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Author Topic: a Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 22 - Lock Out  (Read 2092 times)
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« on: November 29, 2010, 05:00:50 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 22 – Lock Out

They let me fall asleep in my chair and didn’t wake me until almost seven o’clock. I awoke to see the runner from the night before standing before my desk. I took a moment to stand up and stretch before asking, “What did my brother have to say?”

The runner didn’t meet my eyes. “They wouldn’t let me in to see him. When I told them I carried a message from you, I was told by one of the soldier legates that he would take the message for me. I didn’t have much choice so I gave him the message.”

Damn them. He’s my brother and a noble and they think they can keep him from me. I need him.  I was counting on him to find that symbol and help me solve the killings. The Order was crippling my investigation and it would probably cost me my life.

The guard stood at attention expecting the axe to fall any minute for his failure, but it wasn’t his fault. No sense taking my frustration out on him. “You did what you could. Report back to Sergeant Bashar.”

“Yes sir. Before I go, I didn’t leave immediately after giving the message to the legate. I circled the Grand Temple and went to where the servants live to see if I could find another way to ensure your message got through. I spent some time talking to the cooks and cleaners. I found one who witnessed what happened after your brother returned from speaking with you. He was met by three armed legates and after some heated words he was led back to his quarters and basically barred inside.”

My anger rapidly returned. My brother is not a fighter and had little choice. If I’d been there, there’d have been blood spilt. Even in my anger, I appreciated the guard’s initiative. “Go on.”

“The servants seem to like your brother as he treats them well. I found the man who brings him his food and told him the information you wanted passed. I gave him some coins but I believe he would have taken the message regardless. I’m confident your brother received your message with his morning meal.”

Good; very good. A slight smile appeared on my lips. The Grand Legate thought he had isolated my brother but he was wrong. I reached into my desk and pulled out a purse used for small bribes and threw it to the guard. “You did well. My thanks.”

He bowed his head and quickly left, leaving me to my thoughts. We found a way to get a message to my brother.  Will he be able to get a message back to me? Why did the Grand Legate stop my message and basically imprison my brother? What is he afraid of; that I’ll actually find and stop the killer? What does he know? Does he already know what’s coming? No matter how much I loathed the Grand Legate, he wasn’t a fool. No one reaches his rank in the Order without being ruthless, competent, and deadly. He believes, like I do, that the killer is somehow tied to the Order. The Grand Legate seeks to solve the issue himself, without the help or prying eyes of outsiders. I’m not going to give him that option.
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