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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 15 - At the Docks  (Read 1925 times)
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« on: October 11, 2010, 06:42:36 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 15 - At the Docks

I made the best time I could to the docks, knowing that the killer was likely just hours away from sacrificing his next victim. When I reached the north end of the docks, I was met by another of Bashar’s men. The Sergeant did not want to attract attention to our presence to shield the witness. I couldn’t imagine who down with the common laborers and slaves was worth protecting. I was annoyed, but had learned to trust Bashar’s judgment. If he wanted stealth, then we’d go in quietly.

I was led to a small, one room hovel. There were four men in the room, Bashar, two of his men, and an old Sarcosan dock worker. After the door was closed, Bashar nudged the man, “tell him what you told me.”

The old man was clearly nervous and while he didn’t know who I was, realized what I represented. “It was almost an arc ago; near midnight when I saw them.” He stopped for a moment when I seemed surprised by the time of day. “We were told to get a ship loaded so it could leave the following dawn; not my choice, just orders. If I wasn’t working I’d never seen ‘em.”


He looked quickly at Bashar and then back to me. “Four men wearing the dark robes like the priests. Odd group; one huge but hunched over, one slight but that may have been a girl.  I couldn’t see faces. They were dragging a body toward the water. Even from where I stood, I could see that the chest was carved open. I don’t want trouble with the Order, so I left as quiet as possible. They didn’t see me.”

Legates or someone willing to take the risk dressing as one. It was almost too perfect; a man with his chest carved open and the body on its way to disposal.  I knew there had to be at least one rehearsal and Bashar may have just found it. From the descriptions, I might be able to place at least one of the killers. Finally, I had something to sink my teeth into.

My look of satisfaction put the witness more at ease. “Excellent, you’ve done well. Bashar, take this man somewhere good and get him a hot meal.” I took a small purse at my belt and threw it to the dock hand. “I wouldn’t spend that around here, too many questions.”

The old man nodded his head in thanks and left with one of Bashar’s guards. I turned to my sergeant, “you were right to keep this quiet. Take him somewhere out of the way, get him a hot meal. While he’s there, quietly kill his family and make sure the bodies are never found. He gets an hour to enjoy his new found wealth and then put a knife in him. We can’t have word getting out that a member of the Order is involved. Clean and quick; no witnesses.”
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