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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 7 - The Second Murder  (Read 1188 times)
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« on: August 16, 2010, 04:55:07 AM »

15th of Sennach, 99 Last Age

I didnít have to wait long for my wish to be granted. Knowing that Alastar had been killed in that warehouse, I had the local watch increase their patrols in the slums, searching the empty buildings. There are always dead bodies in this city, especially in areas crowded with refugees.  I didnít care about the scum that live on the fringes of the city.  As long as they worked and obeyed the orders of the watch, I left them alone.  I wanted the searchers looking for someone of means, someone who was out of place in the slums. On the morning of the 15th they found him to the east of the city center.

The searchers had almost passed by the body, as it was stripped of most of its clothes and the only way they knew it would be of interest to me was by the state of his hair and beard. Time and money had been spent on his appearance in life.  Looking down on the body, I realized that I knew him. He was a cavalry officer, one of many that Iíve seen with the High Kingís entourage. He was part of a group who wanted to build an army free of orcs and to clear them from the lands south of the Pelluria. His views had a great deal of silent support but were too dangerous politically.  Itís likely why he wasnít with the High King now and could be a reason for why he was here, nearly naked, chest cut wide open.

I brought Yolan with me so we could review the site together. The similarities were all there.  A large, empty building with no roof, a slab of stone large enough for a body, little to no blood, and the tell tale signs that spikes had been driven into the floor to restrain the body.  There was one major difference with the body, the heart was still there, but his lungs were gone. Our killer is collecting organs. I may be reading too much into the character of the victims, but the first was a womanizer and his heart was gone.  Now we have a very vocal, arrogant blowhard, with no lungs.

I wondered aloud about the choice of buildings.  Could the lack of a roof have some significance? It was Sergeant Bashar who had what I thought was the best and most practical answer. No roof means no refugees. With no protection from the elements the building was worthless to even the refugees.  The killer was likely picking places where he wouldnít be disturbed.

Like Alastar the officer had been dead no more then three days. Our killer is efficient and may be on a timetable. Two killings in less then a week; both of men who could defend themselves. If the officer had been dead for three days, there may already be another body we havenít found. The other difference from the first murder is that the body had been stripped of most everything he wore. I ordered Sergeant Bashar to round up the locals and search for the officerís clothing.  I doubt we would find anything, and whatever they told us would be self serving, trying to get us to leave as quickly as possible. However, every stone, no matter how minor has to be overturned. If a few bones have to broken, so be it.
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