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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 11 - The Order Intervenes  (Read 2125 times)
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« on: September 13, 2010, 04:51:44 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 11 – The Order Intervenes

I knew that I had at best an hour, before I lost control of the body and possibly the investigation. I sent one of the guards to the Grand temple to deliver the news but it was likely they were already aware and were just preparing their response. Neither the Prince nor I reported to the Order, but we were both wise enough not to directly oppose them. Officially the Order is limited to religious issues and enforcing obedience to the great god Izrador; but unofficially their tentacles ran deep into every facet of life in the capital.

To protect myself and my men, I ordered that nothing be touched and that everyone should be outside the building before the legates arrived. Only Yolan and I remained with the body.  The fewer people the legates saw and the less who heard their words the better. I may be beyond their reach for now, but they could punish me through my men. I told Yolan he should leave as well, but he dismissed my concerns. He was no threat to the Order and had proved his loyalty and worth with over fifty years of service to the crown.

I was lost in thought, staring at the body, when the legates arrived. There were four of them, all masked and heavily armed. They scanned the room in silence looking for something I’d missed or not being a priest, did not understand. Once they’d completed their examination they formed a diamond around the body and began to softly chant in Black Tongue. This was not a prayer, but some exercise of power. It ended abruptly and it was fairly obvious that whatever they had attempted failed.

For almost half an hour they had ignored my existence but after their ritual failed they turned toward me.

“This body is ours. We are aware there have been other, similar killings, but they do not matter. The killer, when caught, is ours. He will die on the great god’s altar. Any information you have will be provided immediately to the greater legate’s offices. You will keep this death quiet. It is not in the interests of the city or the Order that the people of the city know that a legate has been murdered in the heart of the realm.”

I tried to speak but was quickly silenced. “There is no negotiation. If we find the killer before you, we will turn over his remains to you for disposal.”

I nodded and in a soft, hopefully respectful tone asked “is there anything you can tell me that will help my investigation?”

The legate paused for a moment and I wished I could see his face. Finally, he spoke, “the body is missing more then his liver, his spirit is gone. This close to death we should have been able to contact his spirit to reveal his killer but it’s gone; destroyed or consumed.”

I didn’t know how to respond and he didn’t wait for another question. The four legates draped the body in a shroud and loaded it in a covered wagon. They didn’t want anyone to see the body.

Those few words from the legate had changed the whole focus of the investigation. I was not looking for some very skilled, but deranged killer, I was looking for a person of power; someone who could kill men in their prime and steal or destroy the very essence of their being. He could have easily killed these men and made sure the bodies were never found, but felt the need to leave them behind. I had to find out why.  It was time to visit my brother.
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