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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 8 - Trying to Connect the Murders  (Read 1172 times)
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« on: August 23, 2010, 04:50:13 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 8 – Trying to Connect the Murders

So what did I have, two victims, different social classes, both young and healthy, both taken seemingly without a struggle or at least not one that was witnessed. Was the killer acting alone?  Probably not, as he’d have to move his victims, both large men, to the site of their execution. So how many people were involved?  How few could you have and still ensure success? From my own dealings in the back alleys of the city, the more people involved the more dangerous it gets. There are too many chances that someone will make a mistake or word will get out before the attack or even worse after.  You need to have absolute trust in people working with you, something that’s in very short supply in the Last Age.

If I were the killer, how would approach the murders? I’d pick my targets well in advance, so I could know their routines and when they were most vulnerable. I’d pick a place they travelled frequently that I could get out of quickly and away from prying eyes. They’d have to be taken unaware, so there wouldn’t be much if any struggle. Maybe Yolan is right, they could have been drugged.  If so, how, was there something in common between the two men; wine perhaps or a tavern?  Once taken, they’d have to be killed quickly in case they were missed. Fortunately or possibly planned by our killer, both men came and went routinely and could be gone for several days or longer at a time.

The more I thought about the killings the more respect I had for the killer. He was methodical and had likely planned out every murder well in advance. If he was as good as I thought, he would know I was hunting him and would take steps to keep me in the dark. He probably already has his next victim or soon will and I’m no closer to capturing him. It’s a race and I’m losing.

As the day waned, I had Sergeant Bashar and Yolan in my office to compare our thoughts. The only connection we could find between the two victims, besides how they died, was a very tenuous link through the army.  Alastar’s family supplied the army, but they were more merchants then soldiers. The two men didn’t mix socially and lived in different parts of the city. I was convinced there was a connection but we just couldn’t see it. I was frustrated and angry that I was helpless until the killer gave me even more bodies. The killer was either toying with me or I was so inconsequential to his plans that he was ignoring me.  Neither were good options; he was either so powerful that he felt untouchable or he was dangerously insane.
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