discipline. A lot of time and effort is thus spent bribing or discretely removing annoying hobgoblin military police officers or investigating legates. Most of them end up with an assignment on the Kaladrun frontlines, where they meet a quick and brutal death, sometimes after a “friendly fire”…

The organization also has a very strict policy towards its members: as soon as they join (and they often don’t have the choice), their lives belong to their masters. This means that no failure is allowed. A quick, painful and dishonorable death awaits those who disappoint the leaders. This policy has so far motivated the members, and failures are rare. Silence is also an absolute rule, and the organization took the precaution to act as a cell-based organization, meaning that, should betrayal ever happen, the higher echelons would never be concerned by investigations.

No one knows the organization’s exact size, but approximately 300 orcs knowingly work for the orcish mafia across Eredane. Of course, the leaders are high-ranking orc officers who have in charge the supplies for Jahzir’s army.

The real motives of the orcish mafia are still unknown. Some whisper that they actually are just a façade for the mysterious White Mother Sect, seeking to free their orc brothers from Izrador’s grasp. Others figure that they are orcs that initially were corrupted by the Hidden Hand, and that they unknowingly work for the resistance. None knows for sure.

All that is certain is that people who start investigating on a so-called orcish mafia soon face apparently unrelated dark fates.
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