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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 18 - The Mighty Begin to Move  (Read 1955 times)
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« on: November 01, 2010, 04:53:53 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara –Chapter 18 – The Mighty begin to Move

I’d been a day without sleep as I started the long walk back to my office. The sun had been up for an hour when a runner came with a message directing me to the palace. This was not what I needed. Dirty, tired, and stinking of corpses, I was ushered into a small private chamber and was surprised to see the Prince waiting for me.

He didn’t wait for me to speak and he’d clearly been pacing the room for some time. “Events are moving too fast for you and you can’t even protect your own. I’ve spoken to the Grand Legate twice in the last three days and I’m sure you’re aware how pleasant that was. He was full of bluster and thinly veiled threats, but it was clear that he was scared. I’ve sent word to the High King to include your inability to find our killer.”

I tried to hold my temper but couldn’t control my breathing, which became shorter and louder. The Prince ignored that breach of courtesy.

“Not that I blame you, but the High King must know everything and in my opinion you’re overmatched. This will end badly and I won’t be able to shield you if more of the elite are killed. Do not try to come to the palace before this mess is over; I won’t see you. If the axe falls, it will be your neck, not mine. You have your guardsmen and the inquisitors, I can give you nothing else. I will be watching. Now go; get rid of that disgusting scent and get some sleep.”

I bowed low, saying nothing and backed from the room.  As I reached the door the Prince added one final thought; “don’t forget to inform the Order of the last murder.  They likely know already, but it’s best not to anger them.”

So that was it. I was expendable and cut off from support. The Prince expects me to fail and wants to distance himself from me when the High King returns. Succeed or die. It might have been better if it was me on that table instead of Corporal Mehan.
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