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Author Topic: Covenant Item - Fergol's Fang  (Read 1696 times)
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« on: November 30, 2010, 05:02:53 AM »

Something very simple this time.

Fergolís Fang

Northern Erenland is scarred with countless battlefields, the grim markers of thousands of years of warfare. With the dangers of fell, restless spirits, and other scavengers, battlefields are avoided; the dead left to rot. Only the desperate seek out these wastelands, searching for odd bits of plunder overlooked by the victors or scrap metal that can be melted down and recast. The work is dangerous, but with limited trade and little access to fresh iron or steel, many will take the risk.

One such scavenger was a blacksmith named Fergol, who sought out the sites of the largest battles of the Third Age. He travelled with his sons and two small wagons, staying off the roads and never spending more than two days in one place. He knew the risks and for almost a decade, he was able to salvage thousands of pounds of rusting armor, broken weapons, and odd bits of metal from decayed horse harnesses or siege weapons. That salvage allowed him to provide iron bars to villages throughout the north allowing them to build tools vital for their survival.

On one fateful trip in 12 Last Age, while digging near the center of a battlefield a hundred miles north of what was once Hightower, he found two feet of steel, the shattered end of a blade of exceptional quality. The blade had lain in the dirt for a dozen years but showed no signs of rust.  The metal was still razor sharp. It was the finest steel he had ever seen, and no matter how deep or wide he dug around the site, he couldnít find the remainder of the blade. The almost two feet of steel was Fergolís prized possession. He wouldnít melt it down and spent the better part of a year trying to carefully gouge out two notches, to allow him to put a crude leather hilt around the bottom of the metal.

Fergol carried the blade openly for many years using it as both a weapon and a tool. The blade never dulled even when used to cut wood or pry apart rusted hunks of metal. Fergol proved adept at using his makeshift weapon killing slavers, fell, and even odrendor raiders.  His men called the weapon Fergolís Fang. Many wondered how he could carry the weapon openly and still trade amongst the villages near the Pellurian Sea.

With Fergolís death, his Fang was passed to his eldest son, a smuggler who slipped in and out of Port Esben and the villages along the Pellurian coast, the sword ever at his side.  Fergolís Fang was well known amongst the resistance and passed from hand until 89 Last Age, when a mission to smuggle slaves out of Port Esben was ambushed near the cityís docks. The Fangís wielder surprised the Traitor Princeís guardsmen who expected no more than daggers and clubs.  The fight spread to the surf as the smugglers sought the safety of the water. The Fang was believed lost in the dark waters, but its last wielderís body was never found.

Level      Abilities
1            From a Bygone Age
3            None Can Resist
5            Hidden in Plain Sight
7            Swift as a Viperís Kiss
10           A Glimmer of the Past

From a Bygone Age: The shattered end of the sword that has become Fergolís Fang is of a type that can no longer be made by the sword smiths of the Last Age.  Fergolís Fang is treated as a masterwork blade and is unbreakable.

None Can Resist: Fergolís Fang has been used as a simple tool as well as a weapon, chopping through wood and even punching through breastplates with ease. Fergolís Fang ignores the first 5 points of hardness when used against inanimate items (wood, stone, metal).

Hidden in Plain Sight: For the better part of a century, Fergolís Fang has easily moved through Shadow checkpoints and searches by city guards. The blade is seemingly ignored or not seen, even when worn openly.  The ability for the blade to be hidden in plain sight is similar to the Smuggler Prestige class Disguise Contraband ability, but only for the blade. As long as Fergolís Fang is not wielded (e.g. not in hand) it cannot be detected.

Swift as a Viperís Kiss: To those who have fought against Fergolís Fang, it seemed as if the blade materialized out of thin air, striking at them. The bearer of Fergolís Fang gains the benefit of the feat Quick Draw.

A Glimmer of the Past: Fergolís Fang was once part of a great and storied blade that was shattered in the final battles of the Third Age. The blade resonates with just a portion of that past power. The blade is now treated as a +1 weapon.
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