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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 12 - Laras al-Finad  (Read 2019 times)
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« on: September 20, 2010, 04:48:37 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 12 - Laras al-Finad

My brother Laras is in many ways my mirror opposite. I prefer to lead men and solve a problem head-on, preferably with a sword or my fist. I don’t enjoy hunting for answers nor do I care much about history or the arts. Laras is a follower, happy to take orders as long as he has access to his books and has an interesting topic or problem to research. As a scholar, the Order of Shadow offered him the best opportunity to continue his passions and still serve the needs of our family. Many would think that with our differences we would not be close, but they would be wrong. Laras is my brother, my confidant, and my closest friend.

Laras lived and worked in the archives adjacent to the Grand Temple. Normally I’d send a messenger asking him to meet me at our family’s house as I tried to limit my time around the Order. I revere Izrador, the only true god, but I loathe the people who call themselves his priests; my brother being one of the only exceptions. The vast majority of the legates I’ve met are self-serving, unnecessarily sadistic, or fanatics. They looked at me as if was a sinner, with hunger in their eyes hoping to get me under their knives. I didn’t see how Laras could tolerate them.

With a minimum of annoyance I was able to make it to his room. As usual, it was a mess with books and papers everywhere. After a quick greeting, I sat down and told him of the murders, leaving out nothing. Laras has a keen mind. In the past he has helped me organize my thoughts and given me suggestions for further investigation. He listened without interrupting until it was clear I was done.

“You’re in over your head. There are very few people who can harvest souls. It takes a great deal of personal power or access to items that are strictly forbidden by the Order. The murderer is powerful and insane. The murder of the legate has thrown the gauntlet down daring the Order to find and stop him. No one is that powerful, especially in this city.

I can give you some information on the man who was killed. His name was Jeras, a fairly prominent soldier legate and a fairly loathsome man. Those who were not clearly superior to him were treated like dirt, physically intimidated, and even abused. He tried the same with me until he realized I was your brother. He had few friends and many here would have happily helped the murderer.

Your thoughts about the positioning of the body lead me to believe the killer is conducting some ritual or creating an elaborate display, like a piece of art with corpses. Unfortunately, without more murders I really can’t tell you what the murderer is trying to accomplish. But, you’re right, there will be more.”

There was one thing my brother said that sparked a thought, a similarity between the victims. I had concentrated on their professions and had not focused on their physical qualities. All three were very large men, at least a head taller than me and in the prime of their life. They were, big, strong men. “Could their size be part of the puzzle?”

Laras thought for a moment. “If the organs are truly important and not just a macabre part of a larger display, then yes. The killer could have murdered more influential people, higher ranking legates, but chose these three men.

I couldn’t think of any other questions for now, so I thanked Laras and got up to leave, I had work to do. Just as I reached the door, Laras asked, “are you sure there have only been three murders?”
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