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Author Topic: A Murder in Alvedara - Chapter 5 - Prince Ahvazi Abbas  (Read 1293 times)
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« on: August 02, 2010, 04:35:27 AM »

A Murder in Alvedara – Chapter 5 – Prince Ahvazi Abbas

While my family has held the position of High Inquisitor for the last four generations by the pleasure of his majesty, the High King Jahzir, I report to prince Ahvazi Abbas, the master of Alvedara.  The prince rarely interferes in my investigations unless a member of the court is involved. At times he has been my shield, protecting me and my family, and sometimes he has held my leash, preventing me from completing my work for some political or financial gain. He is often frustrating, but he is the cousin of the High King and has ruled the city for a score of years.

I was certain that the Prince would know almost everything I did.  His network of informers is impressive; especially amongst the noble families. If he was feeling generous maybe he would gift me with some of the information he had on Alastar. I thought through what I was going to say as I awaited an audience. I was kept waiting almost three hours. No else had entered while I waited. The Prince kept me waiting to reinforce his power and to subtly show that his time was far more valuable then mine.

When I was finally allowed entrance, I marched forward and dropped to one knee, head low. “Your Highness, I bring sad news of the murder of Alastar al-Cashan. He was murdered sometime in the last two days. How he was killed has me concerned. There is much left that I have to learn.”

The Prince kept his back to me, fingering a delicately jeweled goblet. “The removal of his heart could be symbolic, as young Alastar played so casually with the hearts of others. Still the care taken in its removal does not strike me as something one of my court would do. Most would have ripped it out and thrown it at his feet. A very emotional group and this murder was cold and calculated, with a precision that would be beyond them.”

He knew every detail before I spoke. It shed some light on why I was delayed; he wanted time to gather the information before our meeting. I started to think who on my staff had that information and could be his spy. That I was being closely watched was no surprise. With no fresh facts to add I voiced the thought that had been nagging at the corner of my mind since the meeting with Yolan. “I don’t believe this is the last murder. The killer wanted a living heart for a reason and I need to find out why.”

With a dismissive wave, the Prince began to walk away. “Then do your job and try to keep more of my court from dying. Some I could easily do without, but this killer does not have the good manners to allow me to chose who he kills.”

I left knowing two things.  The first was that the Prince would support me against the other noble families for now; and second that his patience was limited when nobles are killed. His tone may have seemed light, but he tolerated no mistakes.
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