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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 27 - Strange Bedfellows  (Read 1923 times)
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« on: January 23, 2011, 08:20:10 PM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 27 –Strange Bedfellows

When Selene left, I sent most of the staff home to get some sleep. Assuming the killer kept to the same schedule, we had almost three days before he killed again and completed the ritual. No sense wearing my men out before I truly needed them. I took my own advice and went home.  I was going to take a full day away to refocus and restore my strength.

A day away was a blessing. Hot food, a long hot bath, and clean clothes helped restore my spirits. Knowing that it would all be over soon was also strangely comforting. Part of me thought that these would be my last two days and I should enjoy the time left to me. I took a few minutes to draft out instructions for my brother if I died, including small bequests for Yolan and Sergeant Bashar. With a few kind words for the household staff, I left for my office.

My senior staff was waiting when I arrived. I was told of two visitors that I’d missed, one from the Vashar’s and one from the palace. Both said they’d return later today. I wasn’t looking forward to either meeting, but wouldn’t let them distract me from the work at hand.

When all the staff was seated I laid out what I knew and suspected. The killer probably had his final victim in hand; the missing soldier legate. The legate would be the last sacrifice sealing some bizarre ritual that put the city in grave danger. The killer was to smart, too powerful, to be doing a ritual on this scale without potentially devastating results. I hoped to get some information on where the last murder would occur, but expected it to be near the city center. We’d need overwhelming numbers if we stood any chance against the killer. I’d take most of the guard with me.

I answered a few questions and passed instructions to gather heavier armor for the men and be prepared to move tomorrow at short notice. As the meeting was breaking up, the Vashar messenger arrived. He passed a letter to me with the Vashar seal. Somewhat surprisingly the letter thanked me for the efforts I took to find their son. They said they were in my debt and vaguely referenced support in the future. It was a strangely worded note, but the sentiment was clear; they didn’t blame me for their son’s death.

The messenger from the palace arrived just before dusk. They had sent an officer, not some junior soldier. He bowed briefly introduced himself and simply stated; “I’ve been ordered to report to you with my men tomorrow and remain under your command until the killer is caught.”

If the Vashar messenger had surprised me, this statement stunned me. I thought I was cut off from support from the palace, but here was a guard Lieutenant and thirty well armed and trained men at my command. My close miss the day before seemed to have earned me some good will.  That or the ease with which the legates were killed showed the Prince that my men and I would be overmatched.

I thanked the Lieutenant and told him where his men could be billeted. He bowed again and left me to my thoughts. Days ago, I was on my own and now I had an elite group of guardsmen, the support of the largest merchant family in the city, and a Sister of Tender Mercy working with me. The only thing that would surprise me more is if the Grand Legate walked in and offered his help.
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